Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Start

So I begin another year on blogger now. It's almost unreal that time has flown by so quickly.(Thanks everyone for coming to the anniversary party, it was fun!). I hope we will all still be blogging for many years to come. Although I can imagine how much technology will change in the next few years. Perhaps, blogging will not be as popular as it is now. Perhaps some other Internet phenomenon will come around and take its place. Like we've seen with the social networking sites hitting the news almost everyday now. My parents' generation would never have imagined where the world is now, when they were in their 20s. I can't imagine too, where the world would be, by the time my children are in their 20s. Communication and technology will be so vastly different to what's the hype at the moment. My goal is to keep up to date with the technology, so that I won't end up like the 60-year olds of our time who don't know how to send an email or a text message!

Speaking of those social networking sites, has anyone noticed that hi5 is now copying Facebook lately? Before Facebook became so popular, hi5 didn't have a lot of features. Now I just checked my hi5 account after many months of neglect and I noticed that hi5 now has the photo-tagging facility, mutual friends, activity and news feeds, and some other features which were exclusive to Facebook before. I don't blame them sha, somebody only has to come up with a good idea and before long, other people copy it.
I spend so much time on Facebook right now, even I am getting worried. I only have to be away from my laptop for a few hours, and as soon as I log back in, I have to login to Facebook to see what's been happening since I left. Oh no I'm addicted! Somebody please tell me there's a cure for this. I may have to go cold turkey and not sign into Facebook for a few weeks, otherwise at this rate, my life would be more virtual than real. I suspect the interest will fizzle out after a while, fingers crossed.

Hubby and I were invited by a couple of our British friends to come on holiday with them to Prague. We agreed to go, but we told them not to book the flight tickets yet because we would need to apply for visas. They looked shocked! They could not imagine why we would need visas just for a short weekend trip. We had to start explaining to them that even though we are resident in the UK, we are not citizens, so we are still subject to passport and immigration control. They were just saying "So you mean you have to plan holidays in advance?" "So you mean you cannot fly to Prague as a last minute trip?" "You mean you need permission to go to Europe?" and so on. In the end, hubby and I just shook our heads. They just didn't get it. I now realise that they can never understand what it means to be a foreigner living in the UK. It has never happened to them. It got me thinking about so many situations that people try to explain to you, but until you have experienced the situation for yourself, you cannot understand where they are coming from. For example: If someone has just lost a parent, can you understand how they feel, if both your parents are still alive? If someone has just been told they have terminal cancer, can you really put yourself if their shoes? I doubt it. Even when I went with my mum to her physiotherapy session, the exercises they told her to do looked so easy to me, but she was finding them difficult. I had to remind myself that she is not as strong as me, so I shouldn't expect her to be able to do those exercises so easily.

I'm beginning to question my own fitness levels anyway. I went for an hour-long exercise class two days ago and I still feel uncomfortable! Now it's going to take me longer than I thought to get back to the level of fitness I'm dreaming of: where I can run for a bus or train and not get out of breath. Maybe I should keep dreaming... lol


  1. lol. its not a dream hunie... just get on the fitness train...soon enuf u'll be fit!

    and yea, one can never truly feel what someone is feeling, the closest we can get is if we've been thru the same and even then, our feelings are reactions will still be different

  2. You're right. One never knows how another person feels, except you have a similar experience. Its human nature.
    You're not alone in the fitness thing. I need to step up in that department.
    Hope mum's doing good.

  3. Yeah
    I am addicted to Facebook too.
    Hi-5 is too slow and they need to step up with their feature. Imagine having to go through a whole album just because you wanted to see one picture.
    websites come and go, who remembers

  4. You're right no one can ever fully fathom another's situation that's why there are two kinds of people when it comes to others situations those who empathise or who sympathise. God luck on your fitness, you can do it if you commit:)

  5. True words FG, we cannot fully understand until we walk the same path but we can try and sympathise with them. Don't worry, the journey to fitness may be long but a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. You can do it! This has encouraged me to keep at it because I as well have quite a way to go. Have a blessed weekend? How's the writing coming?

  6. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Actually, hi5 has been there since 2004. Its older than Facebook. Many people dont realize that Facebook copied hi5's Friend Finder that has resulted in the astonishing growth.

    At the end of the day, it doesnt matter what features social networks have - the one that has your "real" friends will win. I am gonna checkout hi5 more now.

  7. I think hi5 has lost a lot of its clients, includung me. Facebook just makes more sense. Have a great week and oh am I stil allowed to say UPDATE!!! Technically, I think I am. Hope you are enjoying the photos.

  8. Of course one never fully understands what the other person is going through, the best we can do is to empathise with them....don't worry, keep at it dreams do come through and if you don't give up, you'll be as fit as you want to be


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