Thursday, June 26, 2008

More on Work and Careers

I was in a cranky mood earlier today. My journey to work was awful - there was a problem on the trains so I had to stand all the way into Central London resulting in a back ache. I finally got on the tube and it was cramped, hot and smelly. Then I could feel a cold coming on so I had to go and buy some cold remedies because falling sick is the last thing I want right now. I got to the office and could not find a reason to be cheerful even though the sun was shining. I was thinking - I hate this job, I hate the 9 - 5 stuff, I hate commuting, etc. It was just one of those days that seem to start wrong and the clouds don't lift. Okay rant over.

My friend sent me an email saying "In all things give thanks". Initially I read it and pushed it out of my mind. Then I thought about it later and realised that I should give thanks for everything. Life is not always sweet or comfortable. There will be days I would wish I had stayed in bed instead. But God is in control, He is there to comfort me. If only I would reach out for Him. By lunch time I felt better and my mood cleared. I need to learn not to get so stressed by things I can't control.

Anyway I hope you all are having a good week so far. In my last post, I talked about my job and my commitment to stay till August and that's it. Now my boss called me a few days ago and asked me if I could stay in the job until January! It appears the girl I'm covering doesn't feel quite ready to come back to work and I don't blame her. Well I had quite an easy choice to make: and I've decided to decline the offer! It would go against everything I now know, if I stay in the job after August. I've got lots of other things to do and I feel the job is not worth my precious time anymore.

Besides, recently I have been thinking of my long-term financial goals. Like most people, I dream of being financially stable someday without relying on a monthly salary from "the day job". I know that I would probably never get that real financial freedom from my current job. Also, I don't see that happening with any jobs I would be considered suitable for in the current job market. So I have to broaden my scope and look beyond the next paycheck that would only be swallowed by rising expenses. I'm now making some long term plans and I have to work hard to make them come true. It's never too early to start planning for a worry-free retirement!

Last week, I was chatting with a friend of mine and she said she was considering starting a business she could be doing to earn more money while she works on her 9 - 5 job. Seeing as I had been thinking along the same lines, I was interested in the topic so we started talking and making suggestions. We went through a list of options, what could she start doing in her spare time to earn money and maybe turn into a full time career in the near future? We came up with: Photography, Cake baking and decorating, Make-up artist, Hair dressing, Web design, Events organising, Sewing, Designing Shoes and Handbags, Balloon and Flower decorating, Knitwear designer, Basket Weaving (don't laugh!), Personal Shopper, Designing Party Stationery like invitations, RSVP cards and stuff, Massage and Beauty Therapy, Fitness Instructor, Part time Journalist or Columnist, Fashion Stylist, Jewellery Designer, Interior Designer, Printmaking, Painting and Drawing, etc. At the end of the discussion she said she would think about the one that appealed to her the most.

The discussion got me thinking though. That list up there is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many options out there that many of us haven't explored. How many of us have dreams of starting something or using our creativity but we never get round to it? If you have a passion for something, what's stopping you from pursuing it? Think of the ideas that pop into your mind sometimes and you think "Yeah I could do that!". But you procrastinate and let the idea go cold, and soon you forget about it and carry on with life as usual. But that attitude will not make dreams come true. You have to do something different from the norm, you have to step out of the dream and start working to make it a reality.

I think any of those ideas look promising. If anything appeals to you, I would say go for it! Maybe you would need to take a class to improve your skills. Don't let that be a deterrent. Gradually working towards your goal will give you a sense of fulfilment that you can't get anywhere else. You can do something now, start putting things in place, start your business small. Maybe start with family and close friends and gradually take it to the next level by expanding your customer base. Before you know it, you could have something worth quiting your job for in a few short years. Imagine earning money from your passion and better still, having financial independence and your time to yourself! I think that sounds infinitely better than being chained to a desk, slaving away at a job you hate in the hope of climbing up the slippery career ladder.

I discussed this topic with another friend of mine. She was saying that she would keep her job until she gets married and takes time off to have a baby, then she will think of something else to do. While this is good, I think it's another reason to procrastinate. That way you're still thinking in your mind "I'll do it later" or "Not right now". But will there ever be a perfect time for you to start aiming for your goals? It's better to start earlier rather than later in my opinion. That way you can take the risks and get the mistakes out of the way sooner. Then you can still bounce back and be on your way to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. I think you're right about how people tend to have dreams, but either forget them or become too lazy to complete them. I was thinking about that same thing the other famous people become famous...because they do what everyone else thinks of doing, but never does :) Good post.

  2. Why don't you take an Entrepreneurship class. That course would really inspire you. I am currently taking the course for summer in college. Ladies are actually doing many great things to help their husbands or kids. Think about that. You would definately need a business plan or a marketing plan. Create ideas fast and seek opinions of church family or friends. I am here if you need more advice. Keep pressing on. It is well.

  3. I can so relate to this post.. So so relate.. Whatever you wanna do, ask yourself truly and even if its very hard.. one way or the other with God's guidance and direction, we can all get there..
    I knwo what I want to do, I don't know how I will get there but I can already see the routes so im only hoping on God's guidance to help me get there.. Keep up the spirit and God Bless


  4. are so on point here. I had the same realisation a couple of months ago. The day job is not enough for me to take care of me and the family soi had to do something. I am in the process of starting my own business and it feels right. Although i am scared to death i know i cannot fail because i asked God to be my manager in this project.

    Go for will def make it. I 'll be looking out for your testimony.

  5. This your post definitely got me re-thinking again...

    Men I need to wake up fast!!!

    Thanks for this.

    How u doing??

    N.B- Yes o in all things give thanks...u can check my blog for an initiative I joined about being thankful

  6. You and your friend totally echoed the thoughts and ideas that have been dancing through my head in a serious way for the past...2.5-3 years (years! I know!). I have been procrastinating over it, ignoring the comments and compliments of people who have suggested I make some money from my creative interests and maybe it's time to stop ignoring and start taking the words at face value.

    I've known that I should quit my part time job (it'll be 9 years this August) so that I can spend the time I'm spending at the job going nowhere to work on my dream but I think I've hung on to it as another way to procrastinate (thanks for helping me realize that!).

    I'll definitely need to keep my fulltime 9-5 job for now but I shouldn't let that stop me from using some time to work on my dream.

    I'm feeling totally inspired, FG—Thanks!

  7. And right after posting that I went to read a new entry on a blog I read sometimes and it's quite relevant to the topic of your post:

    A Practical Guide to Earning Six Figures: Changing Your Mind

  8. Hi there, first time here, saw your Link on Jaycee's blog.

    The covenant of Increase we have with God, through our father Abraham, goes beyond any job, no matter how high the salary is. The secret to financial increase *God's way) is to listen to revisi the dream he has given us, ask for wisdom to understand it, ask for wisdom on how to implement it and then finally and the most important thing, understand that when increase comes, that it is to give God the glory, for the advancement of His kingdom, and not forgetting to acknowledge that he is the one that gives us the power to create wealth in the first place. yup... you're so right, It is *Right now* not I'll do it later. It's amazing the spirit is one - this is the same message I have been hearing all over the place - for those who are called by his name - the season is indeed now! God bless

  9. I am currently reading
    48 days to the Job you Love by Dan Miller
    Foreword by Dave Ramsey.
    Check it out. It is a good read with some biblical references.

    "A prayer for Joy" by Ken Gire
    Help me, O God
    To listen to what it is that makes my heart glad
    and to follow where it leads.
    May joy, not guilt
    your voice, not the voice of others
    your will, not my willfulness
    Be the guides that lead to my vocation.
    Help me to unearth the passions of my heart.
    That lay buried in my youth
    and help me to go over that ground again and again.
    Until I can hold in my hands,
    Hold and treasure
    Your calling on my life

  10. Very lovely post ;)

  11. wow I have so many goals I have been procrastinating on. Several that are similar to the one's you mentioned. I keep thinking-''I'll get to it later.'' This really really inspired me. Thank you so much!
    I wish you and your friend success in all you do!

  12. This post helped confirm and rehash some things that I've been considering. I'm approaching a crossroads too and entreprenurship is begining to look very viable. I guess the key is just to go for it, if you fall, dust yourself off and try again ;) Say No fear!

  13. Yup, bang on track, at every turn and coners of our lives, we need to consider and ask ourselves if this is God's leading.
    Well said.

  14. I've been thinking along the same line. I'm tired of being a starving writer. LOL.

  15. Very sensible post, I'm inspired by what you've written as I'm currently passing through a phase that can only be described as "Quarter life crisis" LOL.

  16. Favoured girl I feel you on the tube and job stress. I think its become so part of the London life that its just easy to think its part of life. It doesn't have to be. Also I've also been thinking more recently abt going it alone but everytime the thot pops up, leaving London for good also does. I dont even know but am sure in time all will be clearer.

    Nice post.

  17. the contestants have their songs up on blogville idol page ..pls run over there to listen to then and pls vote

  18. I was given the link to this particular post by goodnaijagirl! I can't believe that we all think about being entrepreneurs at one point or the other in our lives and we keep procastinating!
    I put a post up yesterday( so much to everything that has been mentioned on this post.I guess after all is said and done, we all have a be or not to be...the ball is in our court!
    Well I'm off to go make something of this mystery called life!

  19. Just showing some love....have a wonderful weekend. Remain blessed and highly favoured

  20. Thanks for all your comments everyone.

    @the leftovers: You are so right, some people don't succeed because they never try.

    @yankeenaijachick: That's a great idea. Thanks!

    @Lee: I pray God leads you and empowers you to do what He has in mind for you. Go for it!

    @Jarrai: The day job is certainly not enough! All the best in your business, I pray it goes well for you.

    @aloted: Yep, hope you get some ideas and discover something you are great at!

    @Goodnaijagirl: I hope you are feeling so inspired that you start working on your dream right away. Don't leave it for another year!

    @Remi: You are so right, I have gotten this message over and over in the last month. God is calling His children to step out in faith.

    @tee, I love that poem!

    @Aloofar: Thank you!

    @NigerianDramaQueen: Thank you, I hope you get cracking on your goals, don't let procrastination steal the time.

  21. @BacktoNaija: I'm glad you mentioned the main thing: say no to fear. That's what holds a lot of people back.

    @Debbie: True, we need to know that, once we are convinced, then we can boldly step out in faith!

    @Vera: LOL, you got that right.

    @Flowers and Poetry: Thanks, I hope you come out of the crisis! And you have a clear direction of the next steps you should take.

    @Parakeet: That's so true, most people accept things because they think they have no other options. But I read somwhere recently: "If you don't like your life, change it!" I hope you make the best decision for you and you go on to achieve your goals.

    @NoLimit: Thanks for dropping by, indeed the ball is in our court, only you can make your goals and bring them to life. I'll check out your blog.

    @Believer: Thanks for the love girl! Wish you a lovely weekend too.


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