Saturday, December 6, 2008

Off to Lagos

I'm in a real hurry as I type this. I'm travelling to Nigeria in less than 24 hours and I still have a ton of packing to do, all while trying not to carry excess luggage. Hubby is laughing at me at the moment because I tend to stuff too much into my boxes and then start worrying that I'll be charged for extras at the check-in desk.

I was ill last week, which was the last thing I needed because I hadn't started shopping, packing or getting ready for my trip. I couldn't do anything for two days. Doctor came round, said it was a virus and gave me a load of pills to chew on. I'm feeling much better now but I have to be careful not to stress myself too much. I cycled out yesterday and I started feeling dizzy so I'm definitely not pulling that stunt again until I feel 100 percent.

I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends again, and also a few bloggers. I also have four weddings and two reunions lined up already so I know I'm going to be out and about a lot. It should be fun! Well, anything to escape the freezing cold going on here at the moment :)

I'll be in Nigeria until early in the new year. I'll try to update my blog while I'm away but I can't guarantee that. So I'll just wish everyone a very happy month of December, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance. (It's surreal to think that 2008 is almost over isn't it?)

I'll bring back goodwill, photos and gists :)

Later, friends!


  1. Have a safe trip, Favoured Girl!

    "Doctor came round" — do you have a doc who does house calls? I hope you'll be feeling 100% soon.

    In our case, half of our luggage was overweight both on the way there and the way do not want to know how much we spent paying for it!

    Have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourself with all the celebration. I'm looking forward to reading about the trip and seeing all the photos!

  2. Merry Christmas... Happy Newyear

    I pray God's protection on you from the beginning of your trip until your return... have fun chica

  3. hav fun...looking forward to the gists

  4. Hope you feel great soon. I'll be in naija too soon. As usual many weddings. I just might bump into you and not know it. lol!!

  5. Merry Keresimesi o!
    Hp you find Naija still cool and interesting.

    Just hope ou get better. This is not just the period to be sick. Waiting for your gist........have fun

  6. Sounds like fun...waiting for pictures trip, have fun in Naija. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

  7. downtheaisle4:40 PM

    have a safe trip, girl. the weddings and reunions shows you have enough fun to occupy you for christmas and new year. Enjoy ur stay in naija!
    merry xmas and happy new year.

  8. Have a safe trip home and a wonderful time away. I'm thinking of dropping everything and heading off home myself. I've bogged down with flu for the past week and couldn't make my blog rounds all this while. Be sure to tell us about your trip and and the latest trends in Nigeria when you get back. Stay blessed and Compliments of the season!

  9. Welcome to naija, hope we get to see before you leave!

  10. have fun in naija...speak when u get back..


  11. Hey have a wonderful trip in Naija.:) God Bless

  12. have a great trip.... n a great xmas n wonderful new year.

  13. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Have a blessed New year!

  14. "...but I can't guarantee that." Obviously, nice disclaimer though.

    Photos awaited.....
    Compliments of the season.


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