Saturday, October 24, 2009

Musing and Rambling

Excuse me if this post is a bit all over the place.

I've had a couple of inspiring weeks, both spiritually and professionally.

Spiritually, I'm grateful to God for the many lessons I've learnt in the past year. If I was to write them all down... it would take too long. Okay, I guess I could share a few....

Since I left my job, I gave up my income, so I've had to learn to depend on hubby financially. That was one huge step for me because I was brought up to think I should never rely on a man to provide for me. I think God needed to teach me this lesson because earning my own income made me proud (not in a good way), such that I could give hubby attitude if he wanted to know what I was doing with my income. I also felt like I didn't need him to agree with me regarding any purchases I made, afterall it was my money, not his! Now I'm a lot wiser and calmer, I'm also less wasteful, realising that I don't need to buy everything the fashion mags are throwing in my face. I'm also learning to be humble because I've made the mental shift from thinking "it's my money" to "it's our money".

I like the way God uses the mistakes I make and turns them around for my own good. Several times I've been kicking myself for making a wrong move, and then a couple of days later, I realise that the mistake I made was actually a good thing!

I've been learning to trust and rely on God every step of the way. I've had to pray that God should help me to be better organised with my time (and stop procrastinating). I think I'm a lot better at managing my time now unlike in 2007 when I was swimming in oceans of time without structure, and still not managing to be productive.

God has been helping me with good ideas, inspiration, meeting the right people, organising my work, prioritising my projects, etc. I think it was a great idea to make Him my CEO. lol

Professionally, I've been attending a few literary events at the Southbank Centre since the beginning of the month. So far I've attended three book readings including the Booker Prize reading, a Book Club discussing Sadie Jones' "The Outcast" and a creative writing class on blogging. I've learnt a lot, and got some great ideas for my work. I've also met some really nice people that I intend to keep in touch with.

I'm considering the idea of getting rid of my anonymity. I know a lot of people know who I am but I have still managed to cling to the idea that I'm still an anonymous blogger. Hmmm.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. I know who you

    What a great inspirational post, am happy you are learning in different ways, your hubby is really a good guy and supporting you not working, big plus for you.

    I know at the right time, all your dreams and inspirations would come to pass, hang in there, do your thing, everything will come to pass at the appointed time.

    Hope you are doing great, been a while o.

  2. Africa's Daughter2:00 AM

    well i don't know who your are but i luv your annonimity...loololololol

  3. Ohhhh how come i don't know who you are (suck) :-( lol.
    Good read.

  4. I've come to appreciate that God works in ways that we do not imagine but His blessings are multiplied when we accept it. You inspired me in my present journey, all the best as you keep growing. Take care.

  5. I don't know who you are too...but i love what you do and you've been so consistent, i think i have an idea of who you are (lol...)

    Anyway, i loved this post especially the part about learning how to work with your hubby as far as money is concerned. I was also raised pretty much not to dpend on ANY man for financial support. But God is breaking the mentality gradually...


  6. hmmm...there can be no berra choice of a CEO...
    i dont know you..but we are not strangers.. or are we ..? :)

  7. That makes sense, making Him the CEO.

    I am in the same boat, just the other someone cornered me and said "you have a blog, thirty + right". How did he find photography.

    And how come I don't know who you are :(

  8. Making Him CEO....

    *thinks deeply*

    Why is that soo hard?

  9. Very wise decision...making him CEO...with that, u can't ever fail.

    As someone who also currently depends on hubby's income, I can say that it does take some getting used to, but thk God for giving us our own men...

    I'm glad u r learning a lot, n making good use of all the beautiful opportunities that God brings ur way...all the best with ur projects/work/writing...

  10. 'dara10:59 AM

    I'm always inspired when i read your blog, please keep up the good work!

  11. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone!

  12. I like the way God uses the mistakes I make and turns them around for my own good.

    This made me think. Quite often I feel this happens to me too only I perceive it in a different way.

    As for removing your anonymity, if it'll not be in the way of your creativity then you might as well. But you gotta think about what the aim of people knowing you is and what u hope to gain from that.

  13. I like the lessons you're learning ...i am also learning my own..The Holy Spirit our teacher.
    And as for removing your anonymity, guess you know what you're doing.

  14. I just love this post!
    I like the lessons you have learn t, ..I have learn t one or two things from the post too.
    Wishing you all the best in your work!
    We'll be waiting to share your success stories here!


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