Thursday, June 7, 2007

Health and Blogville

Thanks to everyone who wished me well on my previous post. I feel much better now! Got my test results back yesterday. I had been so nervous, I didn't know what to think. Thankfully, the GP said I'm not diabetic or anaemic! I'm so relieved. Still no explanation for why I was feeling drained the other week though. So I guess I just need to rest more. Stress less. Eat my greens. Do more exercise. The normal stuff.

Funny thing about blogging. I used to think I was anonymous and only a few known people read my blog. Imagine my surprise the other day. I was talking on the phone to one of my friends who I hadn't kept in touch with for a long time. Somehow he seemed to be pretty clued up on what was going on in my life. I was still wondering how, when he told me he regularly reads my blogs! He even told me about some of the things I wrote last month. I was like what, how did you know I had a blog, how did you find my blog address and how did you know it was me? Well that was easy. Apparently, my little sis had given him the link to my blog! Imagine that. I will deal with that girl when I catch her. (I know both of them will read this, so they know who they are).

I was watching TV yesterday evening when they showed the Orange Prize for Fiction Awards. I had been closely following the awards because I knew Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was nominated for her book "Half of a Yellow Sun" (read more about it here) . I was so delighted when they announced the winner and she won! I was excited like it was me that won. I'm really glad for her that her writing talent is being recognised and she has achieved success. I'm so inspired, I hope to follow her footsteps one day.

I've been away from blogville for a few days and so much is going on! I'm being updated by Mimi on what's going on. Blogville is having its very own Blogville Idols thanks to Pink-Satin and 9ja-opeke . Visit for more details. I think it is all very exciting. Unfortunately I can sing as well as a frog so I won't bore you all to tears. I'll just be in the "audience" to cheer for the contestants!

Meawhile I've got the voice thing on my page now so feel free to leave me voice comments!


  1. Thank God you are feeling better.

    Yeah! Maybe you need more rest and the other things you mentioned.

    Enjoy Friday and have a great weekend.

  2. WHO IS THIS NIYI PERSON????????????????????? IF I CATCH YOU!!!



  3. I heard about Adichie's nomination. Good for her and proud of her too.

  4. jummy4:28 PM

    Good to know you are in good health just continue to take care of yourself and rest!!!! (you cann`t cheat nature).
    Adichie`s acheivement shld be an encouragement to you.pls go ahead with the book and believe in yourself.God will give you favour like you named yself.have a nice weekend.


    Hey guys as you know the BLOGVILE IDOL CONTEST Would be kicking off on 11th JUNE 2007...Please help us make it a succes by participating..We already have our contestants(fellow bloggers)who would be singing in the voice comment player on the blogville idol page.We need you to listen to them and vote..Pls check our page (the Condition on entry) and see what is required for u voters to do and your voting dates,the voting poll would be up soon..Pls help us turn this to a success...and pls visit the page frequently...Tanx for ur support as we try to spice things up in blogville

  6. Miss Opeke9:12 PM

    Thank you for your support...And remember to vote for your favorites.


    how did the carnival go? i sent you a text. will try to call you tomorrow evening (AFTER YOU'VE VOTED FOR ME!)

  8. @Niyi: Thanks Niyi, (Mimi is jealous cos you commented first... lol) I'll be good with my food and exercise this time!

    @Mimi: Sorry Niyi did comment first.. ha ha! I'll be voting purely on 'merit' so I'll see!

    @Temmytayo: Isn't it great? She's made us Nigerians proud. At least we're known for something good for once in the international community!

    @Jummy: Awwww. Thank you for such encouraging words. God bless.

  9. I agree with this completely, thanks for the post.


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