Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back On This Side

Hey everyone! How's it going? I hope you all are fine and life is going well. It's almost unreal that the first month of 2008 is almost over - already! Gosh time catches up with us pretty quickly doesn't it? Imagine that the end of this new year is already 11 months away. I'd better start cracking on those goals I set for this year right away.

I'm back in the UK now, and it feels good to be back with hubby! I actually came back last week, but I had been too lazy to blog until now. Nig was crazy, I can't believe I was there for almost four months! I had many up and down moments. Some days I would just shake my head in amazement at some of the things I observed. There were days I was almost pulling my hair out in frustration with the system, but I had fun on most other days. It was cool to meet family and friends and a few blog pals too. I spent the last week shuttling everywhere trying to hook up with people I still hadn't managed to see, buying some more books and getting my hair done. It's good to be back here, but I kinda miss Lagos and all its craziness. I miss the weather and the food too, some things just don't taste the same over here. On the other hand, it feels good to go to bed without worrying about mosquitoes and the sound of generators droning in my head!

I haven't been up to much since I got back. Hubby has been teasing me that I am now a Nig girl, I need to re-learn how to behave in the UK. I've spent the last week catching up with hubby, and my sisters and friends. I've browsed my favourite websites, caught up with some of my favourite blogs, reacquianted myself to the English accent and seeing white faces everywhere and I'm getting used to wearing many layers of clothing before I go out again. Hubby moved house while I was away, so he had to show me round when I got back. I've also got to meet the new neighbours. It's all fun though.

I got one interesting email last week. It was from my former boss in the company where I used to work before I quit. My manager said that the girl that took over my position in the company is pregnant and wants to go on maternity leave so if I'm free, would I consider taking my job back? I can't say I'm not tempted because I'm quite skint at the moment after my trip to the motherland. And since it's a company and a job that I'm familiar with, I shouldn't have a problem with getting into the flow of things again, I only left the job seven months ago. Legally they have to keep the position open in case the girl wants to come back after having her baby, so they want me to come back initially for six months and we can take it from there. Besides it works both ways, if I come back, my manager won't have to recruit and train another person. I'm thinking about it because I wanted to focus on my writing this year and have something tangible to show for it pretty soon, so taking my job back will hinder me a bit. On the other hand, it may actually make me more focused since I would have to make the best use of my time when I'm not at work. But am I ready for the 9 - 5 and the stress of commuting again? Hmmmm.... I'll keep you posted.

Anyway it's good to be back in blogville. Many thanks to everyone who dropped by my blog while I was away and updating infrequently. I should blog more often now, I think. I'm burying my head in some works of literature by Nigerian writers so hopefully I'll be getting lots of inspiration. I wish you all a wonderful week.


  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i know how u feel...i was in 9ja too over the xmas!and when i got back to d US i had to get used to layering up and wearing socks and boots!

  2. It wasn't fun familiarizing myself with layers of clothes again, but oh well. U're so right, food abroad can never taste the same...I dunno why, no matter how much u fry it! Lol.

    Hope u like ur new house and neighbors!!!! And I pray u make the right decision abt the job. God will guide u sha, just hear Him.


  3. Looks like I'll have to do some reading to find out how you were able to take 4 months off! It sounds like heaven.

    Welcome back to the cold. It certainly sounds like there are enough perks of being back in the UK that you'll be just fine until your next trip home.

  4. Sup mami, one of my favorite blogger........l can imagine the shock at the weather bla bla. I miss home. Naija must be fun. U know what you shouold do, pray before making a decision about the job thing. U never know. Sha, let me know when u publish ur first book. l hope to read it soon. later.

  5. Welcome back.
    I must say your journey down the aisle blog is still a favorite of mine. I still go to re-read stuff. lol!!
    I think getting the job might be good for you. It makes you maximize the little time you do have and the kishe is not bad to have too.
    Anyways let's know what you decide. lol!!

  6. men..i dont think you should take the job back!i mean the reason u left was to concentrate on ur writing!dont get distracted!pray sa

  7. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Hi FG.i'm new to posting comments on your blog.its really nice and you are doing a good work.i love ur blog"walking the aisle".very encouraging.this year is going to be great for you,a year of fulfillment.take care

  8. Welcome Back oh. Madam.

  9. Hey welcome back. I'm a big fan of ur other blog eventho I haven't left a comment yet. So pls update often pls.
    U stayed in naija for 4months???,whoa I can imagine how dark u got.

  10. Welcome back missy.

  11. e ka bo so ri e to yi!


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