Thursday, March 5, 2009

Never a Bridesmaid

I've just read Vera's current post and it occured to me that I've never been a bridesmaid too! Ever! I guess that's because I was a bride first.... hmmm....but there's no rule that says married ladies can't be bridesmaids is there?

So instead of "always a bridesmaid, never a bride", my own issue is quite the opposite - I've been the bride, never the bridesmaid!

I know there's a lot of stress involved, there are outfits to buy, accesories to coordinate, a bridezilla to deal with, a bridal shower to plan and all that, but I want to experience it all, at least once!

Okay I need to do something quickly to rectify this... let me start contacting all my friends getting married in the next few months. Then I need to start praying for my other single friends to meet their husbands really soon so I can be asked to be a bridesmaid.

Ok, I'm off to do just that.

I'll be right back.


  1. 1sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst!

    and its my 1st time here too! :D

  2. lol..this is a 1st..being a bride and never a bridesmaid, i mean..

    well, let us know if contacting ur single friends proved fruitful!

  3. Hmmm you want to be a bridesmaid by force by fire!!!lol
    Ermmm...why not fill up verastic's that gal won't kill me!

  4. Good luck... lol..
    I don't envy the task ahead though.. with the credit crunch and all..

  5. hehe, bumight wrote an entry about this too. I've never been a bridesmaid in a Naija wedding, but I have for three oyinbo weddings! Like you said, there are expenses and other responsibilities, but each time I have been involved I enjoyed it and was grateful for the honour of being asked (even though my mom thinks 3 times is enough!).

    I have no doubt that someone as sweet and kind as you are, who would make a great friend, will be asked to be BM before long. And you won't even have to seek out a friend to ask: they'll find you!

    And you're right: no rule against a married woman being a BM. It's only when you're the Maid of Honour that they'll call you a Matron of Honour instead...well at least here.

  6. lol. but u may want to think well about being a bridesmaid.... save urself the stress dear.....

  7. same here too, I have never been a bridesmaid. Now I'm married and most of my friends r getting married later in the year, I pray one of them invites me to be a bridesmaid too abi? there's no law that says u can't be a BM once u r married.

  8. ive been on the bridal train most of my life...little bridesmaid or flower girl but I got to be a bridesmaid last Dec...a bit stressful...but so much fun!!! I will try and upload a video/pix of me dancing like crazy!! lool

  9. LOL.. U aint alone.. I've never one myself, so that makes 2. The only time, I had to be a bridesmaid, I was just filling in the position of the person who backed out last minute and it was only me the dress could fit. But I don't count it as an experience. Personally I think a bridesmaid is a female who has one way or the other made an impact in your life. I'm not having any brides maid in mine anyways, so I really dont care.. the whole thing is overrated..:P

  10. Let's hope the single ladies want a married lady as bride's maid :-)...LOL @ your plan to rectify it...

  11. i've been a little bride... gosh... over 20years ago and then I was MOH at my sister's wedding last year... does that count?... Im not into it like that jare...

    i love the picture though... with the black... Im not sure that black will fly in Nigeria...

  12. I have never been a bridesmaid either, my sista. All my girls are living their fabulous lives but are single. I tried to get them married by force last year sha. lol!

    This year, I have a close friend who is getting married but now she lives on the West Coast =( Anyway, my prayer is that all those I know will find someone to 'complete' them and build with. As long as that happens, I don't need to be a bridesmaid, maybe, lol!

    How you dey?


  13. you guys have to be kidding me! talk abt heads and hats! dont worry, pray for our likes, and maybe, u'll get ur dream to come tru as ours become reality! rrrlol!!!

  14. nothing do u..and yes u can still be a BM.

    i once knew someone who was pregnant, showing o and was her friend's Maid of chance still dey for u

    meanwhile so sorry i missed ur call the other day...thanks. shld have called back but no credit(i am now on pay as u go)...hope u guys are fine??

  15. thou sure thou will qualify? Thot bridesmaids were to assure single guys there were still single babes willing to walk the aisle?

  16. sef I want to be a bridesmaid..but no one has asked me yet..(might be a while too)nconsidering all my friends are intensely on the career path


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