Saturday, March 7, 2009


I look up into the sky
I see a dark blanket
Twinkling with hundreds of white dots
I also see the moon
Glowing silently but with pride
Knowing that even though
It has got
No light of its own
It reflects the light of one
Brighter that it
With this reflected light
It rules the night sky
Not even the stars can compete
It makes me pause and think
I have no glory of my own
I cannot shine by myself
But if I allow my emptiness
To be filled with God’s grace
My weakness
To be replaced with His strength
And my struggles
Be replaced with His ability
I would start to shine
Not of my own
But as a reflection of Him

Copyright © FG 2009


  1. Amen! No glory of my own...God's got all the glory!

  2. amen amen and amen..without him i can do no is in his light see light..
    feelin ur reflections sista..

  3. I cannot shine by myself...this post is really humbling...

  4. AMEN....he creates our path through him we are able to walk through life......AMENNN

  5. Amin oh my new friend on fb.


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