Monday, November 6, 2006

Not the Usual

The last few days have been quite unusual. I have hardly had time to sit down and chill with my laptop surfing through blogland! Another exciting weekend. I was actually glad to go back to work today. At least, I could have a break. Let me tell you how my weekend went.

House on Fire
On Friday I had the day off. I went for lectures in the morning, and then I went to get my hair done. After that I went shopping. I stayed in London till late so hubby was home before me. He had decided to make some dinner for himself. I got home as he was roasting potatoes. He asked me if I wanted to have something to eat, but I wasn't hungry. All I had on my mind was, "I'm tired, I need to go and sleep". But oh boy, that was not to be.
About 20 minutes later hubby and I were on the landing, trying to clear out some stuff on the corridor, when I smelt something burning. Initially I ignored it, thinking it was just the oven or something but the smell got stronger. I asked him to go and check on what he was cooking and the next thing I heard was "Fire! Fire!" Call the emergency services!" I rushed to see what was going on, and I was greeted with flames rising up from the cooker and thick black smoke everywhere. It took a few seconds for it to sink in before I ran to open all the windows and doors while hubby tried to control the fire. We called the emergency services and they promised to arrive shortly. Within 5 minutes two fire trucks had pulled up in front of our house and about 8 huge guys ran into our kitchen to quench the fire. Then they started asking us questions to file their report: how did the fire start? how come we didn't fit a smoke alarm? what were we doing? etc. All very embarassing. Eventually hubby said the fire was his fault. He had put some oil in a saucepan to fry eggs but he left the kitchen for a while. In the meantime, the oil had overheated and caught fire, a plastic bowl and a ladle had melted and spread the fire. After the fire-fighters filed their report, they promised to get us a new smoke alarm. Then they left hubby and I to do the clearing up.
We stayed up all night scrubbing the whole kitchen. The tiles, the walls the ceiling, everywhere was black. So much for sleeping early. We did as much as we could and didn't go to bed until 2.00am. We thank God that it wasn't worse. At least we are still alive and we still have a roof over our heads. But there goes our deposit on the flat. And I won't be letting hubby near the cooker for a long long time!

Trip to the West

Some time during the week, I decided to surprise my sister in Cardiff. She had invited me to a concert in her city and I wasn't planning to go. But I changed my mind at the last minute. So on Saturday morning, I hopped on the coach to Cardiff. And I turned up at her university unannounced. She was sooo shocked to see me, but it was a good surprise. We ended up going for the concert organised by the christian students in Cardiff. I enjoyed the concert , there were nice performances and stuffs. I had a nice time with my sister- eating, gisting, taking pictures and all that. Sister love.....!!! Got on the coach back to London on Sunday to the waiting arms of hubby. He greeted me like he hadn't seen me for a year :-)
So, this was not my average weekend. I'm hoping I have a very normal week!


  1. I'm glad no one was hurt in the fire and it was contained before it got out of hand and gutted ur belongings. That would have been disastrous!! Bet hubby is mightily humbled by this experience.

    Didnt you take any pictures of the concert? Would have loved to hear more about that.

  2. Hey hon, I'm so glad that the fire thing is something you can now laugh about because you and your husband were safe! Lol now he has a great excuse to get you to cook for him, he'll probably look at you and be like 'sure I'll cook, but remember what happened last time...'lol

    The concert sounds fun and I've heard Cardiff is a really nice city! Glad you had a good weekend after all!

  3. i'm sorry but this is another funny one though i'm grateful you and you beau are fine and wasn't hurt in the fire.

    Girl, you should no better than to allow a man into the kitchen! well, now you know and please, say no even when he say he wants to boil an egg!

  4. wow, glad the fire was contained. We thank God
    Glad u had fun with ur sister!

  5. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Thank God that nothing BAD happened!
    First time here and i really like your blog, will be back most def!

  6. LondonBuki11:33 AM

    How come I am just reading this now??? I am so annoyed with myself!
    How are you? I am sending you a hug... :-)

    Thank God you and hubby had not gone too far from the kitchen...

    Sisters are the best :-)

  7. Hahaha the guy is trying to cook and u r trying to blame him for trying ... Thank God it was not that bad ...

    Cant wait to have those kind of weekends sha..

  8. @All: Thank you for your concern and comments! Thank God the fire didn't do too much damage. Imagine if we were asleep or out of the house? Someone joked that it could just be hubby's ploy to get out of doing the cooking!

    Thanks for the hug Buki!

  9. awww sorry bout the fire!


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