Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Mid-week Musings

Yesterday I attended the naming ceremony of a friend's new baby boy. It was a nice gathering. I was thinking, wow, last year this girl was a "sisi" like the rest of us. Then she got married. And now she is a mother! Life changing stuff. I even met a couple of old friends there. The girl's mum was telling me she's coming to my baby's naming ceremony next. Hubby and I just looked at each other and smiled at her. And we said we were working on it.

In other mundane news: I noticed my handbag is quite heavy. Hubby goes out carrying his wallet and keys. But me? I'm carrying so much stuff around. In my handbag I have: keys, mobile phone, wallet, 3 tubes of lipgloss, a pack of mints, office security pass, my travelcard, a make-up mirror, an umbrella, mascara, hair-brush, USB pen, eyeshadow, calculator, a pen, pocket-sized perfume and a novel. Oh and a letter I've been meaning to post. And now that the weather is colder I'm going to need hand cream, tissues and a pair of gloves. Gosh is it just me? Or do we ladies need so much stuff? What's the most random thing you have in your handbag?


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    i was reading thru that list for stuff you dont need, but u need it ALL!! i on the other hand, have random bits of paper with stuff written on em, receipts, business cards of people i dont remember, just saw this now- a 'love letter' from my birthday in JUNE!!, in addition to all the stuff you listed!
    we girls have wahala sha!

  2. Anonymous10:53 PM

    lol...i can soo relate. My handbags are usually large sized, and i ALWAYS fill them up with junk. I can do bicepcurls just carrying my bag. Random things- small pack of candy/cookies, antibacterial wipes, pantyliners, fone card, magazine for when im bored, safety pins and bandaids, and i always have a bottle of water. whenever i go to a party and have to carry a clutch, i feel so lost..cus i cant carry all my goodies wif me.

  3. I luv been a man o...LOL

    I so much hate carry things around ..the only thing I always have in my pocket is my wallet and just my car key(1key with the keyless entry on it)...

  4. lol... I carry keys(from both my houses.. even though i usually spend time @ 1), extra pair of earrings,gum/tic-tacs,nail polish,comb,little perfume & hand lotion,novel/magazine,student agenda(lol.. even to parties!!! cos i have thoughts anywhere and i can't bear not to have anywhere to put em down!),cellphone,@ least 3 lipglosses,debitcard,ID... in fact i carry way more than i should... like u i carry bigger bags cos i hate not being able to fit in everything i need(or don't.. lol)

  5. LondonBuki10:38 AM

    My bag is HEAVY. I have 2 mobile phones (work and personal) Wallet, Keys, Book, 2 DVDs to return, Letters, Newspaper... WHY?!?!?!

  6. lol, its not just u girl, my bag is overflowing with so much stuff n crap too, God help us, lol

  7. LOL!! I'm glad I'm not the only one!!


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