Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you! Hope you have a nice day, perhaps with an unexpected gesture from a secret admirer or your partner. I'm having a lovely one with my permanent valentine. Hubby tricked me this morning and at the end of it I discovered a bunch of roses, chocolates and a card, which was really sweet! Unfortunately though, the rest of my day is going to be somewhat dry. I'm at work all day and I have a class to attend this evening so I won't be back home until very late. But we've got some groovy plans for tomorrow and the weekend. I love celebrating valentine's day although I don't think we need one day in the whole year to remind us to love or appreciate each other. We should do that at every opportunity shouldn't we?

Today reminds me of how we used to mark valentine's day in secondary school. Then it was fun to anticipate getting a card and presents from your "secret admirer" or your boyfriend. Well for most girls it was fun especially the pretty and popular girls back in school. Meanwhile for the guys, it was a competition to see who would get the most impressive things for the girls. Guys would save up for months to buy the cutest teddy bear, the biggest box-card, the odd bottle of wine, chocolates and tinned cookies. And if a girl was lucky, her admirer would be a rich guy that could afford to get her picture frames and personalised jewellery. There were often touching love letters to go with the gifts which the lucky recipient and her friends would laugh over and dissect every single word.

Unfortunately for the guys there were no guarantees. I remember one poor chap who tried to impress a girl with a card and chocolates, but she sent it back to him because he was too 'razz' in her opinion. Then there was another guy who had spent all his money on expensive stuff for a girl. He went all out to impress her with dozens of stuff, but we later heard that she slapped him the next day! And who can forget about the guys that would suddenly stop talking to you at the beginning of February and resume the friendship three days after the 14th? Classic moves!

Anyway back to the present, when I went out for my lunch break this afternoon, there were long queues at all the supermarkets, full of guys clutching cards, chocolates and roses. It was all very amusing. And a guy in my office is cracking me up now, saying valentine's day has turned into nothing more than a con by retailers to charge extra for flowers, cards and dinner in restaurants. While I agree with him to some extent, I still think it's up to individuals and couples to make of it what they want to. Funny enough, I read somewhere that couples are more likely to have a big row and break up around this time. That's probably due to dashed hopes and unreasonable expectations.

Well that's about it for my ramblings today. I hope you enjoy the day and the rest of your week.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Favoured Girl!

    I agree that the sentiments of Valentine's Day should be shared year round, but sometimes we need (or want) a reason to challenge ourselves creatively to come up with something special, and that's what February 14 gives us. It doesn't have to be grand gestures but something that you might not regularly do, just to add something different to the day.

    (hehe, spoken like I do this sort of thing every Feb 14 when I don't!)

  2. lolllll...happy valentine's day sweetie! I see ur husband surprised u ooo....awwww..

    Yeah, I remember those funny secondary sch days...lolll...

  3. Awwwwwww.........that is cutie. How are you doing? Am back blogging again. Took some time off my blog to concentrate on some stuffs. I hope u have fun today. later.

  4. happy vals day in arrears...good to know u had a fun vals day

  5. Happy Valentines Day dear.. I lost the link to this blog and kept waiting for u to update on the other blog.. Now I see, I've missed a lot.

    Have a nice weekend too.

  6. I see you had a nice vals day! Jealous? moi? maybe a bit! i can remember all those sec sch days memories

  7. Happy belated V.Day.. :-)


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