Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I've been quite busy in the last week, hardly doing anything apart from going to work, attending my classes and a bit of writing here and there. I'm looking forward to something to break the monotony. Maybe a party, a holiday or some great news. Fingers crossed...

I was in a taxi the other day and the driver received a call on his mobile. He's not allowed to put the phone to his ear whilst driving, so he put the call on speakerphone and the following conversation ensued:

Cab Driver: Hello?

(There was this very excited female voice on the other end)

Excited Voice: Hi Rob! Guess what night it is!

Cab Driver: It's Friday night. Does that mean it's my turn to buy the coffee and donuts?

Excited Voice: No! It's Donald's turn. But that's not why I'm calling!

Cab Driver: Ok, so what's the reason for your call?

Excited Voice: I asked you to guess what night it is!

Cab Driver: I don't know, you tell me.

Excited Voice: It's Traffic Light Night!!!!!

(At this point I was curious too and I listened with interest)

Cab driver: What's that then?

Excited Voice: You know, Red, Amber, Green!

Cab Driver: That's good, so you know your traffic lights.

Excited Voice: No, it's for the party tonight!

Cab Driver: Oh the party?

Excited Voice: Yeah, it's the dress code! You wear Green if you are on the pull and you are hoping to meet someone, Amber is if you are not sure but you are open to offers and Red is a definite No, No, No!

(I'm thinking this is fascinating)

Cab Driver: Oh right, so what time does the party start?

Excited Voice: It starts at 10 o'clock. All of us are going, so are you coming?

Cab Driver: I'm still on the beat, but I'll finish in an hour.

Excited Voice: Great! We'll be at the bar. So what will you be wearing?

Cab Driver: I don't know yet, but I'll go home and get changed and meet you there. Just make sure there's coffee and donuts.

Excited Voice: Okay!! Byeeee!!

LOL! I thought that dress code is a brilliant idea. I repeated the conversation to hubby and after we had a laugh over it, he said if he got an invitation to that party, he would wear green just to confuse people. I said I would turn up in Amber. I think some guys would go for the girls wearing Red just for the challenge....

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Singularly as I am I will wear Reddish Amber dress with a bright green belt...taadddaaaaaaa

  2. LOLLL...I wonder what color I'll wear. Probably amber to confuse people...he he...(ur hubby is funny)

  3. lol! I would definitely wear red. But you are right, some fool would try to step up to me....



  4. hmm not sure wat i'll wear..maybe amber top (to confuse) and red pants! lol

  5. Hey girl, BRB....

    love ur other blog as I read for 2hrs last nite and made sum few notes.

    BTW- feel free to 'take the piece' you requested.

  6. i would wear green wig,amber top and red pant.guess i could pose as a traffic light.

  7. Can you imagine a fancy dress party based on the colours of your nationality? :-)

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  11. That's a cool post. Funny that he had it on speaker. Guess he didn't think it was a private conversation. I've been to a party like that once. I worked on a ship and that was a crew party. I think I wore blue.


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