Sunday, January 14, 2007

Connection Restored!

I'm so glad! Hubby repaired my laptop over the weekend. I had been dreading shelling out money to buy a new laptop soon. But I've decided to wait until Vista is on the market before I upgrade my technology (got to be current you know!) and gadgets. And my broadband connection is fixed too. I'm back in blog land again! I have been out of touch. So many of my fave blogs to catch up on and leave comments. So what's been happening?

Caught Out!
Hubby discovered my blogs! I wasn't like hiding them or anything, but he had never shown interest in reading them. He thinks I spend too much time on blogs. But last week I left my laptop on, and he went on it and discovered my "Journey" blog. He seemed interested in what I had written and he didn't seem to mind that I wrote about him. He did have one request though: he MUST remain anonymous. He he he... Don't worry I won't start censoring my gist.

No blog? So what to do?
Well since I didn't have my laptop for most of the weekend, I couldn't write, couldn't chat on MSN or Yahoo messenger, or go round digesting other people's blogs. So I had to fill my time somehow. Fortunately hubby and I put our "married-with-no-kids" license into good use for hours. That's what weekends and winter were made for. He he he.... Eventually we surfaced long enough to go shopping.

On sunday we had lunch with an elderly couple after church. They have been married for 45 years. It sounds so awesome. They understand each other so well, they've seen life together and yet they are still best of friends. They made a joke that they had been through all the lines of their marriage vows: sickness and health, richer or poorer, better or worse. The only thing they haven't experienced yet is "death do us part". That made me determined that I was going to have that kind of marriage. It can happen and it warms my heart when I see old couples like them still reaping the benefits of a healthy relationship.

Oh but it can go so wrong so easily. They told us about their grandson who got married in September, 5 months ago. He and his wife had known each other since kindergaten. They grew up together, went to the same schools, started dating and have been engaged since forever. That sounds perfect right? No. Five months after marriage, the girl says, "she loves him as a friend but not as a husband" and "she doesn't want to be married to him anymore". Very sad state of affairs.

Anyways I have a new week ahead of me. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day anymore for all the things I want to do. I'm feeling so restless, like something big is going to happen soon. I don't know what it is, I can just feel it. I'll let you know when I find out. Have a good week!!


  1. Welcome back! When u said u and hubby made good of ur married with no kids hrs, u meant ......(fill in the gap), lol
    That is such a sad story, after they had known each other that long. Have a blessed week girl!

  2. Welcome back!!
    Hmm scary.. they probably know themselves too well, but then again, like Belle said, aint you supposed to marry your best friend?

    Have a nice week ahead.. God Bless

  3. Welcome back babygirl... I sha missed you... lol@hubby finding out about your blog... thank God you're "nice"... or else.. e for be katakata... you and the husband were busy doing 'lalala' ehn? hehe... that's such a beauty... 45 years together?! It'd be beautiful to have that.. i feel for the young couple...babe... are you sure baby favoured is not on the way?! EXCITEMENT!!!

  4. Is that the sound of a baby I can hear????

  5. Welcome back dearie.

  6. Which one is married with no kids license that u r putting to use?I hope it is the indirect way of bringing junior into reality sha cos am counting o..LOL

    Dont worry babysitters plenty

  7. Ooooh, I know the big thing coming! Baby TP (Favored girl) is coming into the world. Yay!!!

    What license is thay abeg? Is that the we-are-married-so-we-can-knock-boots-forever-without-sinning-and-there-are-no-kids-to-interrupt-us-although-we-are-in-the-process-of-making-one license?

  8. No diggity! LOL! I wonder what I'd do if hubby read my blog eh??? Not that there's anything to it, but I just want to keep it b/w my fellow bloggers and mysely! On another note... It could be baby favoured on the way eh?

  9. @ Belle: Thanks! I thought that was scary too. I guess marriage is not exactly what she imagined, so she is looking for an excuse to get out.

    @ Biodun: Thank you. He he, that's the best part of being married with no disturbances ;-)

    @ Lee: Cheers! I know, it's sad about that couple right? I guess they were not meant to be. You have a great week too.

    @Overwhelmed: That's sweetie, I missed your blog for a day, and there's a war going on there!! Yes, the hubby and I were very busy!

  10. @ Dimples: LOL. Errrrrm.... no!

    @ Temmytayo: Thanks dearie!

    @ Naijabloke: LOL. It's the best way of bringing junior into the world o. You've signed up to babysit abi?

    @ Vera: Vera you crack me up. I worked really hard to get that licence, so I have to put it into good use now!!

    @ Nyemoni: I was worried about hubby reading my blog too. Turns out he didn't mind too much.

    @ All: And to those who are so very keen to see a "Baby Favoured" soon, I'll come looking for you when it's crying, needs to be fed and nappy changed!

  11. Ah ah, are you still using the license? Take a break and update your blog. You know too much license using can be


  12. lol@ Vera!! So when should we expect baby Favour?

  13. And OH...I don't mind baby sitting? I said it first before Overwhelm o! LMAO

  14. Those couple breaking up is scary... After those years... so not funny...

  15. @ Vera: Don't mind me o! It's work that is keeping me so busy during the week. I'll update this weekend.

    @ Confessions: You said it! Please forward me your phone number and address so when 'Baby Favoured' comes, I can drop him or her at your place.

    @ Ajike: It is truly scary. It reminds me not to take anything for granted. Cheers!


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