Friday, January 19, 2007

Fun Weekend Ahead!

(To those who are so keen to hear about a 'Baby Favoured', let me assure you that hubby and I are working hard, doing our own part. The rest is up to God.)

What am I doing on Blogspot early in the morning?
I'm so excited today, I had to even take the day off from work! My baby sister is in town! She lives in the US, but she is in England for a brief stop-over, so I'm picking her up this afternoon. I haven't seen her since my wedding in 2005, so it's been a while. We have a lot of catching up to do. This evening we are going out with hubby, and since we have so much to talk about, I'm sure we'll be awake all night. Then tomorrow morning we are off to Cardiff to visit my other sister. I saw her over christmas, but it will be the first time all three of us have been together in yonks. So we are going to have a photoshoot to celebrate. We plan to send a copy of the pics to mum and dad. It's going to be a fun weekend!

Right, before all that though, I have to do some 'maintenance' - LOL. I need to get my hair done, eyebrows reshaped, nails painted, etc. Ladies, you know how it is. Some stupid cold is threatening to spoil my weekend. I won't allow it! I'm going to eat a whole packet of Vitamin C tablets now before I leave the house.

By the way, has anyone in the UK been following the row going on over this year's Celebrity Big Brother? People claim that some of the so called "celebrities" have been making racist remarks towards Shilpa, the indian bollywood actress. That has sparked some comments from top politicians in both UK and India, and the regulator in the UK has received about 36,000 official complaints. Meanwhile, the TV bosses didn't seem to care cos it was good for ratings, that is, until their main sponsor announced that they were suspending their funding and affiliation to the show. Then all of a sudden, they release a statement. And Shilpa then says "she wants to get a statement out...." I suspect foul play. The plot thickens... Click here for the stories

As for me, I'm off to start my day. I will be catching Vera's "Every Woman" Chapter 4 this evening. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. LondonBuki12:11 PM


    Enjoy your weekend with your sisters, my eyebrows need serious reshaping this weekend.

    I heard about the CBB row but I haven't been watching it.

    Have fun!!!

  2. Which one be u and hubby are trying very hard ... hubby need to put some overtime into this thing jere .. abi ur license get restrictions ni ..LOL

    U have a nice weekend with ur sisters cos seems u alrdy have it planned out ..

  3. Have a lovely weekend with ur sisters girl. The weather has been horrible lately - got a cold too.

    I hope Jade leaves this weekend. She's really been horrible to Shilpa and I suspect its cos she inwardly blames Shilpa for her mum(Jackiey) being evicted from the BB House.

  4. You girls should have fun and make the most of it(like i need to tell u)Yeah, the BB saga continues and has been causing a lot of controversies.Jade is out.I'll personally say racism no,bullying yes!

  5. have a wonderful time with your sisters...
    read the row going on in big brother... that is not right.... that jade goody girl better get bodyguards when they evict her...

  6. LOL.

    You know what's funny? Bloke said exactly what I was planning on saying. What class is your license sef....let's know if there are restrictions. Hahaha.

    Awwww, a Baby Favored?? The names sounds weird, but hopefully, the baby won't be as weird, lol.

    lol @ eating a whole packet of Vitamin C. I'm thinking there might be side effects, lol

    Have fun with ur sistahs sha. By the time you finish grooming urself, even hubby won't be able 2 resist. He'll put some serious triple shifts cause you'll be lookin so damn irresistable!

  7. Enjoy your weekend with your sister and I really hope you don't get a cold!

    Hmmm the big brother furor ... it's hard to escape if you live in the uk. I've only watched it a couple of times but I have to say I don't think they're racist. All three girls are definitely bullies but I think it's more of a case of disliking someone (I think they're jealous of Shilpa) and the person having few flaws that they can use to insult her so they take the route of insulting her culture, food, accent etc. Just my opinion.

    Haven't read your blog in a while but I'm definitely going to catch up!

  8. Baby Favoured will soon land. Just tell hubby to put in a lil bit of overtime as NB suggested.


  10. @Londonbuki: Thanks girl! I had a nice weekend. What?? You went to Lagos and didn't get your eyebrow shaped? Tut tut... LOL

    @Naijabloke: Calm down. Hubby doesn't need to put in any extra time. We are working hard enough. Thanks, my weekend was cool.

    @CalabarGal: Thanks girl. Aww, sorry about your cold too.

    @Londonnaijachick: Thanks! Yeah we made the most of the weekend, even though I was feeling blue most of it. I think Jade bullied Shilpa too.

  11. @Ajike: Thanks, we did have a lovely time. I hear Jade has now been put in a safe house, and her mum has also had to leave her house...

    @Vera: LOL. Our licence has no restrictions o. We can use it anytime, anyday. Work sometimes gets in the way though...

    @Vickii: Welcome back! My thoughts exactly. I think Jade and those girls need an education.

    @Temmytayo: LOL @ putting in overtime. I'm off to do that right now....

    @Vera: Calm down. In my own time, Miss V


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