Friday, January 5, 2007

End of Week 1

I've not been on blogsville for a while because we don't have our broadband connection at the new place sorted out yet. Hubby and I have been sharing one dial-up connection so we can't be online at the same time and the connection is so slow :-( So at the moment (due to nudges I've been getting), I am blogging illegally from the office. If they catch me, I'll come looking for you Vera.

It's been hectic the last few days. Our place is still a mess since we haven't fully unpacked our stuff. And going back to work right after the Christmas and New Year celebrations just dampened my mood. I'm so jealous of my sister who is enjoying herself on holiday in Lagos right now. And 'Lagos'buki and the rest of them are not making it better at all... Meanwhile I'm stuck at work with a mild cold. Aaaaargh! Anyhow, I'm glad for one thing - my commute is easier now and the first working week of 2007 is over already!

I haven't made any New Year Resolutions this year. I can't be bothered to make promises to myself in January, only to break them in February and feel guilty. I tend to make changes in my life as and when required, not really because it's a new year. But I know people who have made new-year-resolutions and kept them. I guess the new year is a good kick-start for them. But like anything else, it takes dedication and commitment. If I was to make changes to my life right now, an endless list comes to mind. But two things top the list: 1) to spend more time with God in prayer, praise and worship and 2) to get fit. Errrm maybe to stop procastinating. I think I'll get round to them later. LOL. I need motivation. Can anyone help?!

This is so random - but sometimes I imagine what my life would be like if my parents or I had made different decisions regarding my life. For instance, what if my mum had married another guy instead of my dad? Or perhaps my dad had married another lady. Would I still be me? What if I had been born as a guy? Maybe a different nationality? Attended different schools? Been an only child? Hmmm.... life as I know it, would be very different, but it's hard to imagine how different it would be. And sometimes I wonder if life is just a series of random choices, or maybe God had predestined everything about me to the very last detail. Any suggestions?

Aside: It's my friend Dammy's birthday today! Happy Birthday girl! Here's wishing you many more joyful years, and God's blessings in everything you do!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! As for me, I will be busy 'nesting' in the new place. See ya!


  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll be back 2 comment after reading.

  2. Blame Vera ke? I am innocent of the crime you accuse me of.

    I always wonder too if my life is because of choices I've made or if I was destined 2 make those choices anyway.

    Life as an only child? Hmmmmm.

    Happy birthday Dammy.

    So have you arranged my room - the one I'd be staying in once I move in?

  3. Congratulations on moving to your own place. We thank God for the provision.

    Let me share some of my thoughts:(I hope it's not too long... lol)

    God is sovereign. He orchestrates all the steps and details of our lives to bring to pass what He has ORDAINED before the foundations of the world.

    So, yes, in a way we CANNOT FULLY EXPLAIN, God works THROUGH our free-will choices/decisions to bring to pass his Sovereign Will.

    This includes every detail- the family we are born into, our nationality, where we reside at all points of our lives,our professions, our weaknesses e.t.c. (Exodus 4:11).

    To put it another way, (it is a huge mystery), God brings to pass what He had decided beforehand would happen WITHOUT violating our free-will.E.g Pharaoh acted of his own free-will to deny the Israelites freedom. But the Bible clearly states that God was the one that hardened Pharaoh's heart.. hmmm. In fact, God told Abraham what was going to happen to the Israelites in Genesis 15:13.

    I will also include some Bible verses: Acts 17:26, Acts 4:28, Acts 2:23, Jer. 1:5, Psalm 139 (especially vs. 16).

    I will add an important point: God being sovereign doesn't negate our responsibility to obey his revealed will . In other words, we should do our part and let God work out his mystery.

    An author put it this way- OUR DUTY IN LIFE IS TO OBEY THE REVEALED WILL OF GOD(what God has commanded in the Bible e.t.c) WHILE OUR TRUST SHOULD BE IN GOD'S SOVEREIGN WILL

    Have a great weekend. Once again, you are doing a great job with your "Journey Down the Aisle" blog.

  4. Life is path dependent, what whould have been is a mathematical impossibility. At least that is what I think sha!

  5. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Favoured girl Are u in england or the states?

  6. Dammy7:19 PM

    @Favoured Girl- Thank you very much for the birthday greetings...I am blushing big time.:) You are a wonderful, nice, caring, and special friend.
    @Vera- Thank you very much. Really nice of you. Have a wonderful 2007.
    I am grateful the way God planned my life; because I got to meet and have wonderful people like Favored Girl in my life...
    Your blog is a blessing to me... Much love...

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR all!!!

    Nice work Favoured gal...aka TP...

    Thanks Niyi..I really needed that..

  8. Happy bday to Dammy!
    Glad ur week went well, I so imagine stuff like that too, hmmm
    Glad ur all settled in @ home n all, ur such a good employee, I so used to blog @ work alot, ha ha

  9. Conrats on moving to ur new place ...

    On the subject ..I believe God had predestined everybody's path in life and it's up to u to work in that path cos u can as well decide not to work in the path and take a different route,which I think that why God gave us choices ..

    U have a lovely week

  10. All this ur dial up story, that's not a good enough reason to not update o! Don't vex me o!

  11. Congratulations on your new place.
    A tu yin lara o.

    I believe that God knows HIS plans for us all. No matter the family we are born into, although the decisions we make in life may actually change the course of one's destiny.

    And of cos happy Belated birthday to Dammy.


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