Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Girlfriend

I'm the kind of person that don't have many friends, but few close ones. I have some acquintances but I tend to stick with the few trustworthy friends. Well enough about my ramblings, this post is dedicated to a girl that has been my friend since 1996! There are some friends that you know are just a blessing to be part of your life and she is such a friend. It's her birthday today, so I thought I would let her know how much she means to me.

I met her when I transferred to my 2nd secondary school. She was probably the most popular girl in our set. Everyone knew who she was, every guy wanted to date her and every girl wanted to be her friend. She's very pretty, very friendly and very intelligent. I liked her immediately I got to know her, she's just that kind of person and we became friends at once. She and three other girls formed a group and she invited me to be a member. For the three years we spent together in secondary school, we had a blast. We could talk about anything and everything from school work to clothes and parties, to guys, to politics... anything at all! I could confide in her and she could confide in me too. She was the only one that could read my diary and I won't get upset. When I started writing in secret code, she was the only one that could understand it. We had our fights of course, and we always resolved them amicably. Soon we left secondary school and I went to college.
One week in college, I begged this girl to come and join me. Like a joke, she persuaded her parents to enrol her in my college and I was so happy. Another fun-filled year. We hooked us with another friend of mine, and three of us became known cos we were inseparable. Some people even nicknamed us "the powerpuff girls". We would see ourselves in school all day, then go home and stay glued to the telephone all night. Her mum used to wonder what we still had to talk about, and this was everyday!
I left the country and losing touch with her was not an option. We still kept in touch as much as possible, and we hooked up whenever she came for holidays and when I went to Lagos. Even if we hadn't heard from each other in a long while, one phonecall is all it takes for us to continue where we left off. Gosh me and this girl have soooo much history together. If I had to put up a post about her everyday, it would take weeks to finish writing it all. We are still in touch now and I'm glad because she is my friend for life.
Hey girl, I want you to know that you have been there for me through it all and I love you so much. Happy Birthday!


  1. What do I get gor being first, FG???

    Happy Birthday to your friend. It is very touching to see that you can put apost about her everyday.

    May God strenghten ur relationship.

  2. A happy birthday to your friend.

  3. happy birthday to ur friend (x2)

    happy birthday to ur frieeeeeeeeeennndd... happy birthday to ur friend

    how old are she now? (x3) how old are she noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo? how old are she now?
    Friends are great arnt they?

  4. Omohemi Benson7:13 PM

    Have a galfriend like that I absolutely adore,

    I pray your friendship becomes stronger.
    Happy birthday to your friend.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. LondonBuki1:49 PM

    Happy B'day to FG's Girl!!! :-)

  6. Happy Birthday friend of Favoured Girl...

  7. happy brithday to fg's girl !!

  8. @ Temmytayo: You get a large Banoffe Pie for coming first :-)

    @ All: Thanks! It's great to appreciate the few good friends that we get in this life...

  9. Happy Happy Happy Belated Baiday girl.. any friend of Favoured Girl is a friend of ours as well. may all your dreams come true luv!

  10. Happy Birthday to ur fellow 'powder puff' girl. (smile)

  11. chineke me.. what happened to the piksho now? The thing don dissapear.. put it back now so we can see the fine girl no pimples again .. and update oh mami


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