Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pancake Day!

It's pancake day today in the UK. To celebrate, I've fried up a pile of pancakes, and stuffed myself. And to really burst the diet, I washed it down with a large serving of ice-cream. Plenty of time to feel guilty later....


  1. LondonBuki11:26 AM

    FIRST! :-)

    I went running last night, got home, took a shower, made some pancakes(with self raising flower so they were fat and fluffy), ate them and washed them down with a mug of COLD Milo :-)

    I love any excuse to be greedy :-)

  2. Lol@ Buki: she loves any excuse to be greedy.

    @FG: you got me hungry o. I havent had pancakes like forever.

    Send em ur email addy so that we can hook up when Biodun comes into town.

  3. I love pancakes but I didn't have any yesterday! Anyways, I don't need pancake day to have pancakes ... I might treat myself this weekend!

  4. LondonBuki10:54 PM

    OMG did I just write FLOWER???


    I meant FLOUR

  5. LOOOOOOOOOL @ LondonBuki...U cracked me up big housemates made pancakes.I didn't even know it was Pancake Day...

  6. i waaaaaaaanttttttt!! lol! meen.. my stomach is going bonkers now.. why now!! lol!

  7. lol.. theres a pancake day?! british ppl are wweird!!! and dang.. i didn't know you fried pancakes.. lol.. theres a lot i have to learn about cooking isn't there? hehe.. i mean i always hear ppl say i made pancakes.. i never realized they actually fried them.. i pity the man whey want marry me sha... thank heavens i'm cute sha.. if not.. na die!

  8. I knew it was pancake day but didnt dare take any with this my new fitness regime. Even thought Shrove Tuesday was the advent of Lent so you all can guess what I was doing.

    Seems you enjoyed ur pancakes to the fullest. It does look so inviting. Next yr must not pass me by!!!

    Buki ur fluffy and fat pancakes makes me remember the ones by mum used to make when we were younger. Yummy!!!

    @OWNB not knowing pancakes were fried. We learn everyday hmmn? LOL!!!

  9. what u got me there , though i'm not in England i have to get flour and make pancakes !!!

  10. @Buki: I like you jare. Any excuse to be greedy... LOL!

    @Temmytayo: Come and visit,I'll serve you some!

    @Vickii: Treat yourself anytime!

    @Blessed Child: The English seem to have a day to celebrate everything these days.

    @Bimbylads: Come and have some my dear. I've made enough for an army...

    @Overwhelmed: LOOOOL!! This girl you never cease to crack me up! At least thank God you are cute! And yes we fry pancakes!

    @Calabargal: Well I forgive you, since you are on a new fitness regime. Next year, you are making pancakes for all UK bloggers!

    @Eminie: Enjoy making your pancakes. Let me know how it goes girl!


    tradition started with lent in mind just like mardi gras


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