Friday, February 2, 2007

Missing for a week

It's hard to believe it's February already! Like wow, January flew by so quickly, I didn't have time to catch my breath. I've been away from blogville for a while, seems like ages! Not because of any crisis though. I just had to juggle a lot of stuff on my plate in the last week. Modern life takes its toll on my timing sometimes. Where do I find enough time in the day to finish everything on my to-do list? And still have time to relax, chill and blog? I understand when people in their 60s now, say to me "I feel sorry for your generation, you are too busy and you are always in a hurry...." But how for do now? You have to keep on top of so many things: at work, at school, at home, your social life, your family, your health and fitness, your finances, current affairs, music, fashion trends, and your virtual social networks (MySpace, hi5, Facebook, Blogspot etc etc). Na wah o. And I don't even have kids yet. Anyway sha, God dey.

This past week, my company has been moving office, so that kept us busy in the office. Now that's two months in a row that I've had to box up my belongings and unpack them again in a new place. At home, our furniture finally arrived, so I've been sorting things out and putting in finishing touches to the rooms. On my social calendar, I met up with my friend and it was good to see her. To me, she hadn't changed much, just a bit taller. We had a nice time, we caught up onthe past 7 years' gist over dinner in a restaurant. And then went for some late evening shopping on Oxford Street. It was cool! She's gone now, but I hope to see her again before the end of the year.

Hubby has gone green o. Last week, he saw a documentary on climate change, and how it affects the habitats of the polar bears, and now he is out to save them. If I leave a light on now, I hear, "Babe, please turn off the lights if you are not using them, think of the poor bears dying..." LOL. Anyway sha, that can only be a good thing. I'm going green too! Like my blog template :-)

I was planning to have a quiet weekend at home o, but now I've been roped into a surprise birthday party on Saturday. Anyway sha, I'll still try to enjoy myself. I'm going to catch up on all my favourite blogs I've missed reading, my peeps on facebook and some laundry I've been ignoring. The joys of modern life eh! Hope you guys have a great weekend too!!


  1. LondonBuki3:21 PM


    Ok, lemme go and read... Missed you oh!

  2. LondonBuki3:25 PM

    LOL @ your Hubby! At least he's doing his bit for the environment ;-)

    I know what you mean, it feels like I don't relax anymore. Even when I am relaxing, I am watching something or reading blogs! Always Busy, even when relaxing!

    Anyway, enjoy your weekend and enjoy the surprise b'day. I was going to say Enjoy doing laundry BUT who enjoys that? LOL!

  3. Adulthood is a juggle period! No two ways about it!! Goodluck juggling it all!

  4. Everyone is going green this days oh!I know how you feel sometimes you feel you aint got enough ime in the day to the stuff.

  5. lol @ d poor bear comments, yep everyone is busy these dayz!

  6. Now my dear listen to hubby ans switch off lights when not in use.

    I am in love with bears!

  7. Hey TP ... we missed you! I was looking at your blog and was like 'this favoured girl is copying TP's idea' then I decided to look out for a post saying you'd changed your name, and sure enough, I found it!

    Yay to have you back! I have to get used to the new name though

  8. lol... your husband is a darling! The juggling act gets even more complicated the older you get right?.. so i say enjoy the last bit of your freedom b4 the kids(twins) come in oh...

    lmao@ vickii's comment... babe you're late on gist sha!

  9. LOL @ Vickii. I changed my blogger name ages ago!


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