Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

As it's Valentine's Day, I couldn't resist putting up a lovey-dovey, cheesy post today. LOL. Hey it's lovers day after all. I'm such a romantic at heart so I've never had a problem with Valentine's Day. Cynics say it's just a day for florists, chocolatiers, gift shops and restaurants to make more profits. I think whether you are single or in a relationship, it's only a day to remind you to show some love to someone you care deeply about. It could be anybody.

Hubby and I had planned to go out for a meal after work this evening. We had called the restaurant and everything. Unfortunately he came down with a cold yesterday morning so we decided to postponne our outing. This morning though I still got a nice surprise. Hubby woke me up this morning to help him make toast before he left home for work. At first I didn't want to get up but eventually I thought "let me pity him and make the toast". Then I stepped out of bed and saw a trail of red rose petals leading from our room, through the corridor and into the living room. At the end of it were some more flowers, a HUGE card and a box of chocolates. I was sooo tripped. I've always known him to be a practical kind of guy (not the romantic type). But he's surprised me now with a lovely romantic gesture. Now I have to raise my game. LOL. I need some ideas.
(Update! Later that evening.....)
Hubby came to my office just as I closed for the day. After work, we went out for a meal at a nice restaurant. Love was in the air in there as several couples were there as well. The restaurant owner even presented me with a red rose during our meal. Awwwww....

It's my 50th post on this blog as well! That calls for a celebration. Champagne anyone? Cheers!


  1. Great news



  2. LondonBuki9:54 AM

    Awwwww.... Hubby is so sweet!

    Congratulations on your 50th post! Here's to 50 more, and then more!


  3. Wow. Very very romantic this husband of yours. Happy Valentine's Day

  4. Happy 50th Blog! Happy Valentines day!

    Your husband is really sweet!

  5. Congratulations to the 50th post... I absolutely adore your blog and you of course.. so I'd still be reading when it's 500 more... you ROCK!!! I'll definitely toast to that.. as well as to a fantastic valentines day to you and your hubby... you deserve all the happiness in the world... and it makes me glad to know you're getting it. Keep on keeping on gorgeous... here's to bigger and better things in your life...

  6. Happy Valentine's day sweetheart! We are snowed in over here, so not much going on for Valentine's day either!

    Enjoy your hubby too...

  7. ha ha ha...he was so romantic, and its even more fun if u aren't expecting it...lolll...he got u right to a place of no return! That was really sweet! I loved the part of rose petals setting the trail...

  8. Yes it does call for a celebration. How thoughtful of hubby to bring you breakfast in bed. Happy Valentine Day dear and wishing u both many more happy years ahead.

  9. Ooooh!!! Petals strewn accross ur path. How romantic. Hope you upped ur own game oh. So what happenend next......?

  10. I see little favoured baby coming our way.

  11. lol u got that right temmy tayo.

    Wow your hubby is so romantic. Glad you had a memorable vals day

  12. Wow ur husband is romantic, that was such a sweet gesture! Congrats on ur 50th post!

  13. @Forex: Thanks! Hope you have a great one too.

    @Londonbuki: Thanks girl! I'm looking forward to reading 50 more of your posts too!

    @Uzo: Thanks! I didn't think he was romantic lol! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    @Vickii: Thanks girl! He is sweet isn't he?

    @Overwhelmed: Aww thanks babe. I hope I'll reach my 500th post before I run out of things to say! You rock! Hope you have a lovely Valentine's day too!

  14. @Bluntremi: Snowed in? I think that is a brilliant opportunity. Use it for your benefit lol!

    @Jaycee: He got me, I admit! I was really surprised. Thanks girl!

    @CalabarGirl: Ah my dear I have to up my game oh, I'm planning a surprise for him too very soon!

    @Temmytayo: LOL. Slow down o, Baby is still enjoying in heaven. I'm not ready to bring him/her down yet!

    @Funmi: I'm discovering a new side to him o. Thanks girl. Hope you had a lovely time with your hubby too!

    @Biodun: Thanks girl! I'm so lucky to have him....

  15. Awwwww Happy Valentine's day, TP!!

    And happy 50th too.

    I'm jealous o!

  16. Er why are you jealous Vera?



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