Friday, May 11, 2007

Random Stuff

Been meaning to update my blog everytime I came online this past week. Have so much to say, but can't seem to find the enthusiasm to type. Someone sent me an "update already!" email, so I dragged myself here today.
I have been a bit down in the last four days. Not ill or anything but I'm feeling really tired and lethargic. It's like I have no energy at all. I wonder why. I haven't changed my normal routine or my diet. So I see no reason why I would suddenly start feeling like a very old woman. Lord help me o. I didn't go to work on Tuesday, managed to struggle on Wednesday and Thursday, but couldn't find the strength this morning. My mum said that it's my body's way of telling me that I need to rest. Oh well! The only problem now is that it's my aunty's 50th birthday party this weekend -big do on Saturday and a thanksgiving pary on Sunday. I have promised to go and help with preparations and everything. How am I going to do that now with zero energy?

Last weekend I attended an English wedding. Hubby and I were the only black people there. It was sooo different from the typical Nigerian wedding. For starters, there were only 80 guests! Imagine that at your typical naija wedding, 80 does not even cover the whole of the bride's family, lol. The couple had gotten married in Maurituis with a handful of close friends and family last month, and they were now throwing the reception. It was cool though, small and classy. They had a marquee in the garden of a nice country house next to a lake so it was a really cosy and romantic setting. There were 8 tables and 10 guests per table. It was a bit formal but the upside of that is that it was very well organised. Everything went in a particular order: Drinks reception in the garden, entrance, 3-course meal, speeches, toast, cutting the cake, first dance. Later on they had a DJ and a barbeque for the evening reception. It was well cool! And the menu was not jollof rice either, lol. Thank God I'm not a bush girl sha, although there were some things I ate that I can't pronounce! It made me wonder what they thought when they attended our wedding and had to eat Nigerian food. Lol.

Now I don't know if this is funny or not. I came accross this on Facebook. It's a group called "...So Apparently I'm Going To Hell" based on what some random guy said:

If anyone's had the chance to catch a Mr. Micah Armstrong (originally of the Assembly of God Church in Miami but left because they were hypocrites) on Monday, then you have probably drawn one conclusion...apparently you're going to hell. Reasons include:
Pot Smoking, Cigarette Smoking, Alcohol Drinking, Guitar Playing, Having a Tattoo, Showing Cleavage, Showing Bellybuttons, Girls Showing Their Knees, Girls Showing Their Elbows, Girls Wearing Tight Pants, Girls Wearing Miniskirts, Being Blonde, Being Fat, Cursing, Kissing on the Mouth before Marriage, Holding Hands before Marriage, Having Premarital Sex, Masturbation, Having Anal Sex, Having Oral Sex, Being Homosexual , Judging People (He wasn't though, he was being honest), Being Selfish, Playing Sports, Women Working, Watching BET, Watching MTV, Watching VH1, Watching TNT, Associating With Hollywood, Listening to “Gangsta Rap”, Techno, Christian Bands, and Rock and Roll, Believing in Evolution, Being Catholic, Being Jewish, Being Buddhist, Being Methodist, Being Protestant, Being Mormon, Being Muslim, Being Hindu, Being Agnostic, Being Atheist, Being a Woman (they're still paying for Eve's sin), Being In a Sorority or Fraternity, Owning a Pet, Sin, Have Sinned, or Plan on Sinning in the Future

Okay o. I wonder who came up with this list. It sounds like a man that is clearly so narrow-minded that he can't see beyond his own nose. Being fat,blond and female qualifies as a reason to go to hell? Anyway sha, thank God that it's by His grace and nothing else that we are saved.

Due to the interest in the cake/bag in my previous post, here is the address of the website where you can order your very own! Apparently she can make a cake of anything you want. I'm thinking of getting a guitar made for hubby's birthday.

I'm hoping to recover from this bout of tiredness. I want to have a good time this weekend. Imagine hubby has even booked us a hotel to stay in for the weekend, so I mustn't flop. He he he. Have a good weekend folks!


  1. I'm first I'm first I'm first. And she dint tell me she psoted. Oya let me go read. Meanwhile, did u now understand my story?? lol and ur forgiven for being missen on my page, even after I told u to ceck my blog. Lol. I saw lethargic somewhere,hope ur ok hun.B bak to comment.

  2. lol, i made so many mistakes in the rush to take my number one post. corrections *posted, *check.

    P.S I've updated too.

  3. OK, I am taking up 3 spots, I will soon stop commenting on your blog sef. Are you preggers?? Lol. Expecting a little favoured girl soon ;) wink wink.
    Pele dear. just rest before your aunty's Do and ask Hubby to give you massages well well.
    and as for oyibo weddings, they are always so simple arent they?
    and as for that list....thank God for His Grace.

  4. That was quick girl! I had just clicked submit, I popped into the kitchen and you've written 3 comments!
    Hmmm a little favoured girl, that may be a possibility! I'll keep you posted. Lol

  5. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Favored girl, maybe there's a baby Favored on the way :) !!!!!!

  6. eeyah!pele hope u feel better

  7. Little baby TP coming...we thank God some more sweet stuff to add to "Journey down the aisle"...
    So what u having a boy or a gal??..or better still both...

  8. FG, is pregnant oh... thats the sign.

  9. I guess I am going to hell and everyone I know. (smile) FG-don't worry u will be back to your old self soon.

    The English wedding sounds very interesting. I have banned myself from eating jollof rice. No morejollof rice for Gorgeous no way. I don't eat any pounded yam,no semovita, no tuwo shinkafa, no eba,no garri. NO cARBS! Well except white rice- occasionally.

    It has been hell but I have prevailed and I have won. Mi madre has said that I am muy loco.

  10. LMAOO...FG, see how everyone is making prophesies oh.. wow.. we can't wait.. First E-god aunty/mother here..:D
    Pele.. take some time to rest..Hope you're feeling better this week..

  11. Little Favoured boy/girl on the way? Hmmmm...remember Overwhelmed and I requested to be the e-godparents oh!

    Just rest abit and you will be fine

    That cake website made me hungry. Will order from there for my mom's bday.

  12. Oh...going from the list, looks like I will be going to hell??

    Hmmmmm...scary. Thank God for his mercies!

  13. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Eya pele dear.hope you are better now and hw was the parry.May be its time for little FG abi?pls give us jist when you find
    it means more juicy jist.

  14. can i choose a name for the baby?
    can u name him Obinna, thats if its a boy?

    i think whoever made the "hell" list is on his way there already

  15. I hope you are feeling better now? I know how draining it can be...maybe what you need is a vacation. You need to spoil yourself small.

    Thank God whoever came up with that list is not God...we would have all gone to hell...
    Take care of yourself...

  16. You know you might just be preggie (like others have testified) should do a test;) Take care and rest o!

  17. am def going to heell

  18. The person is definitely narrow minded isshhh
    Girl r u sure that ur not preggy, lol Take it easy n get some rest!

  19. LOL @ everyone making prophecies of a baby on the way! Don't worry you all will be "cyber-aunties and uncles" in the near future. In the meantime, I've been told I need to do a blood sugar/diabetes test because those are the symptoms as well. So many thanks to everyone concerned about my welfare!

  20. pls it better be pregnancy not diabetes

  21. oh my gosh fg.. you sure say you never carry? if yes.. please i want to be a godmother oh!!! lol@ the facebook list... if that were the case then most of us already in hell on earth but i reject it in jesus name.. lol.. hope you're doing good sha mami

  22. lol @ didi! hope you are feeling better favoured..add me on facebook :)

  23. It is not diabetes jo.................its a baby on the way. Yeepiee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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