Sunday, May 27, 2007

Today's Rant

Today I'm dealing with a cocktail of different emotions. I am very happy. But I'm also upset because I feel I still have limitations on my life. Who can feel happy when you are placed under restrictions? Why is there no way out? I need to let go of the ridiculous weight of expectations around me. Why should I be labelled? I am a unique person, why should I fit into another person's mould? When will I be free to express myself as I am designed to? Why do I have to succumb to cultural demands? Why should I act as "normal" as everyone around me? Who defines what is normal anyway? Who is really in control of my life and my circumstances? Who sees into the innermost corridors of my heart? Who should be predicting what I should do next? Who should understand my deepest desires? What about what I want? When will I really really be FREE...

I'll be right back.


  1. Oh! dear, this is very deep. The only thing i can say right now is for you to believe in yaself, reach down inside, the LOVE you find will def. set yu FREE.

    All da best as yu find that which yu exactly seek for...Amen!

  2. hhmmm favoured girl. change is either already started or coming. dont worry..all will be well,and with your questions,GOD is really in control of your life and circumstances...not hubby or parents or friends or boss (just wanted to remind ya). love.

  3. Favoured girl...being there, done that...If people find something wrong with what you are doing, then you are doing the right thing. They see how great your future is going to be so they are afraid they will be left behinde...All I can say is look to the one above-God...and find all your strength and approval from Him. Remember tough situation don't last, but tough people do! Hold on, this is a battle you will come out victorious...

  4. @ Ugo, Mimi and 9jaOpeke: Thank you so much for your kind encouraging words! God bless you in abundance.


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