Sunday, December 10, 2006

419 Scammers Busted

I saw this video on youtube and I was quite upset. What is the problem in Nigeria? High unemployment and poverty. That's why many graduates turn to scams to try and get rich. I think it is unfortunate but not enough reason to turn to criminal activity.

Nigerian 419 Scammers Busted

The truth is, it is embarassing to all Nigerians. At least it looks like something is being done about it now. I think it is time for honest and decent Nigerians to stand up against these rascals ruining our country's image everywhere.


  1. I AM FIRST!!!!!!!!

    We need divine intervention in Nigeria. The rate of unemployment, robbery, day light assasination is scary.

  2. We do need divine intervention.It is so bad.I was in Naija during the summer and a trip to the internet cafe was not usually a pleasant one with all those "yahoo yahoo" boys (as they call them) doing all sorts.They don't even hide it sometimes!!U could so easily hear them giving each other contacts and tips....revolting!!One of them actually approached me once,asking to use my USB stick and that he'll give me back as soon as he downloads whatever it was he wanted to download....U can guess what I said!!The EFCC is trying though cos they've got all these new rules internet cafes need to follow.Hopefully,the next time I go on hols,it'll be much better.

    The Lord would help us....that's all I can say.

  3. TP as long as the rate of unemployment is still as high as it is and the rate of poverty is still the same.. the rate of crime is going to keep climbing o ..

  4. I second NB on this one. It looks like my comment on this isn't original.

  5. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I totally agree. Now it's more of a game to them. As long as there are more people with no jobs, this will continue. Our people are smart. It's a pity that some of them use it for this

  6. Anonymous2:23 AM

    The real 419ners are those in government while the ordinary Nigerian people are the Mugus. The Nigerians caught in the video and the gullible Americans are all actors and criminal in this political and financial scam called 419! - Check out Nigeria Politricks for more gist on this issue!

  7. They got what they truly deserve for giving naija such a bad name. The sad part is that for every 419 or yahoo yahoo boy caught, there will be 7 or 8 who think they can get away with it and still spring up somewhere else in search of qick money. The solution is providing jobs and revamping industries to take away all the rampant joblessness in Naija today!!


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