Thursday, December 28, 2006

After Christmas....

I had a very lovely christmas. The day was lovely from beginning to the end. At midnight on christmas morning, hubby gave me my christmas present. Then my sister and I called our parents in Nig. My little sister had left the US on the 21st, arrived in Heathrow, but had missed her connecting flight, so she only just arrived in Lagos on the 23rd. She told us how she roughed it by sleeping at the airport! I was worried sha, but glad that she was at home safely. We talked and talked, and we didn't go to bed till 4.00am christmas day. When we finally woke up, I flew into the kitchen to cook up a feast. Here's where multi-tasking came in handy. Soon our families arrived and we had a nice time, eating, gisting, opening presents and taking photos. The in-laws were well impressed with my excellent cooking skills (lol). But at the end of the day I was well tired!
Boxing day was a real "boxing day" for us cos we are moving out soon! Hubby and I have started putting our stuff into huge boxes, ready to be taken away. So while clearing up after the christmas day festivities, we have been trying to pack stuff. Our flat is a complete mess at the moment. Unlike previous years, hitting Oxford Street to spend my vouchers is not a priority this year. The good thing though, is the end-of-year sales going on at the moment, as we are looking to replace some furniture. Here's hoping we grab a bargain at furniture stores!

My sister left yesterday to go back to her uni. She really enjoyed her christmas break with us. Not only did she get presents from the in-laws, plenty to eat and drink etc, she also took full advantage of the fact that we are moving house, and carted off with my new mobile phone, half my wardrobe and shoes! Sisters eh? I know...I know.... I'm too generous. But I love my sis! In fact, I'm missing her already. I can't wait for my sister in Lagos to drop by on her way back to the states. It'll be fun!

Well I'm back at work now, and seriously bored. The office is so quiet cos most people took the rest of the week off. But I was doing "good girl". Anyway I had a meeting today that could not be shifted so, oh well. Hubby is still on holiday though, so he will be doing most of the work with moving, while I am at work earning some money. Division of labour runs. Although when we move next week, we won't have our landline and internet connection for a while. I'll find a way.
Gosh I can't believe 2006 is almost over. The year has gone sooo fast! But I have reasons to be thankful. That's what matters most.
Maybe I'll borrow the "2006 Review" from Belle's page and do that before the end of the year. Hope you all have reasons to be thankful too. And to those going to Lagos, enjoy!!


  1. Am I first?? I'm first!!!

    Girl, I no jealous you for all that packing oh. Been there, done that...not fun @ all!

    Glad u had a wonderful Christmas. So did I

  2. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. Glad to know you had a nice day... D.D.

  3. Thank God for multi tasking!! You must have been well tired!! (borrrowing the phrase from Catherine Tate)

    Besy of luck with the packing and enjoy ur new place. How nice!! New Year - New House!!

    Happy New Year Girl!!!


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