Saturday, December 30, 2006

My 2006 Year Review

This is a break-down of the notable times of the past year for me. I had a good number of highs and lows, good and bad news, pleasant surprises and disappointments, laughs and tears. But all is well that ends well. I'm looking forward to a 2007 with plenty of hope, starting afresh and an assurance that whatever life throws at me, I can handle it with God's help.

January 2006
The year started with lots of expectations for me. I had finished my Masters degree in September 2005 and started job-hunting. So by January I had been playing the perfect housewife at home for 3 months. I was applying for hundreds of jobs everyday, attending countless interviews but to no avail and it was becoming frustrating. I was itching and praying for a good job to come up soon. My classmate and friend had also been in the same boat as I was, but she started working in January so I felt left out. Hubby tried to encourage me at times. And I soon found that I was on the prayer request list for a job at house fellowship!

February 2006
After applying for loads of jobs to no avail, I finally got a phonecall from a lady regarding a 3-month internship. I had the interview and was offered the post immediately afterwards. I jumped at it, because I felt it was better than nothing. At least it was something to do, to keep me busy while looking for something more permanent. I was really pleased with the role, because it was fun. I got to meet interesting people, attend financial markets training courses and stuff, and I was still allowed to go for other interviews. Hubby was pleased to, probably because I stopped grumbling. And I finally came off the prayer request list.

March 2006
I was amused to hear people telling me they were expecting a baby from hubby and I by now. Like I had even finished sorting myself out. Hubby and I cooked up an elaborate story to tell anyone who asked us what we were waiting for. And then we would ask if they would be willing to come and sit down at home to look after the baby while we went to work.
My internship was going well, and I was still attending interviews. I got an invitation to attend an assessment centre for a finance graduate role that I had applied for, so I was really excited.

April 2006
My cousin got married this month. It was a nice weding. Hubby and I worked hard. All my family members were saying that I had put on weight since I got married. Hmmm. Like I need them to tell me.
I prepared very well for the two-day assessment centre. I was still very nervous though. We had to do group exercises, interviews, scenario tests and presentations, and by the end of the day I was well exhausted. The company said they would get back to us. I was very surprised and happy to get a call that I had been offered the job! I didn't think about it for long, before I accepted the offer cos I was too excited. Hubby was very pleased too, but he had some reservations.

May 2006
I turned 23 this month. Gosh I'm getting old! I had a small celebration with hubby. He bought me some nice presents and took me out to dinner after work. I ate so much food and chocolate cake. Then I felt really guilty afterwards.
I finished my internship and I concluded that it had been worth it. I gained a lot of new useful skills (They had also allowed me to stay an extra month). Since I had another job offer in hand, I was pleased to take a break and chill out. Hubby and I were planning to go off on a short summer break, my friends were planning to come to England for their summer hols, so it was looking like summer would be lovely.

June 2006
It was a lovely month. The weather was nice, warm and sunny. My mum popped into the UK for a few days on her way to the US. It was the first time she visited hubby and I in our home. She was really pleased to stay with us. Soon after, my good friend from Nigeria came to spend a weekend with us and we had lots of fun. We then had a small reunion with our classmate from secondary school, that was so cool!
My sister went to the US for a summer work experience programme.

July 2006
I had been eagerly waiting for this month. Hubby and I celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary! To me it was a very important milestone. It was also hubby's birthday this month, so we had a double celebration. I had to get him two presents though. We had been planning to travel to celebrate, but we had to cancel due to work commitments. Still had a nice time though. A friend of ours also got married that weekend so we were at that wedding. Hubby wrote me a lovely poem, we received lots of cards from friends and family and we watched our wedding dvd from beginning to end, to remind ourselves of what we were celebrating. It was fun reminiscing and looking back at our first year of married life. Here's to many more happy years!
Funny enough, I started a new job this month. I found out that the job offer I had accepted required me to relocate twice as it was a 3-year rotational scheme and I could be posted anywhere in the country. After a long time deliberating and considering all options, I decided to defer the job offer till Sept 2007 and see how it goes. Then another job came along completely out of the blue. I got a phonecall on Friday and started the job on Monday just like that. And it's been great!

August 2006
My new job was going great. I was a bit disappointed about the other one, but I knew that God knew what was best for me. So I left it all to Him. When one door closes, another one opens.

September 2006
I discovered blogging! Yay!! Wish I had started sooner.
My sister came back from the US with sooo many stories of her adventures.

October 2006
Summer was over. We are trying to move, so we have been house-hunting. I've started studying for exams. All the while re-thinking my career path. Serious doubts have been creeping around in my mind since then. Am I really doing what I'm meant to do? Ooooh!

November 2006
Found a new place and started planning move. Had exams so not much fun.

December 2006
Christmas time came and went too soon, but I had a nice time. Finally moved into a new place. New place is still in a mess as all our stuff are still in boxes. Anyway it's just a matter of time.
Looking forward to 2007. New year, new opportunities!!

Have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!


  1. Gush, you keep a good record of your year. I wish you a more prosperous and blessed 2007.

  2. LondonBuki10:06 AM

    Wow, very good idea. Looks like you had a good and interesting year...

    2007 will be MUCH MUCH better!!!

    I woulda said I'd try this but some months this year - I can't remember! This year flew by!!!


  3. Wow!!! The year has been very eventful for you favoured girl!!!
    I'm in the same boat as you were in January and February. Fish4jobs and Hays are my very good bedmates right now. We say hello to each other daily. LOL!!! But things can only get better.

    Best Wishes for 2007!! May it bring even more joy into ur lives as well as pitter patter!! LOL!!! Cheers!!

  4. i like this review...hmmm...maybe i should do it one myself

    happy new year to you


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