Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Plans

I've finally snapped out of my bad mood. I'm just getting into the Christmas spirit now and enjoying it. Shops are playing christmas songs, lights are twinkling in the streets, we are ordering presents from amazon, christmas cards are arriving at our doorstep. I am now looking forward to a nice time at Christmas. There are decorations, carol services, plenty of food, presents, and family members coming round to sort out. I must find time to relax and enjoy myself as well. I've even started planning my christmas day menu. Got to go food shopping soon, and buy the largest turkey in the shop, lol. One of my sisters is coming to stay with hubby and I for the holidays, so I'm looking forward to that while my other sister is going to Lagos. My in-laws are spending christmas day with us, so we are having a full house. Should be fun. Hope I get lots of nice presents!

At work, people have been giving out christmas cards all throughout last week. People have been smiling more, so as not to get crossed off christmas card lists. We had our office christmas party on Thursday. It was a well-planned event - lovely venue, good food, good music from a live band, nice entertainment and even a poker table. Everyone made an effort and we all got glammed up for the evening as it was a black-tie event. Before the party I had heard funny stories of staff getting drunk and making a fool of themselves. You would have thought people would learn from their past mistakes and not drink too much this year. But whenever there is an endless supply of free wine, things are bound to go wrong. I had a great time with my colleagues and got to meet a few people that I didn't have a chance to socialise with before.

On Friday evening, I attended hubby's work chirstmas outing as well. This time it was in a restaurant. It was fun too, but by the end of the night, I was too full, I was tired and I needed my beauty sleep! Meanwhile, we are planning our move to our new place for the new year. We've been choosing new furniture and stuff. That's something fun to look forward to after christmas.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend!


  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I'm first,I'm first ... picture my little victory dance here, because I'm never first on anyone's blogs these days!

    Yay, I'm glad you're getting into the Christmas spirit ... it's an amazing time of year!

    Lol at the christmas party stories, every year I ask myself what it is about the two words 'christmas party' that makes everyone lose their inhibitions and act in ways they wouldn't act in any other time of the year!

    Have a great one hun!

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Have a splendid xmas dearie.

    The Xmas parry in my office was really noice, so much fun.

    I am trying hard not to get angry this festive season as well.

  3. Wow, ur christmas sounds like fun, I still have no plans for xmas day. Moving is so much fun, @ least the picking furniture part n being a new house feel not the actual hauling of stuff, lol

  4. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Lolll - glad you're getting into the Christmas Spirit and you snapped out of your bad mood. And oh dear - Christmas parties and the gossip afterwards! :-D very funny.

    Good luck with the moving! I love moving into a new place and planning all the little things and "shopping for the house!"

  5. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Glad u r feeling better!
    Have a great holiday TP...


  6. "People have been smiling more, so as not to get crossed off christmas card lists" tjats the funiest thing i've read in a while... lmao... funny but true... Have a great xmas.. Have fun with the moving(if thats even possible).. CHRISTMAS ROCKS!!! glad your mood has lifted!

  7. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Erm my dear, I need your e-mail address ...

  8. Merry Xmas to u to jere Mrs TP ..seems u r having fun all thru ..

  9. Merry Xmas to u and hubby!! Wishing you guys a blissful and prosperous 2007 ahead!!!

  10. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Merry Xmas lady! Hope you have a wonderful xmas.


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