Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cool Weekend

I have this sweet little niece. She's actually hubby's niece, but since she met me, she's become my best friend. She's fashied her uncle's side. Hubby is jealous but I can't help it if his niece prefers to hang out with me now........ I met her 4 years ago and she took to me instantly. Even her mum doesn't understand our special friendship. She told me one time that she now uses my name to bribe the girl. Stuff like: "If you eat your veggies aunty will come and play with you" or "If you are naughty, I won't let you wear the skirt aunty bought for you". Mums and their tricks sha.

Anyways I love the little babe. She is sweet and well behaved. And she is a right little madam. At her young age she already knows more about fashion and make-up than most teenagers. She told me she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. And she made sure she was a flower-girl at our wedding telling me well in advance, even before her uncle proposed!

We spent the day together yesterday. I picked her up and we had a nice girly day out. We planned to see a movie. However, it dawned on me that going to the cinema with an eight-year old seriously limits your film choices. So we went bowling and had pizza afterwards instead. It was fun though. She told me all about her club of which she is the leader, how she solves quarells between her group of friends in school, the boy that has a crush on her etc. I listened to her stories and made comments. I then imagined her in another 8 year's time. She will be one interesting teenager. I can't wait.

Today was cool too. For a while I had felt God was distant from me and I couldn't reach him. But today as I stepped into church I felt God's presence again. That was very comforting. You know you just feel at peace when you feel God's presence. It reminds you that the Rock of your life is there right beside you. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is right by your side. Nothing is more comforting than that. I guess I need to learn how to trust that He is still there in the background when I can't feel Him around. That requires a different level of knowledge and trust. I will get there soon, amen!

So, a new week begins tomorrow. May God guide and protect all of us. Have a good week.

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