Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sisters in "Bomb Threat" Drama

My silly sisters were the cause of a recent scare at the Arundel Mills Mall. When they told me the story, it was so funny, I nearly collapsed cos I was laughing so hard. But my sister said it was not funny at the time o! They were questioned by the police, fire department and Anti-terrorist squad and they were nearly arrested and fined thousands of dollars.

They had gone to the mall for some last-minute shopping as one of them was flying back to the UK later that night. When they got tired of carrying her luggage, they stashed the bags under a bench and wandered off. Unknown to them, security cameras had seen them dropping the stuff and walking away.

They came back 30 minutes later, to find that the whole mall had been evacuated, the shops and cinema had been closed down, there was a yellow "Do Not Cross" police line, there were cops and firemen everywhere, tv reporters running about, people were panicking... a full scale drama. When they asked around, some people said there was a fire, some said there was a bomb. As they attempted to cross the police line to retrieve their luggage, a policeman asked them where they were going. They said they wanted to go in and get their bags that were still inside. The policeman asked them where their bags were. Eventually the story came out that it was their luggage that caused the panic. They were taken away for questioning. Their bags had been opened and policemen were taking pictures of the contents, ready for destruction. Fortunately they got the bags back just before they were destroyed.

Read the news report and watch the video HERE

The police didn't like it cos they wasted their time, but I found it really funny. I'm sure that has taught them a lesson never to leave their luggage unattended. My sister's nickname is now "Bin-Laden". LOL


  1. LondonBuki9:43 PM

    LOL!!! OMG, they're lucky they were not arrested!!!!

  2. Hahahaha is really a funny situation unless u r in the same shyte o ..LOL

    Afi Bin Laden nah

    Nice Blog

  3. Honestly, this is mad funny! I bursted out laughing in the office forgeting for a second that I wasn't at home on my PC! I tell, you, this is absolutely HILARIOUS!

    By the way, you people are taking me away from my j-o-b as i'm rarely productive since my blogspot discovery. I'm sueing you all and sending the legal bills too!

  4. OMG!!! TP my eyes widened as I was reading ur post but at the end I was in fits of laughter!! Just thinking about the graveness of the situation makes me explode in more fits of laughter!!

    See what Bin Laden has caused!! Everyone is uptight about everything and nothing at the same time. Well, ur sisters have a story to tell about their 'escapades' during their holiday.

    Thank God they were let off lightly.

  5. thats just hilarious mehn. Thank God no one got arrested.

  6. @All: It was a very funny episode, but thank God they were not arrested sha. We've all learn a lesson from this.

    @Desola: Please don't get fired at work o! Read blogs at off-peak times. I shall NOT be liable for any fines/fees o!

  7. Anonymous12:29 PM

    lmao very very funny it reminds me of something similar that happened to me. i had gone to the airport to see my friend off when my phone rang, it was my friend asking if i could bring something to the queue he was on i had to leave the hand luggage with me as it was a bit heavy on my way back i saw important looking security guys gathered near the luggage before i could think i rushed there to tell them it was mine i got a good telling off that day but in my mind i was laughing like see what these terrorists have caused now. sorry for the long comment oh. nce blog

  8. lmao.. that is just terrible... damn i didn't know the 'security' thing in London was that serious oh... thank God they didnt mess up ur sisters "GUCCI"... lol@ bin laden nickname... i hope that one doesnt stick oh.. imagine having to go through life with that... lol

    it is terribly funny.. gurl ur jokez 4real... lmao@desola.. ur funny 4real.. no let them fire u bcos of blogspot oh

  9. Hilarious. It wouldn't have been so funny if I had been a policeman. I'm sure they felt quite 'efficient.'

  10. I'm so happy i can look back on that day and laugh. I was sooo scared. Guess what??? L was dancing when she was the cause of everything!!!

  11. LMAOOOOOOOOOO, r u serious , lol i live in DC so...anyhoos funny story mehn

  12. wow, small world, lummie is ur sister weezle weezle!


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