Friday, October 6, 2006

Breakdown of my week

It's the end of the week! I've had a good week, all thanks to God. Here's a random collection of the events of the week. In no particular order.

1) My mobile phone fell into a bucket of water (don't ask). It's still working, but now the screen has gone blank. So I've been guessing who my callers are. I cannot account for missed calls or flashers. Text messages are out. And I have only called the numbers I can remember off the top of my head. Anyway the phone is due for an upgrade anytime from now. So I want to get the new Sony Ericsson phone. I saw it rated highly in an article in the newspaper. I'm hoping T-mobile is now generous with their upgrade packages. They are notoriously stingy.

2) Hubby and I had a quarell slash argument on Monday. I over-reacted to something he said (I blame it on that time of the month). I wonder how men cope with us women when we are hormonal and quite irrational. Anyways we sorted it out and both apologised. It's not fun "boning" for someone when you share a room and a bed.

3) In the UK, the summer is well and truly over. I regretted going out with open shoes the other day. Time to buy a new winter coat, scarf, gloves, hat and boots. And stock up on fruits for Vitamin C and garlic for boosting the immune system. I need to arm myself for the battle against viruses on the daily commute.

4) I've been quite lazy with my studies this week. Didn't do any studying. Probably because my interest in Accounting is fast approaching zero. God help me, I've got exams in November.

5) I visited a few websites (One is this: HERE ) in a quest to examine my health and my diet. I discovered that I'm not supposed to be eating bread! Why, because it contains yeast and it gives me a bloated belly. I wailed. So no more subs, sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, etc! What am I going to do without my lunch-time bagel?
In the same vein, I visited a website that calculates your life-expectancy based on your current lifestyle and gives you a full report. It also gives suggestions on how you can live a longer and healthier life. Apparently, based on the responses I gave in the questionnaire, my predicted life-expectancy is 79. Time get on the treadmill..... for more visit HERE

6) I left home without checking the weather forecast or taking an umbrella. BIG mistake if you live in England. I rained cats and dogs today while I out during my lunch break. I was soaked! Fine girl like me. I've learnt my lesson.

7) I started a new blog. My New Blog

8) I am making a mental list of the kinds of jobs I would be doing if I wasn't an accountant. Something that would bring me personal freedom and fulfilment. I will draw up a short-list soon.

So that was my week. I plan to have a relaxing weekend. I doubt if I will be doing any studying. Hubby and I have some catching up to do. Our friend Londonbuki is running in the RunLondon Challenge so I'll be supporting her from here. Go girl!

Y'all have a wonderful weekend and keep smiling.


  1. Gurl tell me abt it..The reading thing is not fun o.Men I wonder how I use to read back in school.Got exams end of the month and had to start forcing myself to go to the Library after work now..

    Have a nice weekend and go and support Buki o

  2. LondonBuki9:36 AM

    Your phone fell in a bucket? Pele! I was having a pedicure and my phone fell into the foot spa!!! I took the phone apart and left it in the airing cupboard for a day... more than 10 months after... it's still working. Try that.

    I can't stand school and exams... so I feel your pain!

    TP! You left your house without a brolly? It should be a permanent fixture in your bag.

    Good idea - your new blog... I've already checked it out and I'll be going back often :-)

    Thanks Girl and I will let you all know the outcome of the race.

  3. @ Naija Bloke: All the best with your exams o. I too don't like exams, but we must do them to progress.

    @ Londonbuki: Thanks dear, I will heed your advice. And no one needs to tell me to hold a brolly again :)

  4. LondonBuki9:31 PM

    I finished!!! Thanks for your support!!!

  5. my mobile phone fell into the toilet once (don't ask either!) and it self charged for the next one hour!! LOL

  6. lol@london buki.. u were smarter than me... my fone fell in2 a toilet.. a friend helped me get it out. .and guess the 'smart' thing i did... i was sanitized the fone.. n of course it never worked again... i dropped another fone in cranberry juice so suffice 2 say.. i havent let any subsequent fonez near liquid again.

    gluck wit ur studyin babe.. ur on ur way

  7. Lets hope T-Mobile is generous indeed!! I just upgraded and enjoying my Nokia N80. I'm thinking seriously of what deal to cut with my insurance cos my sister says she wants one too.

    Good Luck with ur exams. It was so much easier to study back home when all you had to do was concentrate on ur books while demanding endless pocket money from the folks. This Adult Education is another matter entirely!! I dont even know where to begin my research talkless of writing a thesis thats due in January!! Need help too!!

  8. LOL @ Pilgrimage to self...

    @ Overwhelmed: Careful with your phone and liquids! Thanks babe, I need to knuckle down and get studying.

    @Calabar gal: T-Mobile are being stingy as usual, they are offering the phone I want at £90 for an upgrade. Imagine! Tell me about it, it was much easier to study when you were young and didn't have a job. Now it is so much more challenging. All the best with your research o.


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