Saturday, October 21, 2006

The end of the week

It's the end of another good week, thank God. I recovered from the cold and now I'm taking every single precaution in the book. Thanks you guys for your care and concern! I have to say I'm loving this "blog community", sharing my thoughts on the web, and meeting interesting people on this blog space. My few short weeks here have been wonderful. I'm officially addicted to, so much that I have started reading blogs at work, and hubby has commented that I spend more time on the internet nowadays. What can I say?

Anywayss, here's the breakdown of my week:
I went back to work on Tuesday to meet a ton of paperwork on my desk, and things that I had to work on meaning I had to stay late. And I missed my usual train and got home late :-(

I've been trying really hard to eat healthy all week, and it's been good! I didn't have any biscuits, sweets or chocolates. Knowing me, that's a good step in the right direction. I also ate more veg, including it in my dinner, I ate more fruits and less bread.

I've applied for an upgrade! I should be getting my new phone next week. I can't wait :-)

This week Londonbuki got us all tagging each other and making me spend a fair amount of time doing the MEME. Aaah I'll get her back for that.

I'm going house-hunting with hubby tomorrow,so that should be fun. Here's hoping you have a great weekend, whatever you do!


  1. LondonBuki7:19 AM

    Technical Fault??? They must be on some cheap drugs!!!

    LOL! So you will not forget the punishment that was the 'Fours Meme'... Once again, I apologise.

    Good Luck househunting and enjoy your weekend... It's Saturday morning and I'm about to go jogging... :-)

  2. That 'technical fault' is a costly one oh. They had better rectify it ASAP.

    I'm enjoying the four meme's things too. Its really been gaining the rounds in blogspot this past fortnight.

    Ah I feel you on ur partner complaining. Mine has stopped commenting. Now I just leave a word document open when he's around and switch between blogspot and the document to ease dwon on the comments I get. Its the same over here oh. I itch to run to my laptop everytime we get back home to find out who's updated when I was away from the PC. LOL.

    Good Luck with the house hunting. There's loads of lovely houses in Haringey. (smile)

  3. @Belle: I don't know for them o. I will check my balance first thing Monday morning. Then I'll decide whether to go on strike :-)

    @Londonbuki: Abi o! House-hunting was fun. I feel very grown-up.

    @Calabar gal: LOL at having a word document open! I also itch to get to my laptop when I get home. LOL at Haringey. Do you live there?

  4. I know.. the meme thin was absolutely nuts.. it seems all of us actually did it... lmao... calabargirl and tp... una need to go 2 blogholics anonymous... gluck with the househunting

    technical fault with pay? oyinbo ppl self..

  5. sad, sad, sad! Look at these two grown ups who are so addicted to blogspot. Why can't you just be like me? 23 hours a day is all I spend on on blogspot, I am well in control. You need to join the Blogspot anonymous indeed!

    Nice weekend everyone?

  6. @Overwhelmed: yeah we all did tne MEMEs for some reason! It was fun... LOL at blogholics anonymous, we should start a blog on that!

    @Desola: LMAO! If you spend 23 hours a day on blogspot, then you are more addicted than I am!

  7. LOL at blogaholoics annonymous. LOL @ desola - spending 23hrs a day. You know there was a day I actually sat down at the PC from morning till the early hours of the next day non stop. Hubby purposefully refused to say anything that day. Guess the poor guy was tired of complaining.

    I live in Haringey. Its a lovely quiet area. I still believe its more quiet than South East London.


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