Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mid-Week Already

Na wah o, the days seem to be flying by. When was it Saturday?

I have been busy, with work and studies. And the occasional randon thoughts and memories. Sometime ago, I remembered going on school trips or "excursions" in primary school in Nigeria. Does anyone else remember any of those school trips? In my school, we got lots of invitations for those trips, but my parents didn't let me go to most of them. I remember the few I was allowed to go for. Once we were invited to NTA Channel 10 for their Christmas party. It was fun! And we were watching the TV eagerly to catch glimpses of ourselves afterwards. Another trip was to the Coca-Cola bottling plant. They showed us round the factory and the manufacturing process from start to finish. Which was fun too. Until we got back to school and the teachers told us we had to write an essay on what we saw at the bottling factory. There was one trip my mum absolutely refused to let me go on. It was to go on a ship. I was soooo upset cos most of my friends were going. It seemed to me that my parents were boring. All my friends went on the cruise and came back to school with so many interesting stories. Once we went to Abeokuta to see Olumo Rock and the town and it's historical spots. That was good too. As part of our education, it helped us to see beyond just our little world.

Another random thought.
How come it is easier to get a job or a date when you already have one? When I graduated, I spent 5 frustrating months at home job-hunting. I applied for hundreds of jobs, attended countless interviews. Finally I got a job. Now those recuitment agencies are calling me, emailing me and writing to tell me about jobs that I would be perfect for. In this week alone, I have been offered 5 jobs. Where were they when I needed them? Shio.

Anyways, I'm currently loving this song: S.E.X. by Lyfe Jennings (The Phoenix) recommended by my sister. It's not what you think. The song is about telling a 17-year old girl to think about it before giving up her virginity. Nice music, lyrics and vocals.

That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of your week all.

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  1. Lolzz I recommend the best songs!! I've been trying to get L to listen to it, she no wan gree. Why? "it doesn't glorify God" lol!!! Help me tuk to our spiri sister o before she loses it.


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