Friday, October 27, 2006

To be rich?

Thank God it's Friday!! It's been a good week. Work was busy as usual and exams are drawing nearer. I need to get to some serious studying, but I get tired just thinking about it. I finally got my paycheck! Imagine that, I have to rely on the company to pay me. Why do we have to work so hard to get limited salaries? I wonder how it feels to be soooo rich that you don't need to work for money. Perhaps work just for fulfilment and pleasure not out of necessity. Something for me to think about.

At work the other day, my manager was saying she was going to play the lottery because the jackpot had increased to £75 million for that weekend. That got us all discussing what we would do if we won that amount of money. If I was rich, what would I do with my wealth? Would being rich change me? Would I act differently towards people? Would I be more or less generous? Would I become a snob? Buy loads of houses and flashy cars? Spend my money on luxury goods and designer brands?

I have dreams and ambitions of becoming a millionaire by the time I am 30 so we'll see :-D I want to be able to afford what I want without getting into debts. I want to be able to choose when to buy something, not postponne because there is no money. I want to be able to buy good quality stuff. Money makes life a bit more comfortable. Having money means you can afford to buy what you need, and even indulge a little. But can money ever be too much? So much that it leads to even more worries? Can having money and all the trappings that come with it, make you a better or worse person?

I'm sure most of us know some very rich people. I know some rich people who are genuinely nice and warm. I also know some very obnoxious people, who think they are better than other people because of their wealth and status. I know people who are not rich, but are immensely generous and I know some rich people who are notoriously stingy. So does having money make you a better person? I don't think so. I think having more money only makes you more of what you already are. So if you are a warm generous person, you will be, whether you are rich or poor.

True story: I've heard of a family that are so rich that they are paranoid and they cannot leave their home. Everything they need is brought to them, they don't go out and they don't receive visitors. The only people that go in and out of their compound are the domestic staff. I wouldn't want that kind of wealth that chains me.

The other day, a colleague at work was on a phone call. He sounded stressed out. When he hung up he said the caller was a client who was a very rich. Very rich meaning extremely rich, worth upwards of £200 million. But according to my colleague, he was a horrible person: he was rude, he was arrogant, he was impatient and extremely patronising. I wondered how it would be to have that kind of person as a family member. Would he be nicer if he wasn't rich? I wonder.

More money, more problems- as the song goes. And the love of money is the root of all evil. People stress themselves and do evil things for the sake of money. I hope I will not let my quest for more money lead me to forget that it is not the most important thing in life.


  1. This is an amazing post 4real... If i had tons of money... I'd get my mom everything she ever wanted... clothes, houses, cars whatever.. I'd go serious shoe shopping... take all my close friends on a vacation and go back to school.I don't think i'll be any nicer or meaner than I am now... I'll just be RICHER and there's obviously gonna b more ppl who 'need stuff' and u can't satisfy all of em so those ppl r gonna say 'you're mean'... but screw em

  2. Does the phrase - "Big Man, Big Trouble" ring a bell? This issue has got mixed sides. There are stinkingly rich people who make an effort to be nice and there are others who are obnoxious and paranoid. Its all about keeping a level head but unfortunately, 70% of rich people dont.

  3. Eagle's Nest!!!7:12 PM

    May the good Lord grant you all your heart desires,and may He give you the grace to be humble and use His blessings for the cause of humanity. Amen!


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