Friday, April 30, 2010

Bald Head and My Birthday

I think I'm going to shave off all my hair and rock a bald head for a while - like Nnena here.

I've been toying with the idea since last month and I've been 50-50 about it, but after today, I'm more like 90-10 in favour of shaving my hair off. All the stress, required care and work necessary to maintain long, healthy black hair is getting too much. Maybe I'm lazy, but I would rather take convenience over stress any day. I mean, I've practically stopped doing any physical shopping since I could buy things online. You name it, clothes, books, shoes, gifts, gadgets, even my weekly grocery shopping, I get them delivered to my doorstep. The last time I had to go shopping with a friend, I got bored and impatient after twenty minutes. Life is too short - I could be doing better things with my time, instead of trawling the shops, bumping into people who just stop walking randomly, loaded with heavy bags, dealing with long queues at the tills and over-helpful staff in the changing rooms.

Anyway so what brought this on? This morning, I went to the salon to have my hair put in short, kinky twists, my favourite hairstyle. By the time I left the salon, I was tired, poorer, and grumpy with a sore neck. I'm sure my blood pressure would have gone up a notch or two as well. First of all, the stylist was trying to convince me to have a weave instead. I was like "What? Are you the one that will dictate the style I want to do?". To cut a long story short, we started the hair. We hadn't gone far when we had another row because she tried to run a blazing hot blow-dryer through my hair. Then she stopped my hair halfway and started someone else's. When I had enough I got up and was about to leave, when the manager pleaded with me to be patient. Let's just say it wasn't a pleasant experience and I was so fed-up by the time they finally finished my hair, that I never want to do it again. Well, not for a year or two anyway.

Okay, rant over. On to more beautiful gist:

It's the Bank Holiday weekend! And it's my birthday! Yep, that's right - I'm going to be a year older by the time I come back to update this blog. Usually I try to do something to celebrate, but this year I haven't made any plans. We tried to get tickets to see a show in the West End, but we left it too late, and all the good ones were sold out! So I guess it will be a quiet one at home. Hubby is even threatening to use the extra day off to study so I may just sleep through the day. lol

However, if anyone wants to throw me a surprise party or send me presents or buy me a birthday cake, then I won't say no. You will be more than welcome!

Have a great weekend blogville!

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  1. Oh, happy Birthday in advance! I'm saving my gifts for you but I wish you more ink to your writing and many more years of happiness.

    Ah I miss the UK and all the bank holidays, used to work for the government so we had all the days off plus the Queen's Birthday too, lol. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    As for lowcuts, it's not for everybody but you could pull it off. Some hair stylists eh? Their own too much sha.

  2. Awww...happy birthday FG. Sorry abt the hair ordeal. Don't shave your hair o...:)

  3. Happy Birthday in advance.... have a great time, God Bless

  4. Hmm, I've seen a few ppl chopping their hair off lately...if hubby's not against and u really can handle it, then go for it!!!

    Sorry about the hairstylist ordeal, that's just crazy!

    And Happy Birthday in advance!!! Wish u many many more to come!


  5. Happy almost birthday! I had a horrid experience with the hair dresser on Wednesday...she cut my hair so side is a good inch shorter than the other. I can't rock a bald head though!

    Have a great weekend...take care!

  6. Happy Birthday in advance! Sorry about the hair ordeal, if you are sure you will look good with the shaved hair then go ahead an do it.

  7. Wow happy birthday in advance gal!
    Amazing, you're my sister's birthday I know why I think I know you :) err about that hair cut... Perish the thought!!! Okay may be you shld try it!!! Hee hee hee

  8. Happy Birthday...wish you all the best always!!

  9. Nnenna rocks her low-cut hair...I'm sure u would too...

    Happy birthday in advance, have fun, and enjoy the bank holiday too...

  10. I'm guessing you are talking abotu a typical black hair salon in London... Talk about ORDEAL! So annoying... They make you want to pull the hair out of the scalp yourself, forget shaving it... It depends on whether it'll suit you... Baldness isn't easy to rock for everybody. If it works for you, then go ahead. :)

    Happy birthday in advance... It doesn't really matter where you are as long as you are with people who matter. Home/West End- just be happy. :D

  11. woooooo...low cut!!! that requires some nerve to pull it off...but y not if not!!!
    happy bday gal...hope u enjoy d best of ur day!

  12. Hey birthday mate..hope you had fun

  13. Hope you had a great time on your special day. Sending you tons of birthday greetings. Peace and blessings be yours in abundance always.

  14. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone!

    @Myne: Saving the gifts eh? I want them now! Amen to your prayer, and I wish you more ink as well :)

    @Jaycee: Thanks dear! You know I've rocked a low cut before, I might just go all the way and shave it off! lol

    @neefemi: Thanks hon! God bless you too.

    @Blowing Blessings: I don't think hubby would mind, he's not overly attached to my hair :) Hair stylists eh? Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    @GNG: Thanks girl! Sorry about your experience with the hair dresser, I know it's no fun!

    @Shorty: Thanks dear! I think I can make it work - think big earrings and sunglasses in summer, warm woolly hats in winter :)

    @NoLimit: Thanks girl! Hope your sis had a great birthday too. You know I might just try that hair cut!

  15. @blogoratti: Thank you! I hear we are birthday mates! Hope you had a great birthday as well.

    @Anoda Phase: Yep Nnena rocks that look, I hope I can do the same! I had a lovely birthday, thank you.

    @F: Yes, typical black hair salons and their issues! It gets very tiring I tell you. Thanks girl, I had a lovely birthday :)

    @downtheaisle: Thanks girl, I'm seriously considering it! I had a nice time on my birthday, thanks for the kind wish!

    @doll: Hey birthday mate! I had fun on my birthday, hope you had a lovely day too :)

    @Aloofar: Thank you! Er... big?

    @Jola Naibi: Thanks so much! And amen to your kind wishes, I really appreciate it. Hope you're doing great!

  16. happy belated birthday...Hope you had fun

  17. I shaved my hair off.
    It was fun.
    Its great when you're going out... makeup. done.

    you can even experience with different colors.

    I say DO IT!!

    Awesome Blog!!

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