Sunday, October 29, 2006

On Career Changes

Since I decided I needed a career change, it seems I have been coming across a lot of inspirational material. Most of which I didn't go looking for. I saw the list below on one website.

10 questions to help you discover the work you would love to do.

1) If you won the lottery or somehow had your financial needs taken care of, how would you want to spend your life? What would be the purpose of your life?

2) If you only did work that inspired and delighted you, what would you want to do?

3) If all the work was equally paid and had the same status, what work would you love to do?

4) If you felt free, had no fear and no guilt, what work would you love to create or do?

5) If you were told you only had six months to live, would you do the same work? If not, what would you do instead?

6) What has your heart always called you to do or be in your work?

7) As a child, what did you most often dream of doing or being when you grew up? What happened to these dreams and ideas?

8) What gives you the greatest sense of joy, aliveness, motivation or excitement?

9) If you had no doubt that you could be financially rewarded for doing what you most love and enjoy, what would you do then?

10) If you knew you had all the support you needed, what would you begin creating?

These questions are prompting me to make a radical career change. It won't be easy. Where do I start?

Lovely Weekend

I've had a great weekend! It's been relaxing and hubby has been wonderful. Add that to the fact that I had an extra hour to enjoy on Sunday morning! Bliss...

My weekend started well. I got paid... yay! After work, hubby called me to say he was renting a movie and our friends were coming over. So when I got home, there was finger food, ice-cream and drinks laid out and everyone was waiting for me to join in. We settled in and watched the movie "Munich". It was long and we didn't finish watching till about midnight. Said goodbye to friends and called it a night.
Saturday was very cool too. Got up early had breakfast, and went to view some properties and we finally chose one! Dashed off to put in an application. It will be available in December so we might be moving around then. Looking forward to that. Not the stress of moving, but the feeling of living in a new space.
After house-hunting we went shopping cos both of us wanted stuff. This was funny. Even though the differences between shopping habits of men and women are well documented, it's still funny when it happens to you. Hubby and I walked into a shop and he got bored within 5 minutes. Meanwhile I had just started. If you are a lady like me, you know it takes more than 5 minutes to shop to your heart's content. I need to appraise the clothes, imagine myself wearing it, see if it goes well with other stuff in my wardrobe, see if I have accesories to go with it, try it on.... etc.... before I make the decision to buy it. This takes at least 15 minutes. So to buy myself some time, I followed hubby to the menswear section and spent time with him choosing stuff for him to try on, then I escaped to the ladies section. It was fun in the end, he got interested in picking out stuff for me too and frowning at some 'ugly' items he didn't like. Oh and he paid too. The best bit.
In the evening, I took him out on a date, we went to a restaurant and had a nice time. The food was good, the conversation was good, and afterwards, I knew I was going home with the coolest guy in the world :-)

Today was nice too. I woke up at 9.00am. Hubby was already up, getting ready for church. I then remembered that the clocks had gone back by an hour, so it was just 8.00am. Lovely! A whole extra hour. So we had time to make breakfast, watch TV, and prepare for lunch in church later. The service today was hosted by the teenagers which was quite cool. They had a drama and everything. After service we had our fellowship lunch, met some new people. Came home and fell asleep.

Wish all my weekends were like this!

Friday, October 27, 2006

To be rich?

Thank God it's Friday!! It's been a good week. Work was busy as usual and exams are drawing nearer. I need to get to some serious studying, but I get tired just thinking about it. I finally got my paycheck! Imagine that, I have to rely on the company to pay me. Why do we have to work so hard to get limited salaries? I wonder how it feels to be soooo rich that you don't need to work for money. Perhaps work just for fulfilment and pleasure not out of necessity. Something for me to think about.

At work the other day, my manager was saying she was going to play the lottery because the jackpot had increased to £75 million for that weekend. That got us all discussing what we would do if we won that amount of money. If I was rich, what would I do with my wealth? Would being rich change me? Would I act differently towards people? Would I be more or less generous? Would I become a snob? Buy loads of houses and flashy cars? Spend my money on luxury goods and designer brands?

I have dreams and ambitions of becoming a millionaire by the time I am 30 so we'll see :-D I want to be able to afford what I want without getting into debts. I want to be able to choose when to buy something, not postponne because there is no money. I want to be able to buy good quality stuff. Money makes life a bit more comfortable. Having money means you can afford to buy what you need, and even indulge a little. But can money ever be too much? So much that it leads to even more worries? Can having money and all the trappings that come with it, make you a better or worse person?

I'm sure most of us know some very rich people. I know some rich people who are genuinely nice and warm. I also know some very obnoxious people, who think they are better than other people because of their wealth and status. I know people who are not rich, but are immensely generous and I know some rich people who are notoriously stingy. So does having money make you a better person? I don't think so. I think having more money only makes you more of what you already are. So if you are a warm generous person, you will be, whether you are rich or poor.

True story: I've heard of a family that are so rich that they are paranoid and they cannot leave their home. Everything they need is brought to them, they don't go out and they don't receive visitors. The only people that go in and out of their compound are the domestic staff. I wouldn't want that kind of wealth that chains me.

The other day, a colleague at work was on a phone call. He sounded stressed out. When he hung up he said the caller was a client who was a very rich. Very rich meaning extremely rich, worth upwards of £200 million. But according to my colleague, he was a horrible person: he was rude, he was arrogant, he was impatient and extremely patronising. I wondered how it would be to have that kind of person as a family member. Would he be nicer if he wasn't rich? I wonder.

More money, more problems- as the song goes. And the love of money is the root of all evil. People stress themselves and do evil things for the sake of money. I hope I will not let my quest for more money lead me to forget that it is not the most important thing in life.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Ideal World

A world without suffering.
A world without pain.
A world without guilt.
A world without war.
A world without hunger.
This would be my ideal world.

A world without greed.
A world without selfishness.
A world without fear.
A world without hate.
A world without strife.
This would be my ideal world.

A world without crime.
A world without tears.
A world without sorrow.
A world without disappointment.
A world without sickness.
A world without prejudice.
This would be my ideal world.

A world without jealousy.
A world without divorce.
A world without lust.
A world without poverty.
A world without unforgiveness.
This would be my ideal world.

A world without famine.
A world without drought.
A world without conflict.
A world without division.
A world without disasters.
This would be my ideal world.

A world with peace.
A world with love.
A world with joy.
A world with laughter.
A world with honesty.
A world with acceptance.
A world with forgiveness.
This would be my ideal world.

Oh and one more thing. A world without taxes would be my ideal world!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The end of the week

It's the end of another good week, thank God. I recovered from the cold and now I'm taking every single precaution in the book. Thanks you guys for your care and concern! I have to say I'm loving this "blog community", sharing my thoughts on the web, and meeting interesting people on this blog space. My few short weeks here have been wonderful. I'm officially addicted to, so much that I have started reading blogs at work, and hubby has commented that I spend more time on the internet nowadays. What can I say?

Anywayss, here's the breakdown of my week:
I went back to work on Tuesday to meet a ton of paperwork on my desk, and things that I had to work on meaning I had to stay late. And I missed my usual train and got home late :-(

I've been trying really hard to eat healthy all week, and it's been good! I didn't have any biscuits, sweets or chocolates. Knowing me, that's a good step in the right direction. I also ate more veg, including it in my dinner, I ate more fruits and less bread.

I've applied for an upgrade! I should be getting my new phone next week. I can't wait :-)

This week Londonbuki got us all tagging each other and making me spend a fair amount of time doing the MEME. Aaah I'll get her back for that.

I'm going house-hunting with hubby tomorrow,so that should be fun. Here's hoping you have a great weekend, whatever you do!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I was tagged!

Londonbuki tagged me, so I have to complete this. Here goes:

1. Admin Assistant
2. Course Producer
3. Market Researcher
4. Trainee Accountant

1. Space Astronaut
2. Heaven's Gatekeeper
3. Award winning fashion designer*
4. Travel Writer*
(Not fictional)

1. I-Robot
2. The Italian Job
3. A Knight's Tale
4. Saworoide (Yoruba movie)

1. Lagos
2. London
3. Nottingham
4. Colchester

1. Everwood
2. Everybody Hates Chris
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Scrubs

4. bbc

1. Jollof rice and fried plantain
2. Prawns in Black Bean Sauce
3. Chinese seafood platter and dumplings
4. Assorted meat pepper soup (yum)

1. Frogs
2. Dogs
3. Tofu
4. Raw steak

1. Prawn Satay
2. Jollof rice
3. Vanilla & Honey Smoothie
4. Pancakes

1. A bed
2. Full length mirror
3. Dressing table
4. Wardrobe

1. A fluffy rug
2. A change of paint colour
3. A new dressing table
4. More clothes and shoes

1. Black trousers
2. A camisole
3. Black dangling earings
4. Silver bracelet

1. In bed
2. On holiday in The Maldives
3. At a spa
4. Shopping at Harrods... lol

1. Narnia
2. Troy (?)
3. St Clares
4. The land flowing with milk and honey

1. Jill Briscoe
2. Oprah
3. Donald Trump
4. Hubby

1. I'm tired
2. I need to get out more
3. Have I lost some weight?
4. I have exams coming up soon

1. My family and friends
2. My mp3 player
3. My laptop
4. My Books

1. Omo Ibadan
2. Calabar Gal
3. Zaiprincess
4. 1982

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rethinking my Career

Lately I have been wondering if I made the right career choice to become an accountant. I've been doing some research into myself. What I've done is to find out what really interests me, my strengths, my skills, the things I'm good at, my talents, what I actually enjoy doing with my time, what my hobbies are, what I would spend the rest of my life doing if I didn't have to work for money. I've found out some very interesting things. Some of them are things that I have known all along, but I never connected them rationally, or thought they should have a bearing on my jobs and career choices.
Here goes: I am a creative person, I like drawing and designing, I am a thinker, I like analysing things, I am curious, I am observant, I am introspective, I enjoy reading, I enjoy writing , I enjoy research, I enjoy my own company, I value my independence, I like flexibility, I'm interested in languages, I make up stories in my head so I am a good story teller...... etc.

It's like a light bulb was just switched on in my head! What am I doing pursuing a career in Accounting? I will end up stifling the real me and letting my talents rot if I don't develop them and use them fully. Armed with this new insight, I did a personal career assessment on , now that was quite useful. I entered my new-found skills into their assessment page "What Jobs Would Suit Me?" and I was really amazed at the results.

Apparently, the best job matches to my skills are: Photographer , Ceramics/pottery designer , Fashion designer , Graphic designer , Magazine journalist , Newspaper journalist , Writer , Operational researcher , Academic librarian , Social researcher and Market researcher
These results are like wow! Where have I been? Why have I been wasting my time pursuing a career that I don't like? When I could be doing something that I would love, and would actually be good at naturally. Of course this calls for a decision. And it's not an easy one. It seems like I would have to leave Accounting and start doing something else sooner or later. I admit I'm a bit scared. I would have to leave my current job and the regular income. I will probably have to re-train by taking some courses in my new chosen field. I would have to start learning new things again from scratch. I would be leaving certainty for uncertainty. And if I do manage to start myself up, there are no guarantees that I will make money for my efforts. Hmmm. God help me. But I will have to bite the bullet. I can't remain unfulfilled and miserable in my career for much longer.

Down Time

Last Friday (upon all my carefulness) I came down with a cold, so I stayed in bed all day. Didn't go to work and didn't get any studying done. So I had a quiet weekend at home. Was supposed to go on a date with hubby on Saturday but that didn't happen cos I was coughing and sneezing. I made him promise to take me out next weekend though when I'm feeling better, so I'm looking forward to that :-) He's been very nice to me, so he has earned some brownie points this weekend. Didn't go to church on Sunday either. So I had some down time. In between swallowing copius amounts of "Day & Night Nurse" and Vitamin C, I caught up with some friends, watched Naija movies, read lots of blogs, started a new blog (Journey down the Aisle), etc.

I'm not at work today either. Decided that I deserve the rest, since I had been going non-stop for 12 weeks working and studying. Hopefully I'll go back to work tomorrow refreshed. Have a great week and keep smiling.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Commuting Hell

If like me, you commute to work in London, then you will understand some of my ramblings on this post. And the frustrations of going to work 5 days a week on those train and tube journeys. If however, you work from home or your workplace is just a stone throw away from where you live, then count your blessings!

I've had it up to my neck with issues on the trains. First, navigating round the ever-changing and complicated time-table. Apparently my journey time had to change last week because they are now running the winter time table. Next is the frequency of the trains. Where I live, sometimes if you miss a train by one minute, the next one could be in 45 minutes. By then of course, you are very late. When you get on the (smelly) train, you jostle with other passengers for a seat and settle down for the journey into Central London. Your thoughts are (rudely) interrupted by an employee of the train company coming and shouting "Tickets please!!". You fish in your bag and produce your ticket with a mixture of pride and anger because you know how much that ticket has cost you for the uncomfortable ride. Anyway sha, you finally arrive in the City. You get to work and you need 5 minutes and a cup of tea to recover, before starting the day's activities. Going back home, you repeat the whole process again.

Add that to my issues with other passengers. How come some people at 7.00am in the morning, are already smoking their cancer sticks? Yesterday a lady sat beside me, and I nearly choked She had been smoking just before the train arrived and she stank! I had to start "faning" myself with my newspaper until she got up. I hope she got the message. Then there was a guy was coughing, sneezing and sniffing behind me. Last week someone got into the train and sat in front of me and I had to bolt out of my seat and change carriage otherwise I would have choked to death. He had such a nasty odour going on.

My commute takes three hours out of my day, every Monday to Friday, becos it takes approximately 90 minutes each way. Like that is not bad enough, recently the train lines have gone haywire, breaking down at every opportunity. So for the last three weeks, my train has been cancelled, delayed, diverted, or kindly replaced by the train company declaring, "we have a replacement bus service running....". Oh the frustration!!

Sorry guys, I needed to rant about it. Poor hubby has had to come and rescue me a few times when I am stranded on the way home, so I can't exactly complain to him. Writing to the train companies doesn't help much either, nothing changes, because they know we don't have a choice as commuters. All they see is their profits at the end of the year. So we have to accept it as "that's life in the City".

But you know what, I will let it inspire me to find a new way to earn my income without the commute. So I'm looking forward to the day that I can work from home. And if I must show face in the office then I will do it with my personal chauffer-driven Bentley. That will be the day :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mid-Week Already

Na wah o, the days seem to be flying by. When was it Saturday?

I have been busy, with work and studies. And the occasional randon thoughts and memories. Sometime ago, I remembered going on school trips or "excursions" in primary school in Nigeria. Does anyone else remember any of those school trips? In my school, we got lots of invitations for those trips, but my parents didn't let me go to most of them. I remember the few I was allowed to go for. Once we were invited to NTA Channel 10 for their Christmas party. It was fun! And we were watching the TV eagerly to catch glimpses of ourselves afterwards. Another trip was to the Coca-Cola bottling plant. They showed us round the factory and the manufacturing process from start to finish. Which was fun too. Until we got back to school and the teachers told us we had to write an essay on what we saw at the bottling factory. There was one trip my mum absolutely refused to let me go on. It was to go on a ship. I was soooo upset cos most of my friends were going. It seemed to me that my parents were boring. All my friends went on the cruise and came back to school with so many interesting stories. Once we went to Abeokuta to see Olumo Rock and the town and it's historical spots. That was good too. As part of our education, it helped us to see beyond just our little world.

Another random thought.
How come it is easier to get a job or a date when you already have one? When I graduated, I spent 5 frustrating months at home job-hunting. I applied for hundreds of jobs, attended countless interviews. Finally I got a job. Now those recuitment agencies are calling me, emailing me and writing to tell me about jobs that I would be perfect for. In this week alone, I have been offered 5 jobs. Where were they when I needed them? Shio.

Anyways, I'm currently loving this song: S.E.X. by Lyfe Jennings (The Phoenix) recommended by my sister. It's not what you think. The song is about telling a 17-year old girl to think about it before giving up her virginity. Nice music, lyrics and vocals.

That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of your week all.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Breakdown of my week

It's the end of the week! I've had a good week, all thanks to God. Here's a random collection of the events of the week. In no particular order.

1) My mobile phone fell into a bucket of water (don't ask). It's still working, but now the screen has gone blank. So I've been guessing who my callers are. I cannot account for missed calls or flashers. Text messages are out. And I have only called the numbers I can remember off the top of my head. Anyway the phone is due for an upgrade anytime from now. So I want to get the new Sony Ericsson phone. I saw it rated highly in an article in the newspaper. I'm hoping T-mobile is now generous with their upgrade packages. They are notoriously stingy.

2) Hubby and I had a quarell slash argument on Monday. I over-reacted to something he said (I blame it on that time of the month). I wonder how men cope with us women when we are hormonal and quite irrational. Anyways we sorted it out and both apologised. It's not fun "boning" for someone when you share a room and a bed.

3) In the UK, the summer is well and truly over. I regretted going out with open shoes the other day. Time to buy a new winter coat, scarf, gloves, hat and boots. And stock up on fruits for Vitamin C and garlic for boosting the immune system. I need to arm myself for the battle against viruses on the daily commute.

4) I've been quite lazy with my studies this week. Didn't do any studying. Probably because my interest in Accounting is fast approaching zero. God help me, I've got exams in November.

5) I visited a few websites (One is this: HERE ) in a quest to examine my health and my diet. I discovered that I'm not supposed to be eating bread! Why, because it contains yeast and it gives me a bloated belly. I wailed. So no more subs, sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, etc! What am I going to do without my lunch-time bagel?
In the same vein, I visited a website that calculates your life-expectancy based on your current lifestyle and gives you a full report. It also gives suggestions on how you can live a longer and healthier life. Apparently, based on the responses I gave in the questionnaire, my predicted life-expectancy is 79. Time get on the treadmill..... for more visit HERE

6) I left home without checking the weather forecast or taking an umbrella. BIG mistake if you live in England. I rained cats and dogs today while I out during my lunch break. I was soaked! Fine girl like me. I've learnt my lesson.

7) I started a new blog. My New Blog

8) I am making a mental list of the kinds of jobs I would be doing if I wasn't an accountant. Something that would bring me personal freedom and fulfilment. I will draw up a short-list soon.

So that was my week. I plan to have a relaxing weekend. I doubt if I will be doing any studying. Hubby and I have some catching up to do. Our friend Londonbuki is running in the RunLondon Challenge so I'll be supporting her from here. Go girl!

Y'all have a wonderful weekend and keep smiling.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

God is faithful

Just being grateful today. The song below is one of my favourite hymns, if not my favourite. Anythime I need to remind myself that God remainds true to me, I hum the song. I even made sure that it was sung on my wedding day! I have now made sure I have crammed the words so that I can sing it anywhere. On the train, at work, on the queue to buy my travelcard, in the shower, any time and place. A constant reminder, cos I can be quite forgetful (sigh). God help all of us.

Great is Thy Faithfulness
Great is Thy faithfulness
O God my Father;
There is no shadow of turning with Thee;
Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not;
As Thou hast been, Thou forever will be.

Great is Thy faithfulness!
Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see.
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided;
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Summer and winter and springtime and harvest,
Sun, moon and stars in their courses above
Join with all nature in manifold witness
To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.


Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth
Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide;
Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,
Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!


Thom­as O. Chis­holm, 1923. Ac­cord­ing to Chis­holm, there were no spe­cial cir­cum­stanc­es which caused its writ­ing—just his ex­per­i­ence and Bi­ble truth. The hymn first ap­peared in Songs of Sal­va­tion and Serv­ice, 1923, com­piled by Wil­liam M. Run­yan. It is the un­of­fi­cial “school hymn” of Moo­dy Bi­ble In­sti­tute in Chi­ca­go, with which Run­yan was as­so­ci­at­ed for a num­ber of years. Copyright © 1923 Hope Publishing Company. 380 South Main Place, Carol Stream, IL 60188
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