Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Sis!!

Today my little sis turned 21!! She's my immediate younger sister. My sister is a wonderful girl. She's very smart, beautiful, responsible, ambitious, intelligent and determined. I'm so proud of her. We used to have our differences when we were kids, but we've grown closer and closer since we were in secondary school. Now we are best of friends. We talk about anything and she clears out my wardrobe for her own purposes. Younger sisters eh? I remember when we were very little and my mum used to dress us in similar outfits. I remember in secondary school, when I would punish any silly person that tried to bully my sister..... Awww, I can't believe she is now an adult. Sister dearest, as you turn 21 (and supposedly become an adult) I pray that God will continue to be your guide in life, you will never lack peace, joy and favour, you will realise your ambitions, and nothing will hold you back from becoming who God has called you to be. Love you loads.....

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sober Thought

Life is funny. When you're at the top of one stage, you're at the bottom of another.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Exams Over!!

Hello all,

At last my exams are over! At least for another six months I'm free. A big thank you to all of you that wished me all the best in my exams. Hope you all had a good week, and you are looking forward to a lovely weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to the folks in America. Hope you have lots of things to be thankful for.

I have to catch up with all the blogs I've missed out on since last weekend, and update all my blogs. I'll do that tomorrow. Tonight, I'm going to sleeeeeeep!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Studying-Tired and Bored

Fellow blogpals hope you are having a great weekend! I defiantly went to the cinema yesterday to see Casino Royale, the new Bond movie, in spite of the fact that I have exams next week. I just had to take a break from the stress and boredom. I don't like reading my textbooks. Novels and magazines are fine. Not school books. The movie was quite good. It was very different from the last Bond movie, but in a good way. Less gadgets, more action.

Now I'm feeling guilty for running away from my studies. So no more fun for me this weekend. And no blogging for the next few days. I can't wait for the week to be over. I've got papers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So by next weekend I'll be free! Then I can go back to blogging. And other interesting things like playing monopoly with hubby, cooking and arranging my dressing table. LOL. See ya!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Playing Hard to Get

My weekend was brilliant! From Thursday to Monday I had a great time. My dad and favourite uncle were around, and I spent most of the time with my family. Catching up with gist from back home, recording our adventures for future reference, going out to a restaurant for dinner, it was all fun. My dad came to stay with us for 2 days and he said hubby and I made him feel old. LOL. Then on Sunday, hubby and I stayed overnight at a hotel in London. Had a nice time. That made my commute to work much easier. Couldn't ask for a better start to my week! The only fly in the ointment now is the fact that I've got exams next week, so I have to start swotting hard. I've discovered that exams and blogging are totally incompatible. Oh dear. I'm seriously rethinking these exams. I'm beginning to feel like I'm going in the wrong direction. Food for thought.

This gist is about a friend of mine who is "playing hard to get" for this guy. Now this friend is someone I have known for a long time, so I know her quite well. The guy is a friend of ours as well. Any fool can see that the guy is besotted with my friend and he has been in love with her ever since I can remember. She on the other hand, has not made up her mind. They hang out together, he gives her really expensive gifts, they go on holiday together etc, but when I ask her about them, she says they are just good friends. Of course I know the guy is more than just a friend. As it is now, no other guy can ask her out because she is really not available. She spends all her free time with this guy. But still she says she doesn't like him "in that way". And she claims that they are not in a relationship. I don't get it. Is she blind? Undecided? Or just playing hard to get?

Playing hard to get used to be fun in our teens. At the time your friends tell you that it is not cool to agree to go out with a guy immediately he asks you out. You should front for a while, make him beg, spend his daddy's cash, take you out, beg your sisters, and do everything he possibly can, before you finally agree to be his girlfriend. And the longer you can front, the better. The 'reasoning' was that the guy will appreciate you more, if you are not easy. And you mustn't just fall into his lap. Hmmmm, that was fun then, those teenage years. But now that I'm older and hopefully wiser, I think that reasoning is flawed. Would a guy necessarily love you more if you front for a long time? Does it prove that he will appreciate you more? Does it guarantee that he won't cheat on you? Does it mean that when you finally agree to go out with him, things will be perfect? Nope.
So why do we girls front? Personally I don't believe in fronting. To me it's simple: you either like the guy or you don't. And the decision is made. OK fine, you may think he has some but not all of the qualities you desire in a man, and you are waiting for the guy that ticks ALL the boxes. OK fine, you may not want to hurt him by turning him down flat, but stringing him along and keeping him hoping is not nice either. It's different if you have already told the guy that there is no chance you will go out with him, but he keeps on pestering you. Even if that is the case, there are ways to cut him off gently. If I was a guy, I probably won't have the patience to wait for a girl that is fronting. If I ask someone out and she fronts too much, I would just move on. And I know a lot of guys who think like that.
Anyhoo, back to my friend. I think it's very unfair for her to string the guy along for so long without giving him any direct answer. In my opinion, he must be a really patient guy (either that, or very optimistic!) for him to stick around while she decides to be or not to be his girlfriend. I don't know whether this one is "shakara", fronting, or indecision. At 23, I think we are old enough to know what we want from our boyfriends and relationships. So why do we still front?

Friday, November 10, 2006


After all the excitement of last weekend, I was looking forward to a normal week at the office. We are still finding soot in unexpected places in our flat. No worries, we were planning to move out soon anyway! Maybe hubby did that on purpose,so that I wouldn't change my mind about leaving our current spot!

Anyways I've had a good week. No more fire accidents, no issues at the office. And to top it off, my dad is around from Nigeria!! I'm seeing him tomorrow. I'm so excited, can't wait. I'm a real daddy's girl. Even marriage can't change that. I always said that the only man that I would love like my dad would be my husband.

In other news, it has been quite sad and annoying these past few weeks, to hear of so many marriages ending due to infidelity, ego clashes and "irreconcilable differences". Last week I was so shocked to hear that Reese Witherspoon's marriage was ending. I was always pleased to read her interviews where she mentions the strong marriage she had. Now that is gone (sob). I had not even gotten over that yet, before I started hearing rumours about Alesha, Harvey and Javine in a bizzare love-triangle that ended up with the newly-married Harvey sleeping with Javine. Urrrgh! I don't know whether to be angry or sad. Maybe both! See here: Javine Hilton being caught in bed with ex So Solid Crew star Harvey And then of course, the Britney/Kevin gist. That was just sooo silly. Let me not say more than that.

I'm looking forward to enjoying my weekend. I'm meeting my dad, sister and other family members tomorrow, so that should be fun. It's good to have family around. Here's wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Monday, November 6, 2006

Not the Usual

The last few days have been quite unusual. I have hardly had time to sit down and chill with my laptop surfing through blogland! Another exciting weekend. I was actually glad to go back to work today. At least, I could have a break. Let me tell you how my weekend went.

House on Fire
On Friday I had the day off. I went for lectures in the morning, and then I went to get my hair done. After that I went shopping. I stayed in London till late so hubby was home before me. He had decided to make some dinner for himself. I got home as he was roasting potatoes. He asked me if I wanted to have something to eat, but I wasn't hungry. All I had on my mind was, "I'm tired, I need to go and sleep". But oh boy, that was not to be.
About 20 minutes later hubby and I were on the landing, trying to clear out some stuff on the corridor, when I smelt something burning. Initially I ignored it, thinking it was just the oven or something but the smell got stronger. I asked him to go and check on what he was cooking and the next thing I heard was "Fire! Fire!" Call the emergency services!" I rushed to see what was going on, and I was greeted with flames rising up from the cooker and thick black smoke everywhere. It took a few seconds for it to sink in before I ran to open all the windows and doors while hubby tried to control the fire. We called the emergency services and they promised to arrive shortly. Within 5 minutes two fire trucks had pulled up in front of our house and about 8 huge guys ran into our kitchen to quench the fire. Then they started asking us questions to file their report: how did the fire start? how come we didn't fit a smoke alarm? what were we doing? etc. All very embarassing. Eventually hubby said the fire was his fault. He had put some oil in a saucepan to fry eggs but he left the kitchen for a while. In the meantime, the oil had overheated and caught fire, a plastic bowl and a ladle had melted and spread the fire. After the fire-fighters filed their report, they promised to get us a new smoke alarm. Then they left hubby and I to do the clearing up.
We stayed up all night scrubbing the whole kitchen. The tiles, the walls the ceiling, everywhere was black. So much for sleeping early. We did as much as we could and didn't go to bed until 2.00am. We thank God that it wasn't worse. At least we are still alive and we still have a roof over our heads. But there goes our deposit on the flat. And I won't be letting hubby near the cooker for a long long time!

Trip to the West

Some time during the week, I decided to surprise my sister in Cardiff. She had invited me to a concert in her city and I wasn't planning to go. But I changed my mind at the last minute. So on Saturday morning, I hopped on the coach to Cardiff. And I turned up at her university unannounced. She was sooo shocked to see me, but it was a good surprise. We ended up going for the concert organised by the christian students in Cardiff. I enjoyed the concert , there were nice performances and stuffs. I had a nice time with my sister- eating, gisting, taking pictures and all that. Sister love.....!!! Got on the coach back to London on Sunday to the waiting arms of hubby. He greeted me like he hadn't seen me for a year :-)
So, this was not my average weekend. I'm hoping I have a very normal week!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Mid-week Musings

Yesterday I attended the naming ceremony of a friend's new baby boy. It was a nice gathering. I was thinking, wow, last year this girl was a "sisi" like the rest of us. Then she got married. And now she is a mother! Life changing stuff. I even met a couple of old friends there. The girl's mum was telling me she's coming to my baby's naming ceremony next. Hubby and I just looked at each other and smiled at her. And we said we were working on it.

In other mundane news: I noticed my handbag is quite heavy. Hubby goes out carrying his wallet and keys. But me? I'm carrying so much stuff around. In my handbag I have: keys, mobile phone, wallet, 3 tubes of lipgloss, a pack of mints, office security pass, my travelcard, a make-up mirror, an umbrella, mascara, hair-brush, USB pen, eyeshadow, calculator, a pen, pocket-sized perfume and a novel. Oh and a letter I've been meaning to post. And now that the weather is colder I'm going to need hand cream, tissues and a pair of gloves. Gosh is it just me? Or do we ladies need so much stuff? What's the most random thing you have in your handbag?
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