Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quick Update

Hello all! I trust that you are having a cool week. In England, I am really feeling the winter chill. The temperature has dropped several degrees in the last two nights (All the better to snuggle up with hubby). We are not going to put in any 'overtime' o. I like to let things just take their natural course.

I did have a nice time with my sisters last weekend. Little sis and I popped down to Cardiff for a brief reunion with 2nd sis. (I nearly missed my coach, but that is another long story). We had fun. We ate lots of food, then got dressed and went for our photoshoot, with some drama involved. All went well sha. We'll get the pics by the end of the week. I can't wait! Unfortunately, I had a cold, so I wasn't up for shopping or walking round the town centre. I spent the rest of the weekend watching Desperate Housewives Season 1 in my sister's room.

Came back home on Sunday evening. Hubby has been very nice: cooking all the meals, making me cups of tea and generally looking after me. So I was alright to go to work on Monday morning. Met little sis after work yesterday to say our final goodbyes before she takes off. (I hate goodbyes). She left England this morning. I'm missing her already.

Something nice to cheer me up though. My long-lost friend is in town! This girl and I went to secondary school together, we lived in the same estate and attended the same church when we were much younger. But we lost touch after I left school and they moved out of our estate. We finally got back in touch last year thanks to yahoo messenger and phone calls, but I haven't seen her in seven years. She called me today while I was at work to tell me she was in London! We have made plans to meet up before the end of the week. It will be fun to see each other again, and catch up on past times. Can't wait.

By the way, hubby and I celebrated 18 months of marital bliss today. He reminded me this morning and I couldn't help but smile. I feel so blessed, so "favoured". LOL. I have so many other things to post about, but I can't go into them all right now. Due to the "maintenance" of last week, I'm needed in another room promptly. Laters!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Fun Weekend Ahead!

(To those who are so keen to hear about a 'Baby Favoured', let me assure you that hubby and I are working hard, doing our own part. The rest is up to God.)

What am I doing on Blogspot early in the morning?
I'm so excited today, I had to even take the day off from work! My baby sister is in town! She lives in the US, but she is in England for a brief stop-over, so I'm picking her up this afternoon. I haven't seen her since my wedding in 2005, so it's been a while. We have a lot of catching up to do. This evening we are going out with hubby, and since we have so much to talk about, I'm sure we'll be awake all night. Then tomorrow morning we are off to Cardiff to visit my other sister. I saw her over christmas, but it will be the first time all three of us have been together in yonks. So we are going to have a photoshoot to celebrate. We plan to send a copy of the pics to mum and dad. It's going to be a fun weekend!

Right, before all that though, I have to do some 'maintenance' - LOL. I need to get my hair done, eyebrows reshaped, nails painted, etc. Ladies, you know how it is. Some stupid cold is threatening to spoil my weekend. I won't allow it! I'm going to eat a whole packet of Vitamin C tablets now before I leave the house.

By the way, has anyone in the UK been following the row going on over this year's Celebrity Big Brother? People claim that some of the so called "celebrities" have been making racist remarks towards Shilpa, the indian bollywood actress. That has sparked some comments from top politicians in both UK and India, and the regulator in the UK has received about 36,000 official complaints. Meanwhile, the TV bosses didn't seem to care cos it was good for ratings, that is, until their main sponsor announced that they were suspending their funding and affiliation to the show. Then all of a sudden, they release a statement. And Shilpa then says "she wants to get a statement out...." I suspect foul play. The plot thickens... Click here for the stories

As for me, I'm off to start my day. I will be catching Vera's "Every Woman" Chapter 4 this evening. Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Connection Restored!

I'm so glad! Hubby repaired my laptop over the weekend. I had been dreading shelling out money to buy a new laptop soon. But I've decided to wait until Vista is on the market before I upgrade my technology (got to be current you know!) and gadgets. And my broadband connection is fixed too. I'm back in blog land again! I have been out of touch. So many of my fave blogs to catch up on and leave comments. So what's been happening?

Caught Out!
Hubby discovered my blogs! I wasn't like hiding them or anything, but he had never shown interest in reading them. He thinks I spend too much time on blogs. But last week I left my laptop on, and he went on it and discovered my "Journey" blog. He seemed interested in what I had written and he didn't seem to mind that I wrote about him. He did have one request though: he MUST remain anonymous. He he he... Don't worry I won't start censoring my gist.

No blog? So what to do?
Well since I didn't have my laptop for most of the weekend, I couldn't write, couldn't chat on MSN or Yahoo messenger, or go round digesting other people's blogs. So I had to fill my time somehow. Fortunately hubby and I put our "married-with-no-kids" license into good use for hours. That's what weekends and winter were made for. He he he.... Eventually we surfaced long enough to go shopping.

On sunday we had lunch with an elderly couple after church. They have been married for 45 years. It sounds so awesome. They understand each other so well, they've seen life together and yet they are still best of friends. They made a joke that they had been through all the lines of their marriage vows: sickness and health, richer or poorer, better or worse. The only thing they haven't experienced yet is "death do us part". That made me determined that I was going to have that kind of marriage. It can happen and it warms my heart when I see old couples like them still reaping the benefits of a healthy relationship.

Oh but it can go so wrong so easily. They told us about their grandson who got married in September, 5 months ago. He and his wife had known each other since kindergaten. They grew up together, went to the same schools, started dating and have been engaged since forever. That sounds perfect right? No. Five months after marriage, the girl says, "she loves him as a friend but not as a husband" and "she doesn't want to be married to him anymore". Very sad state of affairs.

Anyways I have a new week ahead of me. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day anymore for all the things I want to do. I'm feeling so restless, like something big is going to happen soon. I don't know what it is, I can just feel it. I'll let you know when I find out. Have a good week!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brief Hiatus

*** Break In Transmission***

My laptop is dead! Sorry fellow bloggers. I have asked hubby to help me get it sorted. Can't really blog at work, so I will be off for a while. Hopefully I'll have lots to say when I come back. Cheers!!

Friday, January 5, 2007

End of Week 1

I've not been on blogsville for a while because we don't have our broadband connection at the new place sorted out yet. Hubby and I have been sharing one dial-up connection so we can't be online at the same time and the connection is so slow :-( So at the moment (due to nudges I've been getting), I am blogging illegally from the office. If they catch me, I'll come looking for you Vera.

It's been hectic the last few days. Our place is still a mess since we haven't fully unpacked our stuff. And going back to work right after the Christmas and New Year celebrations just dampened my mood. I'm so jealous of my sister who is enjoying herself on holiday in Lagos right now. And 'Lagos'buki and the rest of them are not making it better at all... Meanwhile I'm stuck at work with a mild cold. Aaaaargh! Anyhow, I'm glad for one thing - my commute is easier now and the first working week of 2007 is over already!

I haven't made any New Year Resolutions this year. I can't be bothered to make promises to myself in January, only to break them in February and feel guilty. I tend to make changes in my life as and when required, not really because it's a new year. But I know people who have made new-year-resolutions and kept them. I guess the new year is a good kick-start for them. But like anything else, it takes dedication and commitment. If I was to make changes to my life right now, an endless list comes to mind. But two things top the list: 1) to spend more time with God in prayer, praise and worship and 2) to get fit. Errrm maybe to stop procastinating. I think I'll get round to them later. LOL. I need motivation. Can anyone help?!

This is so random - but sometimes I imagine what my life would be like if my parents or I had made different decisions regarding my life. For instance, what if my mum had married another guy instead of my dad? Or perhaps my dad had married another lady. Would I still be me? What if I had been born as a guy? Maybe a different nationality? Attended different schools? Been an only child? Hmmm.... life as I know it, would be very different, but it's hard to imagine how different it would be. And sometimes I wonder if life is just a series of random choices, or maybe God had predestined everything about me to the very last detail. Any suggestions?

Aside: It's my friend Dammy's birthday today! Happy Birthday girl! Here's wishing you many more joyful years, and God's blessings in everything you do!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! As for me, I will be busy 'nesting' in the new place. See ya!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Career Considerations

Wrong Ideas about Your Career

1) You can't make money doing what you love or enjoy

2) A "proper job" is permanent, 9 to 5, five days a week, 48 weeks a year, working for someone else

3) The major purpose of work is to get approval and acceptance - do the right thing and fit in

4) Everything good is outside us and needs to be earned, deserved, struggled and worked for

5) Work is and should be hard, a struggle and even a punishment

6) Work must involve sacrifice - you can't have it all

7) Work defines who we are - we are nothing without a good job/career

8) Money and financial rewards/security are the major purposes of work

9) We create success by eliminating what we don't want, by getting rid of our problems

10) I am not good enough - I have to earn and deserve self worth

Right Ideas About Career Choices

1) You can find what you love and earn money from it

2) You can change your attitude and your circumstances

3) Your inspiration and love can lead to paid work or a great job

4) You can be authentic and real, and be successful

5) The purpose of work is to find and give expression to the best of you

6) Work can be easy and natural

7) Life supports you when you find your heart, love and passion,

8) You are good enough and have lots of gifts, skills and talents and deserve success

9) You have more creativity and resources inside you than you ever imagined

10) It is okay to be successful, be your best self and shine your light

11) You can bring more and more of yourself to your work

Great stuff!
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