Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hair Ch-Ch-Changes

I did it! I finally plucked up the courage - I cut my hair! Now I'm rocking short curls. I never thought I would do it. In fact I had been resistant to the idea of cutting my hair for a long time, but I finally did it today.

My hair had been annoying me for a while anyway. It was dry and breaking, it was weak and damaged because I hadn't given it a break from constant perms and braids. So last Friday, I took off a weave and I took a good look at my hair in the mirror, and decided it was time for it to go. I got a pair of scissors and started trimming it. I ended up making a bit of a mess. In a panic I texted my friend "Help! I've cut my hair and it looks awful". She must have thought I had gone mad, lol.

In the end I went to the salon to get it cut and curled properly. I must admit, it was weird at first to see my hair so short. In the salon, a lady there was watching as my hair was being cut. She said she was sad to see my hair on the floor, and she was wondering how I could sit there calmly while the stylist clipped away. I checked my reflection in the mirror one last time before leaving the salon and it looked good. I wondered what hubby would think.

I got home and to my surprise he absolutely loved it! He was excited to run his fingers through my short curls. He even promised to take me out and show off my new look, which was really cool. He took me out on Saturday and I loved every minute of it. He has been admiring my hair since.

On Monday morning I was a bit self-conscious when I walked into my office. Some people just stared and stared. My boss went "Wow that's drastic! But I love it". Most people said they loved it too because I have the face to carry it off. I think it takes confidence to rock a hair-style that is not the norm though. I like the fact that my hair is low maintenance now. So I'll be sticking with this style for a long long time.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Party Weekend and Guilt Afterwards

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to stay with my girlfriends for another weekend. It was mad fun again! I really shouldn't get used to stuff like this. . Gosh it was sooooo much fun. On Thursday, I had gone out to buy my friend a birthday present, and then decided to shop for a cool outfit to wear on Saturday. I spent a fair bit, but it was worth it. So here's how the weekend went.
On Friday night they had a party in their church. That evening when they got back home we didn't go to bed until like 2.00am. After the party, one of them was upset about a guy, so we stayed up late analysing every possible outcome. You know how it is when you have just started feeling a guy- the nervous anticipation of "does he feel the same way about me?" I tried to calm her down and soothe her nerves.He had been invited to their house party the next day so she was a bit nervous. I was like, relax and be yourself, I'm sure things will be fine.
Saturday morning, I dragged myself up at 8.00am and the birthday girl was already up and about in the kitchen, preparing a cook-a-thon for evening. She had another friend there, and together they cooked enough food to feed an army. I had some errands to run, so I dashed out in the afternoon. By the time I came back, all the food was ready. The birthday girl had changed into her outfit and was eagerly waiting for her guests. Quickly myself and her sister changed into our outfits too. We were ready to rock!
Trust Nigerian folks though, the first people didn't start arriving until 2 hours after the official starting time. Lol. Gradually the house filled up and everyone was having a good time. Food flowed, drinks flowed, gist flowed etc. My friend seemed to have more guys at the party than girls so at some point there were like 40 guys and 15 girls and everybody was single. I had fun just watching the guys eyeing up the girls there and seeing lots of phone number-exchanging going on. I'm off the market but that didn't stop a few guys from trying it. It was exciting explaining that I was married. Most conversations comprised of me saying things like "Yes I know I don't look married.... my parents know I'm married..... there's a ring on my finger, what more proof do you need.....sorry my husband is not here.... you want to see a pic of him, ok here's one on my phone.... yeah he was smart to grab me quickly....what do you mean why am I married?...... no you don't look familiar to me at all....I know I'm young......I'll tell him you said he's a lucky guy..." etc etc. I met an old schoolmate of mine who I hadn't seen for like 5 years and we had fun catching up. Funny enough she and I never used to get along when we were in school, but now we are adults, we seem to have a lot in common and the conversation flowed. Seems like we'll keep in touch and remain friends. By the time it was midnight, people were still arriving. I met another old schoolmate who was in the UK on her spring break. By half past one, I was tired so I snuck off to chill out and wait for everyone to disappear. We would do the tidying up later.
The next morning I was supposed to meet hubby early, but of course I woke up really late. I stayed a bit helping my friend to tidy up before leaving. By the time I got back home, I was feeling guilty for leaving him alone all weekend while I was having fun. I hate feeling guilty. Hubby knows this, so he milked it very well. I'll allow him, next weekend will be dedicated to just the two of us. I've had enough excitement for now.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dropping In....

I've been MIA for a week now. There's been lots of things coming up, and I've had to do a bit more at work this week cos I'm going to take some time out for exams soon. It's still been a good week though. I can't complain. Plus hubby was back in town and I had missed him badly. Gosh it's amazing how much you adapt to having someone there with you all the time. That was something I was dreading before marriage. But how the tables have turned - I now miss him when he's not around!

My last weekend was great. I missed hubby, true, but it felt so good to be chilling with my girlfriends. That's something I haven't done in ages! We had mighty fun. We watched movies, ate and ate some more, went shopping, and gisted about every possible topic (mostly men and relationships you know). In fact, it was so much fun that I'm doing it again! That's right, I'm spending this weekend with them again. He he.. I guess they enjoyed my company so much that they begged me to come back again. lol. Actually one of them is having a party tomorrow so I'll be there most def. Should be more fun and I'm soo looking forward to it.

Hubby said he had a great time in Prague, it was a non-stop party trip about the town. Fortunately he had a bit of time to pick up the language, get me some souvenirs and chocolates and make friends with some Nigerians living there, before heading back. He was absolutely tired when he arrived. I didn't feel sorry for him though... LOL.
We've been having a small argument about which of us is the more spontaneous one. He thinks I'm predictable and I think he plans too much. I'm more of a "go with the flow" person, so I think I'm more spontaneous. So now both of us are looking for ways to prove that we can be adventurous and spontaneous. Watch this space.

Sorry London bloggers, I can't make the planned meeting on a Sunday. If it was a Saturday evening, it would have been perfect. But not to worry. There's plenty of time. Bring us back lots of gists and photos!
I might not update for another week, who knows? But I'll be reading other blogs so keep updating guys. Have a great weekend!!

Friday, March 9, 2007


I've had a good week. It flew by so fast!
Right, for the news: I changed my diet for an entire week. I had oats for breakfast, salads for lunch, ate lots of fruits, drank endless bottles of water, cut out fatty food, sweets and bread. (Well, minus the one Krispy Kreme that a colleague at work bought for his birthday) And I feel so good about it! I have loads more energy, feel less tired and less bloated. I'm going to stick with it now since I've discovered the benefits. The only tricky time is dinner time, so I'm looking for ideas on healthy night-time meals.

Hubby and his mates have gone to Prague for the weekend. One of those stag-night things. He's in charge of 'behaviour management' so the other guys won't push the groom-to-be too far. I told him have fun and bring me plenty of gist. So in order no to 'roast' at home alone, I'm off to spend the weekend with my girlfriends. They know how to have fun, so it should be a great time. I'll let you know how that goes.

I must say I'm glad the horrible drama on Overwhelmed's blog in the last few days has come to an end. And I'm enjoying the fun on Uzo's blog. Will keep an eye on that one. For the bloggers in London planning to meet up soon (Londonnaijachic , Londonbuki , Bimbylads etc), count me in! I have a feeling I know one or two people already, but we'll wait and see.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Monday, March 5, 2007


Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, and your week has started on a good note. I had a nice weekend. On Friday night, we had our friends round for games night, complete with pizza and lots of finger food. We had a blast and I won the games so I was chuffed. Didn't go to bed till past one in the morning! Saturday was more chilled out. Since I'm on a mission to lose weight by summer, I decided to go and check out the gym near my house. I was given a one-day membership voucher last week,so I put it to good use. I'm considering signing up. The only worry is that they will be swiping their money by DD out of my account every month. I hate direct debits! That's due to a few bad experiences while I was a student. LOL.

I'm counting my blessings this week. You know, it's easy to overlook what we have when we think of what we don't have yet. I had posted this previously, but I wanted to write it again, so I don't take a lot of things for granted. So here goes:

Today, I am alive. Today my husband is alive and healthy. We are together and happily married. Today I was able to hear my alarm and open my eyes. Today I was healthy enough to get out of bed. Today I was able to wash myself. Today I have a job to go to. Today I had a safe journey to work. Today a bomb did not go off in my city. Today I had money to buy lunch. I can even eat lunch! Today I didn't get sacked or laid off from work. Today I had a safe journey back home. I even have a home to go to. Today nobody in my family died. Today I did not have any accident or injury. Today my husband didn't lose his job. Today I enjoyed communicating with my friends and family. I have good people around me. Today I heard some good news. Today our house didn't catch fire. Today I am safe in the knowledge that I am God's child and He will never leave me or forsake me. Today I had angels watching over me. Today I can go to bed safely knowing that the angels are going to watch over me and my family as we sleep.

And to encourage you Buki I'm tagging you! Write down all the blessings you had in one day :-)
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