Friday, March 9, 2007


I've had a good week. It flew by so fast!
Right, for the news: I changed my diet for an entire week. I had oats for breakfast, salads for lunch, ate lots of fruits, drank endless bottles of water, cut out fatty food, sweets and bread. (Well, minus the one Krispy Kreme that a colleague at work bought for his birthday) And I feel so good about it! I have loads more energy, feel less tired and less bloated. I'm going to stick with it now since I've discovered the benefits. The only tricky time is dinner time, so I'm looking for ideas on healthy night-time meals.

Hubby and his mates have gone to Prague for the weekend. One of those stag-night things. He's in charge of 'behaviour management' so the other guys won't push the groom-to-be too far. I told him have fun and bring me plenty of gist. So in order no to 'roast' at home alone, I'm off to spend the weekend with my girlfriends. They know how to have fun, so it should be a great time. I'll let you know how that goes.

I must say I'm glad the horrible drama on Overwhelmed's blog in the last few days has come to an end. And I'm enjoying the fun on Uzo's blog. Will keep an eye on that one. For the bloggers in London planning to meet up soon (Londonnaijachic , Londonbuki , Bimbylads etc), count me in! I have a feeling I know one or two people already, but we'll wait and see.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Hello dear-
    I am sorry that I havent left you a msg in a while...been busy!

    Have a lovely weekend, I missed the whole drama on Overwhelmed's blog and only got there last night to read in horror!! It sucks to see that some people are still in the stone age!!

    Good idea meeting your other bloggers. I met several of my friends from myspace and will eventually meet up with some bloggers sooner or later! Fun, fun fun!

    Have a great weekend and be ready to nurse the hubby's hangover!

  2. So Favoured Girl- a good meal at night is one which is low in carbs, and high in protein. Try sauteed spinach and grilled chicken.

    As for ONB- what a relief- that was sheer madness.

    I am not speaking to you either, all of you people are abandoning me and meeting up. Life is not fair.


  4. So how did yr weekend go? Fill us in already!

  5. hey chick, how was ur weekend with the girls?

  6. Waiting for details on the weekend......

  7. I'm jealous of ur diet. Can u eat for two? Help me eat the healthy foods while I eat the cookies and sweets, please?? LOL

    So y'll r planning 2 meet up? I'm jealous!

  8. oh wow i want to read about this 'london blogger meet-up' sounds like a blast! tell us all the gist oh... and about londonbuki's big ikebe..

  9. zaiprincesa3:01 AM

    i admire ur resolve to lose weight oh..not an easy thing to do. A healthy evening meal, season skinless chicken, or fish, cut up onions and bell peppers in it, and let it marinate for a bit for the seasoning to, then skin, and cut up a few potatoes, cube them and add em to the marinating chicken, and bake it in the oven with a sprinkling of olive oil(this way it doesnt dry out). Steam some vegetables (i love brocolli, carrots and sweet corn), and voila, u have a tasty, but healthy meal.


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