Monday, March 19, 2007

Party Weekend and Guilt Afterwards

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to stay with my girlfriends for another weekend. It was mad fun again! I really shouldn't get used to stuff like this. . Gosh it was sooooo much fun. On Thursday, I had gone out to buy my friend a birthday present, and then decided to shop for a cool outfit to wear on Saturday. I spent a fair bit, but it was worth it. So here's how the weekend went.
On Friday night they had a party in their church. That evening when they got back home we didn't go to bed until like 2.00am. After the party, one of them was upset about a guy, so we stayed up late analysing every possible outcome. You know how it is when you have just started feeling a guy- the nervous anticipation of "does he feel the same way about me?" I tried to calm her down and soothe her nerves.He had been invited to their house party the next day so she was a bit nervous. I was like, relax and be yourself, I'm sure things will be fine.
Saturday morning, I dragged myself up at 8.00am and the birthday girl was already up and about in the kitchen, preparing a cook-a-thon for evening. She had another friend there, and together they cooked enough food to feed an army. I had some errands to run, so I dashed out in the afternoon. By the time I came back, all the food was ready. The birthday girl had changed into her outfit and was eagerly waiting for her guests. Quickly myself and her sister changed into our outfits too. We were ready to rock!
Trust Nigerian folks though, the first people didn't start arriving until 2 hours after the official starting time. Lol. Gradually the house filled up and everyone was having a good time. Food flowed, drinks flowed, gist flowed etc. My friend seemed to have more guys at the party than girls so at some point there were like 40 guys and 15 girls and everybody was single. I had fun just watching the guys eyeing up the girls there and seeing lots of phone number-exchanging going on. I'm off the market but that didn't stop a few guys from trying it. It was exciting explaining that I was married. Most conversations comprised of me saying things like "Yes I know I don't look married.... my parents know I'm married..... there's a ring on my finger, what more proof do you need.....sorry my husband is not here.... you want to see a pic of him, ok here's one on my phone.... yeah he was smart to grab me quickly....what do you mean why am I married?...... no you don't look familiar to me at all....I know I'm young......I'll tell him you said he's a lucky guy..." etc etc. I met an old schoolmate of mine who I hadn't seen for like 5 years and we had fun catching up. Funny enough she and I never used to get along when we were in school, but now we are adults, we seem to have a lot in common and the conversation flowed. Seems like we'll keep in touch and remain friends. By the time it was midnight, people were still arriving. I met another old schoolmate who was in the UK on her spring break. By half past one, I was tired so I snuck off to chill out and wait for everyone to disappear. We would do the tidying up later.
The next morning I was supposed to meet hubby early, but of course I woke up really late. I stayed a bit helping my friend to tidy up before leaving. By the time I got back home, I was feeling guilty for leaving him alone all weekend while I was having fun. I hate feeling guilty. Hubby knows this, so he milked it very well. I'll allow him, next weekend will be dedicated to just the two of us. I've had enough excitement for now.


  1. I am first!!! WOw I am on a roll let me go and read and come back.

  2. Looks like you had a fun weekend gal... Take care

  3. wow! great weekend.Its funny how there were more guys than girls cuz its always the other way around.enjoy ur week and keep warm cuz its bitterly cold

  4. lol @ why r u married? Hehehe. Naija guys neva stop making me laff.

    Awwww, poor hubby.

  5. Vera why are you harassing her? Shame on you Vera.

    Favoured girl_ it is fun sometimes getting attention, but you know fully well who you have and what you are going home to. Sometimes I wish I was single but the majority of the time I feel I am blessed.

    I am sure he enjoyed his vacation from you as well so no need to feel guilty.

  6. Got any parties planned for this weekend too? Do have a lovely time. Cheers

  7. LondonBuki9:48 PM

    2 weekends in a row! :-)

    Enjoy your weeekend with hubby... I hope the weather gets better sha.

    LOL @ the questions! Haba!


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