Monday, October 16, 2006

Down Time

Last Friday (upon all my carefulness) I came down with a cold, so I stayed in bed all day. Didn't go to work and didn't get any studying done. So I had a quiet weekend at home. Was supposed to go on a date with hubby on Saturday but that didn't happen cos I was coughing and sneezing. I made him promise to take me out next weekend though when I'm feeling better, so I'm looking forward to that :-) He's been very nice to me, so he has earned some brownie points this weekend. Didn't go to church on Sunday either. So I had some down time. In between swallowing copius amounts of "Day & Night Nurse" and Vitamin C, I caught up with some friends, watched Naija movies, read lots of blogs, started a new blog (Journey down the Aisle), etc.

I'm not at work today either. Decided that I deserve the rest, since I had been going non-stop for 12 weeks working and studying. Hopefully I'll go back to work tomorrow refreshed. Have a great week and keep smiling.


  1. LondonBuki6:36 PM

    Awww.... I feel you. I spent the whole of Sunday and today at home. I think I have drunk litres and litres of water... I hope I'll be well enough to go to work and to see my Mummy tomorrow.

    Hope you feel better soon. :-)

  2. Get well soon babes!!!

  3. Pelsss2:44 AM

    Pele my dear....remember..lots of orange juice.

  4. @All: Thanks everyone! I'm feeling much better now. Buki I hope you are getting better too.

  5. LondonBuki3:07 PM

    Hi... didn't go to work today. I'm almost back in full force! LOL!!!

    I'll be going to see my Mummy in a bit :-)

    Good to know you're feeling better.

  6. Hope u r feeling better now sha.

  7. lmao@brownie points... i dont even wanna ask what those are cos i'm scared of the answer knowing u.. hehe

    Absolutely luv ur Journey down the Aisle blog.. it truly rocks!

    i hope ur feelin better babe and have a great week

  8. @ All: Thanks everybody! I've fully recovered and I'm back on my feet.

    @LondonBuki: Glad to know you are better too, greet mummy for us o.

    @Naijabloke: Thanks, I'm much better now.

    @Overwhelmed: Thanks babe, I will keep up with the gist on my "journey" blog. LOL at brownie points too.


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