Friday, December 8, 2006

Life Lesson #46789

It is not a good idea to have a serious discussion when you are tired, grumpy and hungry.

This I found out two days ago. I had come back from work late, I was hungry but there was no time to eat before I rushed out again to attend house fellowship till 10pm so I was really tired when we finished. Between when hubby and I left fellowship and when we got home, things got frosty. Then there was a big misunderstanding. In the best of circumstances, that was bad enough, but when you add all the other factors wrong with me, it was not a pretty sight.

We got home and I logged into my msn. Who should I see, but my relationship mentor online. Now this is someone I have never seen online before. In fact since we got married I have only spoken to him once. Why is he online tonight? He starts chatting with me. Asks after hubby. Asks how is married life. Errrrm... I said married life is sweet. Well it wasn't sweet at that moment. But I didn't dare tell him that we had just had an argument.

Anyway sha, the whole episode is sorted out now, over hugs and kisses. I don't like it when we are quarelling.It takes so much energy to remain angry with someone when you are living in the same house. God help us all.


  1. I am still trying to figure out how u can be fighting with someone that stays in the same house and even room with u..

    U have a nice weekend and I can imagine what ur hubby is going thru ..LOL

  2. @NB trust me you can - LOL - you'll just be facing the other way - LOL -

    TP its nice to hear that you guys have made up - Its all the love that is disturbing you guys LOL - You guys are still learning about each other nomatter how long you've been married for.

  3. glad u guys made up, e ma ja o

  4. Glad u sorted that out, it sure takes energy 2 do that, lol

  5. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Happy that it all got sorted out.

    @NB, it will shock you. You know how many fights go on in marriages. Some last for days or months.

  6. @ Thanks guys! Conflicts are unavoidable when two people live together so marriage is no different. I'm glad that was over quickly!

    @Naijabloke: It is very possible to be fighting with someone in the same house o. All it takes is giving each other "the silent treatment". And it can last ages before issues are resolved.

    @Life of a stranger: LOL at the love disturbing us. Yes I'm glad it's all sorted out!

    @Bhookey84: Thanks for all your comments! I'm pleased that hubby and I are friends again. Oh, and I know you!

    @Biodun: Thank you! It does take grace and energy to dissolve conflicts. But I'm learning.

    @Belle: You know what, I was thinking the same thing. He wouldn't like to know that we were arguing at that point. That made me think I had to restore the peace.

    @Naija Sapphire: Thanks! It's true that fights go on in marriages all the time. Couples could be fighting for ages and ages until one party decided to end it.

  7. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Hey TP!

    Good to know you guys sorted things out!!!


  8. TP you are so right it takes so much being upset at someone u share the same space with. It is always so draining. Glad you and your hubby sorted things out.

  9. Nice to know you made up shortly thing for sure though..the bonds always stronger immediately after a fight!

  10. @Buki: Thanks. I'm glad too

    @Funmi: Tell me about it! It is exhausing quarelling with someone you share your space with.

    @Nyemoni: That's the good thing about arguments. Making up!


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