Saturday, June 2, 2007

Life, Health and Privacy

It's been a good week, thank God. Hubby came back from his trip -yay!! So I'm not bored anymore. He said he had lots of fun, saw his friends and family but he missed me terribly. I missed him too. Awwww...

Didn't go to work today again. I had to go and have some tests done at the clinic. I'll ring up the clinic to get the results on Wednesday. I'm sure there's no cause for alarm. Got me thinking though. As far as I know, I'm in good health and I should live to be a 100. But we don't know these things for sure. I should live life live everyday is my last. I should make the most of the time I have right now.

I came across some articles that talk about the increasing use of social networking sites by employers to snoop on their staff. Most employers monitor the use of their employees' internet access and email while they are in the office. This is quite fair, I think. What I find uncomfortable though, is an employer checking out what the employees get up to outside of work. Some employers even use sites such as Facebook and MySpace to check up on potential employees. So before you have even joined the company, the interviewer already knows a lot of information about you. I find this quite creepy. Imagine, someone that appears to be a promising candidate for the job from their CV is googled or checked out on Facebook and never gets called back because the employer has seen something they didn't like on their profile.

Now recruitment consultants are advising job hunters to reduce the amount of information they display on their profiles, or change their privacy settings. (For more on this story click here and here ) There's also the story of the secretary who was sacked for talking about her workplace on her blog. She later took the employer to court and won the case (read here and here ). I'm really glad she won, they have to draw the line somewhere. I wonder what my work colleagues would think if they discovered my blogs?

Nothing much is happening this weekend. My sister has finished her exams now so she'll drop by for a visit (and she wants me to meet her boyfriend!) so that should be fun. I just want to rest and get better. I'm not liking the way I feel right now. Summer's approaching so I want to feel my best. Wish you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. cant believe after sleeping and waking my first place waas reserveed.

    lol @ meeting sister's boyfriend. u better drill him!!!!!!

  2. It means there;s no more hiding place for the ordinary web user. Being a techie, i know how to bypass some normal procedures and nobody finds wherever i visit!

    Well, try and cut the guy some slack when he comes visiting. Drilling him, like mimi suggested may drive him away and yur sis will DEFINITELY not find dat funny...lololol!!!

    DO have a lovely weekend


  3. I hope you are feeling better.

    Have a great week.

  4. Hey really hope you are well and feeling better. It is well

  5. wow!so employers are actually checking facebook e.t.c to see their poetential employees!i think that is so wrong...but true we have to limit stuff we put online o

  6. Hope u r feeling ace now. Checking up on employee's profile is nasty.

  7. Hope u r feeling ace now. Checking up on employee's profile is nasty.

  8. @favoured glad hubby came back home safetly. epele o o!! I pray ur health would be just fine. I will be praying for you. Girl, l de kampe. Get better....muah.


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