Thursday, September 27, 2007

Emotional Roller Coaster

It's like I've been on an emotional roller coaster in the last few days. I thought last week was full of highs and lows, until this week began! And it's not even over yet. I've already had good and bad news in the space of three days. Oh dear heavenly Father, help me before I drown! OK, enough with the theatrics, FG, get to the point of this blog.

Hubby and I had a nice time at the Christian Blog Awards last Friday. It was an honour to be invited to the event, as it was the first of its kind. We met so many people: the Bishop of London was there, journalists, other Christian bloggers, people from Premier Radio, and so on. Hubby and I sat on a table with a team from a church in Surrey, they were nominated for the Best Church website award, and it was really nice to chat with them throughout the ceremony. We had a champagne reception and a four-course dinner which was very nice. After the meal, it was time for the awards to be presented. Winners got a trophy and a chance to give a small speech. I was quite nervous when the list of nominees were being called out. I didn't win in my category, but I was the runner-up! I got a certificate with my name on it, which I am proudly looking at now. Here's a list of the awards and the winners:

Best Creative Christian Blog or Website - Dave Walker at
Most Inspiring Leadership Blog - Colin Adams with
Best Christian Newcomer blog - Dr. Krish Kandiah
Best Young Christian Blog (under 25) - Emily Woods with
Best Church Website - King’s Church, Manchester
The Most Original Worship Blog - Worship Central-
Best Provision for Youth Website - Soul Survivor
Best Christian News and Reviews Site -
Best Christian Social Action Website -
Most Successful Evangelistic Blog -
People’s Choice Award -

After the awards were given out, the presenters thanked the judges, sponsors and everyone that made the event successful and the evening came to a close with a prayer. We got lovely goody-bags to take home filled with worship CDs, DVDs, chocolates, and lots of other treats. I'm glad I attended and got to mingle with lovely people. Many thanks to the good people at Premier Christian Radio for organising the awards and inviting me.

The rest of my weekend went well, I attended a friend's wedding on Saturday and that was lovely. So I was just feeling much better and my mood had only just lifted when I got some more bad news on Monday night! My grandmother had passed away on Monday afternoon. I can't describe all the emotions I'm dealing with right now. It's a mixture of sadness, disappointment and regrets. Mostly because death is so final, at least on this side of eternity. She was 79, and we were already talking of marking her 80th birthday, but that's not going to happen now. Since Monday, the memories of her have been swirling around my mind. The last time I saw my grandma was in 2005 and I've been wishing I saw her more often, I've been wishing I spoke to her more often and so on. I wish I'd I let her know I love her. I wish I had known she was ill. I wish I had seen her one more time. I pray her soul rest in perfect peace. She was a wonderful woman.

So I've been making plans to attend her funeral. If all goes well, I should be in Nigeria by next week. I haven't been home for a while and I do wish I was travelling under different circumstances, but what can I do? We just have to deal with the things life throws at us sometimes.


  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Accept my condolence FG, may the lord see you through.

  2. So sorry to hear about your grandmum.May her soul rest in peace.Take it easy and God bless.

  3. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Sorry to hear about your granny. May she rest well in peace with the lord. Congrats on your invitation and nomination to the blogger awards. More grease to your elbows. May God continue to give you the strenght to hold through all the challenges that come your way.

  4. sorry to hear aboutt your nan, may her soul RIP, Amen!

  5. Hey, i was voting for you to win ;) Never mind, next time we'll celebrate the winning trophy here on blogville.

    Sorry abt ya grandma's demise. Turn it into a celebration of God's blessings and not a funeral. That way you're able to get a message across that life doesn't end here.


  6. sorry to hear bout ur grannie :(

    congrats on the ccertificate!

  7. sorry bout your granny...thank God she died at an old age though, now i understand your mail mllt where are you???...guess you have my no?

  8. M so sorry to hear about the passing away of your grandnma...;.It is well my dear..It is well

  9. Congrats on your nomination, your blog made so much impact on me. I'm glad your efforts were recognized.

  10. Congrats on the awards, once again. Sorry also to hear about your gran. My missus granddad passed away just this morning in SriLanka.

  11. So sorry to hear abt ur grandmum's passing...may her soul rest in perfect peace. Console yourself in the knowledge that even though death is final here on earth, it is not final in eternity...

    Congratulations on your certificate, and journey mercies as you travel to naija.


  12. FG,
    Sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope you and your family are doing well.

    God bless you.

  13. missing u oh, when r u coming bak?

  14. congratulations on being nominated for the awards... and to your friend as well with the wedding.. sorry to hear about ur grannys passing... may her soul rest in perfect peace... hope you're doing well my darling...

  15. Just checking up on you. Hope you are well...

  16. Bella Naija11:26 AM

    May your Grandmum rest in peace.
    God grant the entire family strenght during this difficult time.
    Congrats on your award. Many more honours are coming!


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