Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Internet, Trusting God

I’ve had one heck of a week. First my internet connection went down and I wasn’t able to do anything. You know how much we take the internet for granted now? Imagine for three days I was not able to check my emails, update my blog, read and comment on other blogs, log into Facebook, do several google searches, talk to my sister on yahoo messenger, chat with my other VIPs on googletalk, email my work to my friend for feedback, download the latest missed episode of my favourite shows, etc!

It makes me wonder: am I’m too dependent on the internet? Two days without it and a huge chunk of my career and social life is missing! I wonder what would happen if I had to go without it for a week. As it is now, I feel like so many bloggers have updated, it would take me forever to catch up so maybe I shouldn’t even bother. And it also gets me thinking about how much more dependent on the internet we will all become in future. Thankfully, the issue with my internet connection sorted itself out this afternoon and I’m in the loop again. lol

The second crazy thing that happened to me in the past week was: I got a job! And then promptly turned it down. It all started like a bit of a joke really. I applied for the job all right, and went for the interview last Friday. It seems the interviewers were totally blown away by my performance at the interview or something. They contacted me as soon as I got back home to say that I was successful and they would like to offer me the job. I thought about it and decided to accept. But then, I remembered that there was a reason why I had left the 9 – 5 in the first place, to do something else! So I called the company back and declined the offer. I thought everything was fine, until I got a job contract in the post this morning, asking me to report to the HR lady tomorrow morning! Now I’m confused – what should I do?

On another note, still related to that – I feel like God is testing my faith to see how much I trust Him. Part of the reason why I wanted to get a job again was because I was afraid of getting broke and having to rely on hubby for all my needs. In the past months I had been living on my income, and when I quit my job I started spending my little reserve. But now even that is melting away and I have nothing coming in at the moment. Hubby is not complaining one bit, but I’ll be honest, it’s scary for me not having any income! So I had sneakily started looking for a job again. Funny thing is, I didn’t have peace when I accepted the job offer and I knew from experience that once I don’t have peace about a decision, I’m only looking for trouble. I feel God is telling me to relax and He will provide for my needs somehow. It’s hard, but I guess I just have to trust the One who can do it.

Stay tuned for what I eventually do tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. Ehen!!! great I'm FURST!!! No controversy!!!...off to read your post now *wink*wink*

  2. Hmmn this is a deep one!i feel you on this one...sometimes trusting God can be..I don't want to use the word hard..Sometimes I relate it to swimming...I am on unfamiliar grounds...i.e water(what am going thru)...I can't actually place my legs on ground(my comfort zone...familiar territory)...the pool is deep and I can't swim!!!
    Now if I use the float(which in this case is God)...I can move from the deep end to the shallow end without sinking...all I have to do is hold on to that float.
    But if I let go...I SINK!!!I just have to entrust my whole body to/on this float.
    Keep on trusting gal...there's no other/better option!!!

  3. Okay just remembered I didn't comment about the internet...I wonder what life was before internet and face book!!!sigh! Heaven help us all!!!

  4. girl u r on fire oh with this job thing...and i feel u on the whole getting so dependent on the internet!

  5. that's amazing that you turned it down... ok now... so... we learned our lesson from the other time... have you spoken to your hubby about it?

  6. LOL @ a huge part of your social life missing because of the lack of internet. Love, na him be say you no get social life. Haha

  7. relax He will provide for my needs.

    The internet is soooo important.

  8. lol@Vera

    I can imagine the whole internet stuff. Thank God you got it fixed. I tell you without your internet, persin no fit do anything.

    Goodluck with everything. Stay strong and pray always.

  9. ...'tis amazing how we have that uncomfortable feeling when we hear Him (& know) yet still our hearts desires seemingly want to prevail.

  10. you are turning down jobs while me i am getting laid off!!! lmao!!!
    na wa o! and talking of internet addiction, its a world-wide epidemic o, not only you.

  11. Hmmm...babe, i feel you on this one seriously! Just that me i have decided i am so getting a job right now! lol...when i make some money, i might quit again, though i been thinking i wrote better when i had a full time job, that's crazy! would be awesome to get something part time..

    Anyway, we can only trust the One who knows tomorrow, He will lead and we will follow

    It is well!

  12. trusting God is definitely like wow...dont know what the word to use is...

    but girl...if u heard God then u surely know he will bring it to pass and supply for your need

    let that be your reference point

    The Lord is your strength. it is well

  13. Your analysis of this incident of the job sounds spot on, especially since you didn't feel at peace with your original decision.

    I like the idea of talking to your hubby. I'm sure he'll only confirm that you're doing the write (hehe) thing but sometimes we need to hear that, don't we?


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