Friday, March 27, 2009

Owe Me An Explanation?

Hey people, hope you all have had a great week. I've had a fairly productive week, but don't ask me what I did. Okay, I'll confess now, I won't be able to make my initial deadline (sob!), so I've had to put it back a bit more. Although having set one did spur me on a lot, and helped me to focus intensely for a few weeks. I stayed up till odd hours of the morning writing and typing throughout last week. At the moment, my body clock is totally out of sync with the rest of the world. Last night I woke up at 10.30pm and went to bed at 5.30am, only to wake up again this morning at 7.20am! God dey sha, He is my strength so I can achieve what I have set out to do.

I was looking through the Blogville Awards blog a few days ago, and came across this post about former bloggers. People who, for one reason or another, have stopped blogging completely or have made their blogs private. On one level, I understand that blogging is an essentially personal choice and nobody is compelled to keep a blog, or update it regularly, or even invite other people to read it. However, looking through that list, I felt like I had gotten to know these people that I had never met, and I missed them. We used to read and comment on each other's blogs, we shared laughs and sorrows, we were part of the Nigerian bloggers' family. I felt like they owed me and their other readers an explanation for quitting. In some way, they were obliged to keep their blogs going because they had given us a glimpse of their lives and kept us wanting more. It's like having a friend who suddenly cuts you off without any explanations.

It's the same thing I feel when I learn that my favourite character is leaving a show, or my favourite band is splitting up. Even though it's their choice and their career, it's tempting to ask "Why? Stay, please don't leave!" or "Don't split up the group!". Even if the TV show carries on without them or the group members go on and try to forge solo music careers, things will never be the same again. For example, I loved Destiny's Child as a group, but I don't particularly care for any of them as solo artists. Strange huh?

On to other gist, it's my mum's birthday today and I'm really grateful to God for her life. She is fully back to good health now and it's truly a miracle. When I called her this morning she said she was thanking God and looking forward to opening her presents and cooking up a storm for a get-together in the evening. I laughed, wished her happy birthday and then called my grandma to congratulate her too.

As for me, I'm having a chilled out weekend, doing some work and generally loafing around. I can't wait for summer to arrive. It feels like this is the longest winter ever! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend everyone!


  1. Happy birthday to your mom! May God bless her now and forevermore. I am glad her health is improved. What a sweet idea to congratulate your grandma!

    It's like having a friend who suddenly cuts you off without any explanations.

    I used to feel this way when friends I've made online would disappear but I guess what helps put it in some perspective is that I was only getting a sliver of their life through their blog, so perhaps that other huge part of it that I am unaware of took over once again. It sort of helps me not take it personally.

  2. :-O

    happy birthday 2 your mummy :D

    *there was no need for citation!

  3. Fg , fg, effgee..
    just sayin hi..
    nice post..hapi buffday to ur mum.....

  4. Crazily enough, I feel the same way too...especially when it's a blogger I really really liked to read. Take for instance, Naapali. I don't know, his blog was exceptional and unique...and the fact that he was a dedicated husband and medical doctor made me want to draw inspiration from his vast resources of knowledge. And he was also a good writer...seriously, it kind of hurt (even though I knew he prob had his own private reasons for stopping).

    Oh well, I'm still hoping some bloggers will change their

    About your writing, I admire your courage. I have a similar personal task ahead of moi...(maybe I'll gist you abt it later...)


  5. Good to read from you...I feel you on the old bloggers too...sometimes I try to figure out what happened to make them wanna stop and I'm almost screaming WHY? in my head...
    Really glad to know that you're making progress with your work...keep up the good work...
    Congrats on your mum's birthday...Have a wonderful week...

  6. Believer10:09 AM

    Congratulations on your mum's birthday, you called your grandma as well...nice one! I pray for many more reasons to celebrate in Jesus name.

    Writing can be like that, everytime I come here to ask you how it is going, I am reminded that I should be doing the same to myself as well. Kudos for going on strong, it will be well worth it in the end!

    Remain blessed...Believer who is too tired to log in..

  7. Happy bday to your mum.

    I also feel sad when a blogger leaves without saying goodbye, but I have to let go somehow.

    pple come to blogville to share things they wont normally share with pple around them.

  8. Happy Birthday to your mum!!!

    I keep saying you can be absolutely anything you want to be in blogville...and it's true that it hurts when people just 'move' abruptly...
    I said 'move' cuz believe me, even though blogging is a full time job, most people never stop, they just close one blog and create another one...anonimity is key.


  9. Bloggers who have stopped scares me to think why they stopped

    Issues? death?

  10. A big Happy Birthday to your mum...
    9ice post.

  11. Girl, it was weird seeing that list too! Especially for people like us (You and I); we have become veteran bloggers, so seeing all those names was like wow....! Whatever happened??????????? Hmmmm. It's weird innit?

    Happy birthday to your Favored mommy.

    Babe, I'm not done writing my book. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Yes it's like having a heartbreak when bloggers leave the ville like that.

    Happy Birthday to Mum.


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