Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Our years on earth

Our speaker in church told this story one Sunday:

At the beginning of creation, God called man, a bull, a monkey and a dog to tell them about their time and purpose on earth. God spoke to the bull first and said: "You bull, you have 50 years to live on earth. Your strength is your main character. You will work very hard all your life but you will get little reward for it. You will toil and sweat for the benefits of others. You will be used in the farm to pull trucks and tractors and plough the fields." The bull said to God, "If my life will be so miserable, then I don't need 50 years on earth. Please let me give you 30 years back and live for 20 years on earth". God agreed to this.
Next God spoke to the monkey, saying "You will have 40 years to live on earth. All your life will be to amuse others. You will jump about, dance and make faces at people and they will laugh at you". The monkey said to God, "If that is all I will do, then I don't need 40 years on earth. Let me give you 20 years back, so I will live for 20 years" and God agreed.
God then called the dog and said, "You will have 30 years to live on earth. All you will do is to sit in a house and bark at people around. Whenever people are coming in or going out, you will bark at them". The dog replied, "That sounds boring. I don't need 30 years to do that. Please let me live for 15 years and I will give you 15 years back" and God agreed.
Finally God said to the man, "My child, you will have 20 years to live on earth. Your days will be full of fun and enjoyment. You will have no worries. All your needs will be taken care of. Your job is just to enjoy all the pleasures of life. And after 20 years, you will come back to heaven to live with me". The man said to God, "Only 20 years!! Why did you give me only 20 years on earth? You have just described a life full of pleasure and yet you gave me only 20 years to enjoy it. Tell you what, let's make a deal. Since the bull has given you 30 years back, the monkey has given you 20 years back, and the dog has given you 15 years back, why don't you give those years to me? Then I will have a much longer time to live on earth to enjoy myself". God asked the man,"Is that what you really want?", and the man said yes. So God granted him the extra years.
And that is why man's life is thus: The first 20 years of our lives are full of fun and pleasure. All our needs are met and we have no worries. For the next 30 years of our lives, we work very hard, we get stressed, we toil and sweat and we grow tired and weary. We have no time for enjoyment. The next 20 years of our lives, we are laughed at by younger people, we spend our time entertaining and making faces at our grand-children. And for the rest of our lives, we have nothing to do, so we just stay in the house and bark at people going out and coming in.


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