Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cupid Update

It seems like everyone likes a good love story! Sorry I haven't updated since. I didn't call my friend until last night. I wanted to give the two of them some time. Here's how that evening went:
I had decided to have the picnic with my friend so I left my place and headed down to hers. We were feeling too lazy to cook or prepare any picnic food, so we just bought some KFC wings, grabbed a beach cloth, a couple of drinks, cameras and our sunglasses, and headed to the park. Since the weather was so nice, the park was full of people but it was still cool. We stayed there gisting till about 7.00pm. As we were leaving the park, hubby and his guys called to find out what the plans were. I told him that they should meet us at a bar around 10.00pm. We got back to her place, she got changed and we went to pick up one of her other friends and drove down to the bar. Soon after hubby and his friend came in. While they were at the bar, my girl was checking the man out. Eventually the guys joined our table and they got talking. The conversation seemed to be flowing well. After about 15 minutes, hubby and I excused ourselves and melted out of sight. But by the time we were leaving the bar, we saw them swapping numbers!
I called her yesterday to find out what's been happening. She said they had been calling and texting each other and they've tried to arrange a date to meet up. So things are looking good. We'll be keeping our fingers and toes crossed!


  1. YAY!!! I'M FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

    No one is taking this spot o. Awwwww good job on the hooking up, lets hope something wonderful springs forth...

    KFC wings for picnic, LMAO! classic!

  2. Haba TP with the title you used...i was really expecting a bit more...
    Oh oh a really case of expectations cut short sha....

    Anyways i'm actually really excited please keep us posted!!!

  3. Consistency is da word!

  4. That's good.....l hope it works out for ur friend. You never know. Am glad you are doing good.

  5. I'm keeping mine crossed too as well.. Update us when he goes on bended knee! Good luck to!

  6. If they click, I will give you chupa chupps. I promise.

  7. Anonymous2:38 PM

    hmmm.. am loving this oh... hook me up too with a man abeg.. am serious here.

  8. LOL @ everyone seems to be interested. I'll keep you posted!


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