Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random Gists

I had a great Easter break, it went too quickly! I had time to rest, chill out with hubby, tidy up my house, and attend my dad's birthday party on Monday. I wish we had more 4-day weeks like that. I remember Easter three years ago, when "The Passion of the Christ" was in the cinemas and everyone was talking about it. Had a chance to see it again this time and it was still very moving. Well now the Easter break is over, and I've had to resume back at work. My department is drowning in paperwork at the moment, all the Easter eggs in the supermarkets are half-price, and the Easter cards have been removed from the card shops... lol.

Help me o, fellow bloggers, I'm dismayed. I was at a family get-together last week and everyone was saying that I look like "I'm enjoying married life" which just really means I've put on some weight. What! With all my healthy eating and brisk walking, it seems I'm fighting a losing battle. What more can I do..................???

I had popped into Sainsbury's after work to pick up a few items. I got to the till and I was supposed to pay about £17 for my items. When the cashier swiped my Nectar card, he told me I had accumulated some points and asked, Would I would like some money off my shopping? Who would say no? He did the maths and I ended up paying less than £5 for my stuff! I was so excited because I had been having a boring day and that cheered me up considerably!

Recently my mum has been making funny comments about babies. She has even been advising me on the best methods to concieve! It would be funny if it wasn't so mortifying. I've told her to calm down. I guess she is just so keen to become a grandmother. She is not thinking that babies cost money and effort to look after.

Sometimes don't you just think that fulfilment eludes us on purpose? I have a friend who had been working in a bank for about a year. She told me that she felt there were not enough opportunities for progress there. So she left and got a job at a different bank. Three months down the line, she's even more unhappy because the new job is very boring. That's life, the grass always looks greener on the other side. So how do we find real fulfilment and contentment?

Let me stop rambling on and on for now. I need to go and reformulate my lose-weight-and-get-fit plan. I'll be back to browse blogs. Blogging takes up so much of my online time. Anyways, enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. You do realise that your mother is 'hinting'!ht

  2. LOL

    I guess losing weight is not quite as easy as we want it 2 be. Sorry Dear.

    But hey! At least you're "enjoying married life" right?

  3. nice blog you've gat here.

    I'm still tryna know wat exactly causes ladies to get overweight 1nce they're married.

    wats da cause???

  4. LOL...don't mind them jare...I guess with Nigerian parents the trend is suppose to be School-Uni-Graduation-Work(small)-Marry-Children and then after all that..u get your life back.

    Don't worry hang in there..I know u are a tuff cookie...u will do ur thing when u know the time is least that I have learnt from you.

    @ Ugo Daniels from what i have heard and seen..I guess some married women just "let it all go"...they enjoy their comfort zone when they are married i.e they have gotten what it is they have used years of fad diets,constnat gym visits body to get.

  5. “No one can make you feel down without your consent” …Everything you do should make you happy and not because you want to please people.

    You have to realize, when you gain weight…they say, “You are enjoying married life”…then when you lose it…what happens? They probably will say, “Is your husband not taking good care of you or are you having marriage problem.”

    Do what you want…and what will make you happy and bring out the best you are.

    As the song goes, “Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it all…just might get it all and things that you don’t want…” (“Home” ~ Chris Daughtry). We forget that our happiness lies within…nothing can fulfill you except yourself. Wherever we find ourselves we have to make it the best experience we ever had. Whether it is a job we hate…learn to find the good side to it, there is always one if we are just patience enough to discover it.

    Thank you for coming by…

  6. LondonBuki4:26 PM

    LOL @ your mummy telling you ways to concieve! LOL!!!

    Losing weight is not easy o... If you feel you are eating well, maybe you should check your sleep pattern, exercise a little more, don't eat too late at night...

    Please don't starve yourself o.

    Have a lovely week... you changed your template... right?

  7. glad to hear you had a great easter.. cos me i was even coming here to tell you to hurry up and update... but you beat me to it sha...

    lmao@momsi telling you how to concieve.. she's such a cutie

    Nigerian people are funny sha... so if a married woman is gaining some weight.. it means she's enjoying ehn? lol... thats jokes... i'm sure its not that bad... i don't have any tips sha... cos your girl is trying to get a 6-pack and i'm not sure what steps to take... actually i'm probably gonna put up a post about it and see if anybody has any tips as well...

  8. Arent mummies just it?

  9. @ Akin: Tell me about it! Mums eh?

    @Vera: I'm finding out too that losing weight is not easy o. But why do I need to be plump for people to know that "I'm enjoying married life?"

    @Ugo: LOL. I think it's because I've been cooking more since I got married. Cooking more = eating more.

    @Dimples: Thanks! I know, Nigerian parents seem to have our lives mapped out! And if you don't live up to that idea, then they start bugging you.

    @9ja Opeke: True that. I guess we should always be happy and comfortable with who we are, not moved by people's comment.....

  10. @ Londonbuki: Thanks dear.I'm thinking of increasing the amount of excercise I do, since I think I'm doing everything right on the eating front. And yes, I did change my template a bit. I got bored with green.

    @Overwhelmed: Good luck with the 6-pack o. If you find the secret, do share...

    @Temmytayo: Aren't they just?

  11. I wet to Naija last year and S>O. Sexy's parents told me the same thing... I was somewhat dismayed..

    He told me I looked anorexic when he met me and now I have gained some nama... I don't want nama o...I want to be the way I was. Not that Iweigh that much now, but I don't want to change at all , at all.

    Even though they may have said it in a friendly manner, it is still hurtful.

    Your mom is just eager, I would have died if my mom would have suggested positions to me!

  12. come o, ive heard that thing many times... that once u marry, u put on wieght.. lol.. i guess its sign of happiness abi!

    as to mumsy! if my mum dared to do that, ill shove cotton wool in her mouth.. and the thing is, my mum will SO do so.. she has already told US to have kids immediately...

    like she will bring one alaba from nigeria for me!!

  13. lol @ enjoying married life, ur mom is hilarious, she was telling u techniques, rofl
    The whole contentment n fulfilment thing is so nerve recking thinking about it gosh, its constantly on my mind girl.
    Wow, lucky you, paying less than 5 pounds, have a nice weekend girl!

  14. btw, if yu've gat time, peep into my blog, i've gat a lil somethn i need help on


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