Saturday, April 14, 2007

Playing Cupid

Hey bloggers! How's it going? Hope you all are having a great weekend! Mine's been good thus far. I had plans to attend the Festival of Life last night. Then I remembered that I was having a function at work that wasn't going to end until very late, so there was no way I was going to be able to do both. Please if anybody attended it, come and tell us how it went.

Anyways today I'm going to be playing cupid for two of my friends. In the past I've tried to avoid hooking people up. Because if things don't work out, both parties come and start disturbing me and I'll never hear the last of it. Have you ever had that kind of experience? I always end up feeling guilty as well. This time I'm making an exception. These two people seem like they will act maturedly if things don't work out. (At least I hope and pray so). They met each other briefly last year at my get-together but they didn't get the chance to take things further. Since then the guy has been bugging me to hook him up with my girl friend. At first I didn't take him seriously. At the time anyway he was just coming out of a messy relationship and his ex was causing drama in his life. There was no way I was going bring my girl into that kind of situation. But he has been persisting that he really wanted to get to meet this girl. I informed the girl and she seems interested. So this evening I'm finally going to hook them up. Hubby and I will bring them together, and then retreat and watch from a safe distance. Fingers crossed! If something good comes out of it, good, fine, brilliant. If not... em... we'll have to deal with it. I can't really do Cupid's work for him.

Meanwhile in Nigeria, today is election day for governors and state assemblies. I'm praying that it all goes peacefully. I hope people turn out to vote, cos there is nothing worse that voter apathy, and then complaints later that the government is rubbish. Whatever happens, what we want is that Nigeria undergoes positive changes in the near future. We want is peace, prosperity and progress.

I'm off to start my day. The weather looks good outside, so I'm going for a spot of shopping and chilling in the park with my picnic basket and a good book till evening. Enjoy the rest of your weekend whatever you do!


  1. FIRST!!!Yaaaaaaaay!!

    Going to read,will be back!!

  2. I went for FOL and it was AWESOME!!It was my first time as well as I never got round to going in the past.As u may already know,the theme was "All will be well" and the main text given by Pastor Adeboye was from Isaiah3v10.

    Patti Boulaye came to talk about her charity - Support for Africa,and I've got to say,I'm chuffed at what she's doing.The charity basically helps build clinics in Africa to help in the prevention of HIV/AIDS and Malaria.She's going to be having a gospel concert in September at the Royal Albert Hall to raise money for the charity.

    Mayor Ken Livingstone was there as well.I won't go into much detail but he did say he's going to be working with churches to bring back the good ol' days of youth clubs and all that for youths,so as to give them something to do instead of killing each other.Pastor Adeboye prayed for him as well..

    OK,I'll let someone else add some more to this.But in three words,"it was great" and I have decided to continue going from now on.

    All the best with hooking up your friends and here's praying that all goes well at the elections in Nigeria.Enjoy ur day out and God bless!!

  3. Hi, am more interested in wat happens after they(ur friends) meet each other again.

    Oh! it'll be so sweet if everything workd out fine in da end.

  4. have a sup-splendid-delicious weekend

  5. i'll b back to see what happened have fun with the picnic thang but watch out for Yogi bear lol

  6. Have a great picnic! We are stuck at home. No movement!

  7. I hope the elections go well too, God knows naija needs as much love as it can get...
    anyway hope you had a good picnic

  8. I dont hook my friends up o. For some strange reasons, when my girlfriends ask if I know people and my male friends ask to be hooked up, I tell them all, I dont know anyone for them. Dont get me wrong I have a lot of single friends, I just dont see them mixing together. Lol, maybe my instinct is making me avoid disaster and drama.
    Never been much of a match maker sha, lol, last time was in high school and that was sure a long time ago.
    best of luck with the newly acquinted. lol. fill us in with what happens :)

  9. i would really like to know what happens at the end. if they get to get together...

  10. Keep us posted about the outcome of your cupid tales...

  11. Lets hope they get together. E ku ise ma. lol

  12. I am so jealous... I am stuck in this horrid weather. But don't worry I will join you soon. It is cashew and mango season yet?

    As for the elections I have been watching it closely on NTA live it seems so irregular and crazy. I don't know how they are coming up with these results.

  13. Oh cupid TP...hurry up and update..need to know the conclusion of this ur newly self-appointed role.

    Yeah FOL was fantastic!!!

  14. Yeah let us know how your matchmaking went. I'm terrible at matchmaking people, if my friends express and interest in someone I know then I'll pass on number, details etc but nothing ever comes out of it. Lets hope you have better luck.

  15. R u gonna hook me up too??

    ....check my blog; I just updated it.


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